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Coalition of Ordered Governments

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Coalition of Ordered Governments
Flag of COG
Former COG Members


New Sparta


East India Company


COG has officially disbanded.

The Coalition of Ordered Governments [COG]


COG was originally signed by LUEshi, GATO, New Sparta, and New Horizon. COG was involved in the GOLD War, African War, the Second Umbrella War, and First World War


We the undersigned come together under a united banner of political solidarity, martial power and economic prosperity for the sustenance and improvement of all with which this treaty binds.

We speak with one voice.

We fight with one army.

We build with one economy.

We unite under one banner.

The following articles outline the conduct each signatory must adhere to in the spirit of the aforementioned ideals.

Article I Sovereignty

Each signatory is a free and sovereign country. It has the right to speak, act and govern as each sees fit. COG recognizes the government which signs this treaty.

Article II Rights & Obligations

Each signatory will have one vote in which to use in official COG discussions. All official actions, statements, signatory admissions and motions must be passed with a unanimous majority or the motion will automatically fail. Only with this majority may official matters be announced to external entities.

Article III Defensive Operations

Each signatory has the right to an adequate defense response from external aggressors. Each member will use all available actions and resources to ensure the security of a fellow member. This right is inalienable unless it conforms to the terms outlined in Article VII.

Article IV Offensive Operations

A signatory may propose the use of the COG combined martial forces for a preemptive attack on another entity or entities. This must be put before a vote in which Article II applies. Once initiated, an offensive operation must continue until all signatories agree to cease the operation.

Article V Economic Co-Operation

Each signatory pledges to commit all economic resources to the COG. This does not apply to arbitrary requests for aid or requests that will severely impact the function of a nation. Each signatory will endeavor to trade with other COG signatories.

Article VI Intelligence & Information

Each signatory will divulge any information relevant to the COG as a whole, or pertaining to any individual signatory. A signatory is required to notify the COG of any upcoming developments in said signatory's foreign policy.

Article VII Dismissal of Signatory

If a signatory has acted contrary the the terms and conditions outlined in this treaty, another signatory may propose the removal of the offending signatory. As per Article II, a unanimous vote must be sustained, offensive signatory non-inclusive. If the proposal is passed, then the country with which the proposal has addressed will have it's signature removed and will be pursuant to the terms of Article IX.

Article VIII Good Faith

One document cannot define and encompass all situations and policies which come about in daily operations. As such, each signatory will endeavor to act in "Good Faith" towards each other. Good Faith is defined as acting in the best interests of the common good (ie COG).

Article IX Removal/Retraction of Signatures

If a signatory has been removed or chooses to remove it's signature from this treaty, then it will no longer be of the Coalition with which all the above Articles apply. Once a signature has been removed, the signatory in question will enter a seven-day non-aggression period in which it or the COG will abstain from using military forces upon each other.

Article X Ratification

The following signatures signify the admission of a country to the Coalition of Ordered Governments. This treaty will secede any existing treaty held between any of the signatories.

For New Sparta,

Solidus117, Sovereign and King of New Sparta

Shimanaka, Councillor for Internal Affairs

Niff, Councillor for Foreign Affairs & Intelligence

NateDawg, Councillor for Military Affairs

Schwitz, Councillor for Financial Affairs

For LUEshi,

NobodyFresh, Sovereign and King of LUEshi

King Death IV, Minister of Foreign Affairs

mrpedobear, Minister of Defence

Ir0nMan, Minister of Internal Affairs

For Olympus,

Mathias III, King of the Gods

God of War, Chaos_Armed

God of Diplomacy, Jimbo181

God of Internal Affaris, Rakshasas

God of the Assembly, AoD

For the East India Company,
Governor General Franklin

Council of the Indies
Grotius, Verichstein, TiberianSon

Opperhoofden of the Six Chambers
Amsterdam: Silver
Delft: ThunderSnakey
Rotterdam: grotius
Enkhuizen: ScoobyDoobyDoo
Middelburg: Captain Ian
Hoorn: Lacoon


Kevanovia, Elite Triumvirate
Griff, Elite Triumvirate
no_ones_puppet, Elite Triumvirate

For the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization [GATO],

Griff, Sovereign and Consul of GATO

No_ones_puppet, Deputy Counsul

Belchingburg, Minister for Domestic Affairs

ej6687, Minister for Defence

Laserwolf, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Captain Awesome, Minister for Finance

No_ones_puppet, Minister for Military Intelligence

NKchnr, Minister for Media Affairs

For New Horizon,

king_ameris, Sovereign and Council Head of New Horizon

ThEK9, Minister of the Interior

Canik, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Chief Grandcherokee, Minister of Economics

King Dog, Minister of War

Official Announcement

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