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List of countries

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A modern map of the world.

List of Countries

Also see the Countries category

NOTE: When adding a new country's main Wiki page, begin by using the following template: Country Template**

Country Rankings

Flag Country CE Homepage Capital City Forums IRC
mksmall.gif Arak_NamWiki CE Homepage Amon_SolWiki
iesmall.gif Baile_Atha_CliathWiki CE Homepage JamesonWiki
assmall.gif Banana_RepublicWiki CE Homepage Solitude46Wiki
sbsmall.gif BlingBlongWiki CE Homepage pimpampumWiki
nismall.gif ChicagoWiki CE Homepage Furre_Flox_FoxenWiki
CONNSWiki CE Homepage ferrari_townWiki
sesmall.gif DovardieWiki CE Homepage RemeroWiki
sbsmall.gif Duchy_of_RathconeyWiki CE Homepage Font_AntiquoWiki
eastsmall.gif East India CompanyWiki CE Homepage FranklinWiki Forum Link #voc
u4easmall.gif EuphoriaWiki CE Homepage CannabisWiki Forum Link
ussmall.gif Freedom_RepublicWiki CE Homepage SkylineWiki
bmsmall.gif FreedoniaWiki CE Homepage WoodsideWiki
goonsmall.gif GOONationWiki CE Homepage InternetiaWiki Forum Link
grsmall.gif GreeceWiki CE Homepage GenesisWiki Forum Link #Greece
0026small.gif Holy_Sacred_TruthWiki CE Homepage Jacksonville2Wiki Forum Link
gysmall.gif IllyriansWiki CE Homepage Ustikopovci Wiki
itsmall.gif ItaliaWiki CE Homepage Ovada_2Wiki
prsmall.gif KnossossWiki CE Homepage ConcordiaWiki
ussmall.gif league_of_friendsWiki CE Homepage cheyenneWiki
LegacyWiki CE Homepage STEELER_NATIONWiki
mksmall.gif MantopiaWiki CE Homepage HillcrestWiki Forum Link
grsmall.gif MessiniaWiki CE Homepage GarneisWiki
grsmall.gif New_Arcadia_Wiki CE Homepage Black_SunWiki
vasmall.gif New_CiliciaWiki CE Homepage New_TarsusWiki
aosmall.gif New_DakarWiki CE Homepage KergueleneWiki
cvsmall.gif No_Mans_LandWiki CE Homepage ArgodiaWiki
casmall.gif North_of_49Wiki CE Homepage SaigoWiki
petsmall.gif PetoriaWiki CE Homepage The_LandWiki
ptsmall.gif PortugalWiki CE Homepage fucho_cityWiki
0009small.gif PrussiaWiki CE Homepage Molon_LabeWiki Forum Link #CE-Prussia
basmall.gif Russian_FederationWiki CE Homepage None
0010small.gif Short_Bus_RepublicWiki CE Homepage JunkYardWiki Forum Link
lcsmall.gif Sons_of_AnarchyWiki CE Homepage DagothWiki
casmall.gif Soviet_CanuckistanWiki CE Homepage CatanWiki
bwsmall.gif The_ColonyWiki CE Homepage None
bmsmall.gif The_Eagle_BloodWiki CE Homepage kampookaWiki
gesmall.gif The_Middle_EastWiki CE Homepage DamascusWiki
0008small.gif The_Secret_SocietyWiki CE Homepage WhiskeytownWiki Forum Link #CE-TSS
irsmall.gif The_Shadow_LegionWiki CE Homepage Peace_RiverWiki
vismall.gif Unite_the_WorldWiki CE Homepage Land_of_SchnauzersWiki
ussmall.gif United_StatesWiki CE Homepage Hyde_ParkWiki Forum Link
ussmall.gif USA_UnderwaterWiki CE Homepage EcclesiaWiki
kismall.gif VoxLibertasWiki CE Homepage VinczopolisWiki
fismall.gif World_Wide_PeaceWiki CE Homepage Green_CityWiki
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