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African War

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The African War
Start Date:March 25, 2008
End Date:April 9, 2008
Africa's Casus Belli: War for recognition, and fight against racism
COG and VOC's Casus Belli:Africa's Declaration of War, Illicit images, Alleged DDoS attacks
Results:Africa surrenders to COG and signs White Peace with VOC.
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 304
Population: 135155
Strength: ~100,000
Soldiers: 7062
Tanks: 344
Fighters: 50
Bombers: 12
Anti-Air: 40
Navy: 3
Missiles: 31

Member Cities: 226
Population: 951,977
Strength: ~1,000,000
Soldiers: 43,252
Tanks: 7,485
Fighters: 1040
Bombers: 250
Anti-Air: 1,221
Navy: 729
Missiles: 376

Stats (End of War)




New Africa

Coalition of Ordered Governments
New Sparta
spalarge.gif GATO
gatolarge.gif Olympus
ceflaglargeyj9.gif LUEshi

East India Company

Notes:other notes (optional)

This war is part of a series of inter-connected conflicts titled The March of War.

On Mar 25, 2008, a user claiming membership in Africa announced that Africa was declaring war on the world, however African leadership denies that the declaration was official, pointing to the fact that no attacks have taken place.

Later that day, New Sparta, Olympus, _GATO_, and East India Company reciprocated in declaring war, citing threats on the game issued by people assumed to be African, the assumption that Africa was the cause of DDOS attacks on the server and illicit image spam on the forums, as well as Africa's own alleged declaration of war against the world.

Key Events:



The naming of the war has been controversial amongst Africans who view it as Cogocentric, and have taking to calling it the 'The War for African Independence Against the Foreign Oppressors'[14]. While GATO has named the war "The African Infra Clearance Sale". Africa has claimed that the GATO naming is "another of the racist and homophobic measures taken by the COG to exploit Africa".

Total War or Phony War?

Some African members have claimed that the war is a phony war[15], as the anarchic Africans have made no formal declaration of war only a declaration of victory, and have not listed any of the combatants in the War as either an ally or enemy. Some alleged African members acknowledge the war but say that it is part of "A world infested with hatred, disease, death, rumor and ignorance." Other alleged Africans do not see the war as military aggression but an extension of discrimination [16].

G.O.A.T.S.E April Fools Day Surrender

On April 1 2008, a thread named the 'Great Order of African Tribes Surrender of Engagement' or G.O.A.T.S.E, was posted by members of COG in conjunction with alleged African leadership. On CoG's IRC King Death II, after posting G.O.A.T.S.E in the Global Affairs Forum - quickly realized it was April 1 and said "<King_Death_II[EGS]> wait
<King_Death_II[EGS]> wtf
<King_Death_II[EGS]> was this an april fools day joke?

Later African leaders issued a statement on IRC in regard to G.O.A.T.S.E "LOL APRIL FOOLS".


We at the Coalition realise that some of the African cities only want to exist in peace; COG is a merciful alliance of nations, so here the ONLY individual surrender terms we will offer:

-Must leave Africa and join the nation “CogPow”, -Must decommission all military except soldiers, -Must contact any COG leader and tell them that you’re surrendering, -Stay in COG-POW nation until we deem fit (not much longer after the war ends) -Must post an official surrender in these forums with their in-game mayor name

The nation of CogPow will fall under the protection of COG until it’s disbandment

Also, the following cities will be on COG’s ZI list, for excessive racist slurs, among other things:

NIGRUSA gravedic kizandekure cess pity Nigraville Pool cess pit dsfargegiopolis Statastan dsfargegcatzvill eBaumstown Kadin Monkt Harart barrel_rolls P00ls_closed

Signed, New Sparta, GATO and LUEshi

GATO - Surrender terms

On Sundary, March 30th, the current leader of GATO Griff posted the African Surrender Terms thread in the Global Affairs forum, in this thread Griff stated that part of an African surrender would involve a 'Viceroy implanted for 3 months, gets total control over [Africas] forums, [Africas] country, [Africas] IRC and its capital city ingame ' - this came to fruition in the false-flag surrender by Africa on April first with the G.O.A.T.S.E surrender. Later, regarding the repeated demands for surrender that involved the hand-over of private internet property (the forums) to a viceroy agreed upon by COG and Olympus, a response was made by the alleged owner of said property, [17]. The admin, oracomm also commented that the demands made by COG has been wrong.

ICE pulls out

During the merge, former GATO cities continued to attack Africa. When ICE was officially announced, a white peace agreement was reached bettween ICE and Africa. Prior to this, GATO leader acting on behalf of COG had come close to arranging a complete end to the war.

African Surrender to COG - Victory?

On April 9th, 2008 surrender terms were reached between the major waring factions, COG and Africa - which has come to be known as 'The Africas'. Later East India Company seceded from the conflict by declaring a white-peace. Both GATO/ICE and East India Company abstained from continued conflict or settlement with Africa, issuing their own white peace and properly seceding from the conflict. The East India Company peace came after all major conflict had stopped between COG and Africa, thus they were not privy to a conventional victory. Duly, the African surrender to COG raises them to the position of sole victor, other parties either left due to diplomatic arrangement or as for East India Company - where continuing war against Africa would have placed them in opposition to COG who had become their protectorate.

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