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First Elephant War

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The Elephant War
Start Date:April 27, 2008
End Date:May 25, 2008
New Sparta's Casus Belli: UME allegedly hacking New Sparta's forum server
The UME's Casus Belli:New Sparta's Casus Belli was invalid, UME was created a week after the alleged hacking, 'Guilt by Association' logical fallacy.
Results:New Sparta declares white peace
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 159
Population: 630889
Soldiers: 26613
Tanks: 7254
Fighters: 1194
Bombers: 509

Member Cities: 307
Population: 136628
Soldiers: 6843
Tanks: 379
Fighters: 67
Bombers: 0

Stats (Post-GOONS Departure)

Member Cities: 56
Population: 538874
Soldiers: 24414
Tanks: 7466
Fighters: 1111
Bombers: 482

Member Cities: 254
Population: 126247
Soldiers: 5866
Tanks: 262
Fighters: 49
Bombers: 11

Stats (End of War)




New Sparta





The Elephant War between UME and New Sparta began when New Sparta posted an announcement on the forum alleging that unnamed members of UME had hacked New Sparta's forum server. GOONS soon joined against UME using a mid-war agreement they signed with New Sparta. After this UME membership swelled rapidly until admins intervened and removed their President and Assitant Cities citing two offensive mayor names in the budding ranks of UME. GOONS later peaced UME and shortly thereafter their Government was restored. With the war turning into a solo act New Sparta made a public announcement that they were not interested in peace with UME. This war is ongoing.


The Elephant war began on disputed grounds when the aggressor New Sparta declared war with a Casus Bellum which alleged that an out-of-game hacking incident a week prior to the formation of UME was the work of unnamed UME members who frequent a certain imageboard. The author of the declaration - Natedawg king of Newsparta - disclosed that there was link between UME and the imageboard, as UME members communed on the same website which the alleged hacker(s) hailed from, and thus it was assumed they were like the guilty party of the alleged defacement/web server attack. Detractors to the Casus bellum within UME have pointed to lack convincing evidence and what they describe as 'obvious assumpts' made in the Casus Bellum as evidence of a 'hoax', elaborating on this by saying the entire New Spartan basis for the war is a guilt-by-association logical fallacy. However, the Casus Bellum was supported by NAAC, who offered their immediate support of the war and put their confidence behind New Spartas decision.

GOONS Enter The Elephant War

Shortly after the war began New Sparta and GOONS signed a surprising ODoAP[1], it was activated almost immediately by declaring war on UME[2]. After the first wave of attacks UME went through a period of rapid enlargement, recruiting nearly one hundred members per day (double the total of New Spartan members and then half the total of GOONS each day), UME swelled to three hundred and seven members in three days, making them the largest country in Cityempires and not far off becoming the biggest country in Cityempire history.

GOONS make peace with UME

After the admin intervention GOONS declared in game peace on May 4th with sporadic attacks continuing for another day or so, a few days later UME's Presidents and Assistant Cities wre reinstated and theri Government officially acknowledged a state of peace on May 8th, ending the GOONS incursion.

UME Government Removal and Restoration Incident

A few days into the war the UME government was removed by game administrators for a period, there have been no official announcements by the game admins regarding this they simply posted 'you were wanred' on UMEs about information, after the leaders were reinstated UME and GOONS made two separate accounts of the intervention. Nathan Hale, GOONS Optimus Prime Minister, was alledgedly given self-incriminating IRC logs by UME 'Leaders', he promptly showed these IRC logs to CE administrators. When this incident came out publicly UME leadership announced they had nothing to do with the log and stated IRC LOGS are worthless evidence and easily faked, they elaborated on this stating that by stating any IRC log would be immaterial in UME's case as they have no IRC channel in which to verify that members are who they claim to be. UME were contacted in game by administrators about the bannin and were told it was due to two offensive mayor names in UME's membership. Still remaining the largest country in CE, UME membership did dwindle a bit after this intervention to around 250, though has since began to slowly rise again. The intervention is probably the sorest wound that UME has suffered during the war and if it is noted the statistics do not show much harm inflicted on UME by the Elephant war.

Further War

On May 7th Natedawg, incumbent President of New Sparta, announced that New Sparta has no intention of resolving the ongoing war peaceably, citing an alleged incident on IRC where he had contacted "new leadership" in game to come and speak with him and been spammed by UMEs president.[3] UME's response from their incumbent leader and Overmind came swiftly 'I must inform you that there is no new leader nor is there a communique between yourself and the Overmind of UME'. It appears to be true that as of May 7th there was no new leader, Soylent Green had been made the President of UME earlier but by the 7th had returned the position to UME Government. Whether an elaborate fake by New Sparta or a genuine log showing UME spam, the incident as recalled by Natedawg confuses Soylent Green and and is in error over there being new "leadership". Regardless, New Sparta are adamant about their non-resolution of the war and UME leadership has reciprocated this sentiment.

New Sparta peace with UME

On May 25th VoodooNova, the new King of New Sparta announced white peace with the UME ending the war.[4]


New Sparta's Declaration of War
The UME declaring New Sparta's CB Invalid
New Sparta terminating diplomatic contact with The UME

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