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Crimson Empire

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The Crimson Empire merged with GATO to form ICE.

The Crimson Empire was a country that existed ??/??/08 - 3/20/2008; it merged with The Legion to form the Crimson Empire.


The Crimson Empire was probably most famous for its role in the Crimson War in which the Crimson Empire with unsanctioned support from NAAC fought GATO, Kcsargh, and New Sparta. Peace was ultimately reached in the war when NAAC threatened to intervene. On 03/20/2008, the Crimson Empire merged with The Legion to form the Crimson Legion. They then took the name Crimson Empire again after a short time.

How The Crimson Empire Lives On

The Crimson Empire ==> Crimson Legion ==> Imperial Coalition of the Elite

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