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A charter is an important part of any country as it provides direction and a sense of wholeness for your members. Often a charter will outline several main things, some questions you should keep in mind when you create one are :

  • A preamble which outlines the premise of your nation
  • What type of government do you want to have?
    • Examples: Dictatorship, Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Representative Government, Communist
  • What government positions should your country have? What are their responsibilities? How long will they serve?
  • What is your country's stance on war?
    • Examples: Defensive Only, Aggressive, Imperialistic, etc.

There are many other things that you can include in a country charter and it really is up to you to decide how you want your country to run. Without a charter, organizing your nation will be difficult, but not totally impossible.

Uploading Your Charter

Once you have created a charter of your choice, the capital city may upload your nations charter by simple clicking on the View Country Charter link located under the defcon control panel. Once clicked, click on the edit link which will allow you to input your charter. Also note that in order to provide spaces, bold words, and other modifications; you must use the paragraph format commands located under the input box.

Sample Charter

We, the sovereign cities of Aletauca, do hereby come together in the spirit of cooperation, friendship, and common purpose to draft this Charter. Through this document we provide for the well-being of the alliance, pledge every city to the defense of Aletauca, and enact a system of government to guide and serve the member cities. Through our efforts, the justice, honor, and sovereignty of Aletauca and her allies shall be preserved.

Article 1: Alliance Officials
The alliance government shall consist of a Consul and Ministers of Military Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Internal Affairs.

Section 1: The Consul
The Consul is responsible for determining the direction and overseeing the activity of the alliance, as well as representing Aletauca on the international stage. All executive powers not explicity ascribed to other Ministers fall to the Consul. The Consul is in charge of membership discipline in the case of a severe infraction, defined as an infraction that compromises the safety and sovereignity of Aletauca internationally. The Consul is also charged with selecting the Ministers from the eligible members of the alliance. These positions are permanent by discretion of the Consul or under circumstances as described in Article 1, Section 4.

Should the Consul at any point willingly step down from his position, he or she may appoint a successor from the eligible alliance members. The old Consul retains the position of Consularis, which functions solely as an advisory position and not as a government position.

Section 2: The Ministers
The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the premier diplomat for Aletauca. He or she is charged with executing the foreign policy as decided by the Consul, and for overseeing all ambassadors and negotiating treaties to that end. He or she must also assess potential foreign threats to the safety and sovereignity of Aletauca and coordinate with the Minister of Military Affairs when necessary.

The Minister of Defense is responsible for the security of member nations. He or she is charged with supervising wars and organizing and educating the members as necessary to ensure a proper defense of Aletauca. He or she must also ensure that necessary military intelligence is on hand.

The Minister of Internal Affairs is charged with setting admission and membership regulations and requirements. He or she is in charge of internal security, including background checks and monitoring membership. To that end, the Minister of Internal Affairs is in charge of membership discpline in the case of non-severe infractions. He or she is also in charge of the economic well-being of Aletauca.

Each Minister is charged with selecting a Senior Director within each of their departments, who will temporarily take the position in the case of a prolonged absence or sudden vacancy.

Section 3: Order of Succession
In the event that the position of Consul becomes suddenly vacant, or an emergency decision must be made in the absence of the Consul, the following is the line of succession:
1) Minister of Foreign Affairs
2) Minister of Military Affairs
3) Minister of Internal Affairs
4) Senior Foreign Directior
5) Senior Military Director
6) Senior Internal Director

Section 4: Removal of Officials
In order to remove the Consul, 10% of current alliance membership must petition for a vote of no confidence. When this number is reached, the Minister of Internal Affairs will conduct a vote among the eligible voting membership. 2/3 majority must rule in favor in order to remove the Consul. The Consul may not overrule this decision.

In order to remove a Minister, 10% of current alliance membership must petition for a vote of no confidence. When this number is reached, the Consul will conduct a vote among the eligible voting membership. 2/3 majority must rule in favor in order to remove the Minister in question. The Consul may not overrule this decision and may not reappoint the Minister in question for at least thirty (30) days.

Article II: Membership
Any City in good international standing may apply for admittance into Aletauca. Application requires submission of a request to the capital/assistant cities of Aletauca and compliance with procedures set by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Section 1: Membership Rankings

A. All member-cities of Aletauca will automatically become a part of both the General Body and the Aletaucan Army. The Army shall be overseen by the Minister of Military Affairs and his or her assistants. The General Body shall have the power to amend the Charter in accordance with Article III, and anything else the Emperor places before them for a vote, and to remove officials if they follow due legal process and have legitimate grievances.

B. Official positions will be created as deemed necessary by the government officials, and will be appointed from the eligible membership body. The only exception to open positions is the position of Consularis, which is reserved only for previous Consuls of the alliance.

Section 2: Membership Privileges and Responsibilities

A. Aletauca wishes to provide the opportunity for every member nation to attain any rank or position in the alliance, and encourages all nations to work towards earning any position to which they aspire. Government officials will make every effort to appoint eligible members based on their contributions to the alliance.

B. To that end, each alliance member has the responsibility to uphold and maintain the integrity of Aletauca. By accepting membership, a member also accepts the duty to defend and protect the alliance in times of war, as well as the duty to contribute to the growth and stability of Aletauca in peacetime.

C. Membership of any base member can be removed only by a majority vote of alliance officials. In case of a tie, the Consul has an overriding say in termination of membership.

D. Dual membership in other alliances is not permitted.

E. Every member in good standing has a right to leave in peace.

Article III: Charter Modification

A. The Charter may be amended at any time by the Consul with the agreement of two of the three Ministers.

B. Alliance members may submit drafts of Charter amendments to the government for review once 20% of alliance membership has agreed to support the draft. If the amendment does not receive support from the government, it will be sent back to the membership for revision.

C. Once the amendment is deemed satisfactory by the government, it can be implemented by a three-fourths (3/4) majority of government officials. The Consul has the right to veto the amendment even if it receives the necessary majority.

Article IV: Alliance War Protocols

A. All offensive wars must be cleared by the Minister of Military Affairs or another equally or higher-ranked official.

B. If a member city is attacked, all Aletaucans pledge to mobilize any and all military and economic resources in defense of the attacked city as directed by the Minister of Military Affairs and staff.

C. In times of alliance-wide warfare, all Aletaucans pledge to mobilize any and all military and economic resources in defense of the alliance and allies as directed by the Minister of Military Affairs and staff.

D. In times of peace all Aletaucan cities are required to follow the directives of the Minister of Military Affairs and staff in regards to any measures required to maintain military readiness.

Article V: Ratification
This Charter shall be presented to the General Body for a vote lasting twenty-four (24) hours. It shall be ratified with a vote of 50%+1

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