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Crimson War

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The Crimson War
Start Date:February 24, 2008
End Date:February 26, 2008
Also Known As:War on Trolling
Casus Belli: Alleged Trolling offenses by Kevanovia
Results:Crimson Empire surrenders to New Sparta, signs White Peace with GATO
Terms:Apologies from GATO and Crimson Empire
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 149
Population: 123909
Soldiers: 5186
Tanks: 1111
Fighters: 197
Bombers: 56
Anti-Air: 232
Navy: 0

Member Cities: 13
Population: 21252
Soldiers: 691
Tanks: 168
Fighters: 0
Bombers: 0
Anti-Air: 36
Navy: 20

Stats (End of War)





New Sparta


Crimson Empire

Some unsanctioned support by: NAAC


Name of the War

Because of the initial reasons for the war, the war was dubbed the "War on Trolling". After the controversies and the ceasefire, the "Crimson War" became the widely accepted name for the war.

The Declarations of War

On Sun Feb 24, The _GATO_ declared a state of war with the Crimson Empire. The GATO Consul, Griff, claimed that they were provoked because the leader of Crimson_Empire, Kevanovia, was allegedly being "nothing but disrespectful to GATO" and that he had been "trolling on several occasions in some threads". Many people, however, were confused as to where the trolling took place.

The DoW was initially supported by Random Insanity and other GATO allies. New Sparta declared war after an official request from GATO. Kcsargh declared soon declared war on the Crimson Empire in support of Gato.

The Controversies

As the war dragged on, public opinion turned against it. The leader of CE , Kevanovia, came out denying GATO's claims saying that his posts were not made for the intent to troll any alliance and that the declaration of war was uncalled for. They were soon joined by individuals from the NAAC and from other nations.

After peace talks initiated by Griff concluded, the combatants came out hours later saying nothing had been achieved. Kevanovia then posted parts of the logs to the forums, claiming that the Allies (GATO, New Sparta and Kcsargh) were being unreasonable. By this time, many members of other nations were supporting one side or the other: some members from New Horizon and Polaris supported the actions of the Allies, while NAAC and some of the members from Pacifica supported the Crimson_Empire.

Several members of NAAC resigned and joined the Crimson_Empire (City_of_Raccoonia, Phenix_City, Phoenix_Nest_City, and GDNation), provoking outrage from GATO. With these new, powerful members, the Crimson_Empire attempted to counter-attack later in the day with naval and ground attacks.


When NAAC, a country with 230 member cities, threatened to intervene, both sides agreed to a ceasefire. This ceasefire was signed by the military command of the involved nations due to some of the leaders being away. (Kevanovia and Griff).


At 2008-02-26 01:22:10 EST, the war was declared over after a second round of negotiations. The combatants had agreed to stop fighting. While GATO and Kcsargh gained white peace, New Sparta received 2x $25,000 aid packages and the surrender of the Crimson Empire.

Both GATO and the Crimson Empire leaders posted apologies on the forums.


Although peace had been achieved, the rivalry and cold war between Kevanovia and Griff became famous. These tensions came to a head with the formation (and subsequent protection by GATO) of Olympus, consisting of former Crimson Empire cities. GATO and tCE would later sign a oNAP and tensions cooled.

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