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Note: This Country has disbanded.

__m__ Flag

Stats Stats Rank Members: 32

Strength: 166,097

Founded On last thursday
Founded By Jason8
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #\m/ on synirc
Internal Structure
Leader Triumvirate
Government Jason8, Triu\m/virate

Ninja R, Triu\m/virate

Starfox101, Triu\m/virate

Shannon, Minister of Internal Affairs

Alpert Nation, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Decollo, Secondary Admin

Petoria, Secondary Admin

Lyon S. Kennedy, Minister of the Arcade

International Relations
MoADP, ect.
Unspeakable Evil MDoAP bloc
Motto oh snap were blingin' now.

About \m/

\m/ >_< \m/ (known in game as __m__)

Transitional Charter

Article I. - Membership Any city is eligible to apply for membership into m/. However, not all will be accepted. All applications will be handled by the Triumvirate and one other member, chosen by the Triumvirate, which will most likely be the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Membership will be granted and revoked as the Triumvirate wishes.

Article II. - Government A Triumvirate will govern the Country. The group of Three m/ members will serve indefinitely until impeachment or resignation. They are the main power of the Country and are the lead decision-makers. However, all decisions must be made with at least 2 of the 3 triumvirs agreeing on the action.

Ministries will be created and removed as the Triumvirate wishes. Ministers will be appointed by the Triumvirate, and will serve indefinitely until impeachment, removal by the Triumvirate, or resignation.

Article III. - Impeachment If any member of the Country decides any leader is acting irrationally and/or not in the best interests of the Country, said member may post any concerns in the Capitol Building ( http://forums.ruiningthegame.com/index.php?board=13.0 ). This thread may not be moved, deleted, or edited, or the process will be deemed null and void. Editing, moving, or deleting such a thread will earn you instant removal from the Country. Any member that posts such a thread will not be punished in any way, shape, or form for the comments he posts in the original post.

After a general consensus is reached, proper action will take place, enforced by the Triumvirate.

Article IV. - War Unsanctioned war between cities is allowed. However, a few qualifications are required before engagement: 1. Declaring city must have one-hundred (100) posts on these forums 2. Target city must be non-aligned or in a Country with less than five cities (Countries with five cities are off-limits)

International wars will be declared only by a unanimous agreement from the Triumvirate or if a binding treaty need be honored. All member cities

Article V. - Patron Saint The patron saint of m/ is Ronnie James Dio.

Article VI. - Official Battle Song Dio's "Holy Diver" is the official battle song of m/.

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