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Flag of Australia

Australia's coat of arms

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On November 2008
Demonym Australian
Founded By Adrian the Wise (Rational_Nobility)
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #ce-aussie on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader President

Adrian the Wise (Rational_Nobility)

Government Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jim MacLennan (Chatham)

Minister of Defence
Goofy (Dodgesville)

Minister of the Interior
Crysallis (Hellion)

International Relations
MoADP, ect.
lrsmall.gif Imperial Society - oDoAP
NAP, ect.
0023small.gif Perfect World - Protectorate
Motto Vires Per Consensio

Australia was founded in the spirit of unionism and co-operation. The cities of Australia believe democracy is the only permissible form of government. We believe in the freedom of speech, religion, movement, and the press, as well as political freedom. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or sexuality.



Australia was formed by Adrian the Wise, formerly of Olympus. After leaving Olympus, he found no countries he was happy with in the way of governance. He then founded Australia in November 2008 as a democratic country run by the cities it governed. Australia then grew slowly from this point.

War with Mystic Star

The city state of Mystic Star made the mistake of thinking Australia a soft target for raiding. They made repeated attacks on Rational Nobility, which was the capital and only city of significant size at the time. They realised too late their error and spent their last days on Planet Steve with no military, themselves targets for other raiders.

First Constitution and Forums

The drafting and ratification of Australia's first constitution marked a new era in the country's development. Premier Jim MacLennan, mayor of the newly admitted City of Chatham drafted the constitution with permission from President Adrian, who altered and ratified it on 4th December 2008. The forums were constructed by the President and Premier Jim, and launched the next day. This marked a new period of growth throughout Australia, and city membership began to rise rapidly.

War with Ireland

Sparked from minor scuffles between Slazir and National Defence, the war between Kamov and Ireland had been ongoing for weeks. A weakened Kamov, in the face of defeat by Ireland, called on her ally Australia to help. Australia declared war on Ireland on the 10th December, 2008. The state of war lasted two days of intense fighting. A ceasefire was declared on the 12th of December. Kamov, under pressure from Irish attack, merged with Internetsuperheroes, creating a strong bloc that Ireland could not hope to overcome. Although other nations continued to fight, Australia withdrew. Several Australian cities had taken part in the attack, but Chatham was the only city forced to defend itself. The cities that participated (ordered by amount of actions fought) were; Chatham, Yankitcha, Rational Nobility, Dodgesville and Cantiopolis. Although only brief, Australia's involvement in the war helped to pull the new nation together.

Australia Adopts a Motto

After a nation wide competition, five finalists were selected by the Australian Government and voted on by all member cities. The final winner was Williamsburg, who had two entries in the top five finalists. The winning entry was "Vires Per Consensio" or "Strength Through Co-operation".

Treaties & Agreements

Australia is Perfect, A Protectorate treaty with Perfect World recieved popular support at the polls and was implemented on 25/12/08.

Imperials Down Under, An oDoAP was endorsed by the House of Representatives and signed on 09/02/09.

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