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Founded On February 1, 2008
Demonym East Indian
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IRC #VOC on Coldfront
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Internal Structure
Leader Governor General


Government Autocratic Democracy
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
dosmall.gif Federation - MDoAP; Federation-VOC Joint Trade Investment

naacsmall.gif NAAC - MDoAP; Joint Trade Investment
sebilius.jpg Sebilis - MDP; The Timorous Deep Treaty
0009small.gif Prussia - MDP; The Oceans of Poseidon Pact

NAP, ect.
faissmall.gif Farkland Islands - PIAT;

arcasmall.gif Arcadia - PIAT; East Arcadian Pact
kismall.gif FreeVinczopolis - Protectorate
dosmall.gif Federation - Protectorate; The We All Like Ships Treaty
0013small.gif The_MSSR - PIAT; The Russian Spice Trade Agreement
olymsmall.gif Olympus - NAP; The Seas of Poseidon Pact

Wars Three Hour War, African War, First World War, Third Elephant War, SEAS War, Second World War, The War on Secrets
Country Symbol VOC Emblem eastsmall.gif
Motto Trade and Prosperity




Be it known, that we knowing the prosperity of these cities, and the welfare of their inhabitants depends principally on navigation and trade, which in all former times by the said cities were carried on happily, and with a great blessing to all countries and kingdoms; and desiring that the aforesaid inhabitants should not only be preserved in their former navigation, traffic, and trade, but also that their trade may be increased as much as possible in special conformity to the treaties, alliances, leagues and covenants for traffic and navigation formerly made with other princes, republics and people, which we give them to understand must be in. all parts punctually kept and adhered to: And we find by experience, that without the common help, assistance, and interposition of a General Country, the people designed from hence for those parts cannot be profitably protected and maintained in their great risk from pirates, extortion and otherwise, which will happen in so very short a time. We have, therefore, and for several other important reasons and considerations as thereunto moving, with mature deliberation of counsel, and for highly necessary causes, found it good, that the navigation, trade, and commerce, in the parts of the City Empire world, should not henceforth be carried on any otherwise than by the common united strength of the merchants and inhabitants of these cities; and for that end there shall be erected one General Company, which we out of special regard to their common well-being, and to keep and preserve the inhabitants of those places in good trade and welfare, will maintain and strengthen with our Help, Favor and assistance as far as the present state and condition of this Country will admit. And whoever shall presume without the consent of this Company, to sail or to traffic in any of the Places within the aforesaid Limits granted to cities in this country, he shall forfeit the ships and the goods which shall be found for sale upon the aforesaid coasts and lands; the which being actually seized by the aforesaid Company, shall be by them kept for their own Benefit and Behoof.


The government of the East India Company (VOC) will consist of several positions

-Governor General The Governor General is the figure head and ruling power of the country and is instated for a lifetime term or until he should resign from his position. He has the right to appoint various leaders of the Company to assist him in its management and direction, the right to initiate treaties and war with other countries, and the right to lead the company in a direction that he sees fit.

-Council of The Indies The Council of The Indies consists of the country’s three assistant cities in the City Empires game. This council advises and assists the Governor General in the general affairs of the country and help in guiding the Governor General in a path they feel best for the country.

-Opperhoofden and Chambers There are six Opperhoofden who are in charge of the six membership chambers of the VOC. Upon entry into the VOC cities will be assigned to one of the six chambers of the country here-by known as

The purpose of these chambers is to provide membership with a small and focused group of people dedicated to each other and the overall cause of the country as a whole. Each opperhoofden is responsible for their respective chambers and will collaborate with the Governor General and council of the Indies about various alliance activities, treaties, and other important country information.


Amendments may be added to this Charter if seen fit by the Governor General after consultation with other government members. The membership is allowed to submit a request for an amendment to their opperhoofd who will then pass it onto the rest of the government. De mei Hervormt

Amendment I: Director General

With this amendment the company hereby establishes the position of Director General. The Director General shall be second in command after the Governor General and take direction from him. Should the Governor General be absent for a period of time the Director General may be asked to take over the functions of the Governor General position for the specific amount of time allotted by the ruling Governor General.

Subsection 1 The Director General is also in charge of managing foreign relations abroad, limited to assigning ambassadors, creating embassies with various countries and suggesting to the Governor General countries to treaty with.

Subsection 2 The Director General is elected to office by A majority vote of the East India Company Opperhoofden and Council of the Indies and serve for a 6 month term.

Subsection 3 Should the Governor General become unreachable in excess of 10 days without previous public knowledge, the Director General will take over the position of Governor General. Should the Governor General be deleted in-game for inactivity or other-wise, the Director General will replace the Governor General in name and title, where-upon a new Director General will be elected.

Amendment II: Opperhoofden Appointment(s)

Opperhoofden (Chamber Leaders) are to be elected by a majority of each Chamber, should no majority consensus be reached, the Governor General has the right to appoint a member of the chamber.

Subsection 1 In order to provide better management to each chamber, Opperhoofden are highly encouraged to appoint their own “advisors,” or chamber secretarial positions, from members within their own chambers. Chamber appointments include at least the following:

-Military Appointee in charge of the military organization of the Chamber in case of war.
-Development Director in charge of managing city growth and funds
-Culture Director in charge of the chamber role-play history to be mainly applied to the chamber Wikipedia page.

If secretaries are not appointed, Opperhoofden are expected to embody and execute these positions themselves

Amendment III: Autocratic Democracy

All treaties with other countries and country legislation require a 4/6 Opperhoofden vote, along with a Governor General vote, in favor, in order to pass and be in effect. Without the Governor General’s vote in favor of a motion (or a Director General acting in the Governor General’s place when applicable), a motion will fail. Opperhoofden can override this executive veto with a 6/6 Opperhoofden vote in favor of the motion.

-Ruler4 of Franklin
Governor General of the East India Company


First Governor General Ruler4 of Franklin

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