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Flag of Arcadia

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On January 28th, 2008
Founded By Mr Devo
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #Arcadia on Coldfront
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Internal Structure
Leader Larin
Government see here
International Relations
NAP, ect.
The Olympic Pact - PIAT with Imperium Romanum

About Arcadia

Arcadia is a nation on Planet Steve, and it has approximately 1,100,000 citizens. The capital city of Arcadia is Emerald Hills, governed over by Larin. Arcadia is relatively peaceful, and is a mid sized nation, containing 29 cities. Recent joiners to Arcadia are required to take part in the Arcadia University. Arcadia is listed as the 5th strongest nation in CE.


irc: irc://

Current Government

See also list on the forums.
Position in Country Name City
President Larin Emerald Hills
Secretary of Commerce Chuleton Chuletia
Secretary of Education Mason San Andreas
Secretary of Defense Vercingetorix Thorstrung
Secretary of Defense Uberman wo_bo_jr_dao
Secretary of Finance Binary Bonzai
Secretary of Foreign Affairs Crunchy Death New Zealand
Dean of Students Sol Invictus Black Sun


Founded on January 28, 2008 by Mr Devo

PIAT- The Olympic Pact signed with Imperium Romanum on March 12, 2008 Upgraded to an MDP on April 13, 2008 but was dissolved following the African War

MDP- The Arcadian Islands Accord ODP signed with Farkland Islands on May 19, 2008[1]. Upgraded to MDP on July 4, 2008. [2]

PIAT- The East Arcadian Pact signed with East India Company on June 16, 2008 [3]

ODP- Signed with The Steel Pact on June 23, 2008

MDoAP- The Arcadian Secrets! signed with The Secret Society on June 25, 2008

ODP- Thats what SHE said signed with NAAC on July 18, 2008 [4]

Mr Devo steps down as President of Arcadia on August 11, 2008. Larin, previously Secretary of Education, succeeds him as 2nd Arcadian President

Declares war on High Plains on August 21, 2008 [5] See Prussian Olympic War. New President Larin during his declaration of war exempted ally Farkland Islands from war decree. Larin should also have exempted ally The STEEL Pact but failed to do so due to an internal mistake. Arcadia did not attack The STEEL Pact and apologized for the oversite via diplomatic channels during the war.

White Peace is declared by the LEGO Bloc ending the war between High Plains and Arcadia, August 22, 2008 [6]

ODP- Arcadia rides the Short Bus signed with Short Bus Republic on September 18, 2008 [7]

Declares war on Legendary Society on October 18, 2008 [8] See Last of The Legends War

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