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Flag of Euphoria: With 4 + 20 stripes, (420), a shield, (representative of our non-aggressive and defensive nature), and 10 stars, (to represent wealth and fortune)

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On Feb 7, 2008
Founded By Victor Lima
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC None
Motto It's 4:20!



Position Mayor City
Leader Victor Lima Cannabis
MoIA none none
MoFA none none
MoD none none


Basic Info/Philosophies/Principles

The country of Euphoria and it’s collective cities strive to be friendly and diplomatic. We are a peace loving country; one of our primary goals are to remain clear of conflict. Combative operations against active cities are forbidden. We are a non-aggressive country, (with the exception of an occasional battle versus an inactive city), that is focused on defense. If aggressions against us are made, (and all avenues of a friendly, peaceful and diplomatic resolution have been exhausted), then, as a last resort, the use of offensive military force will be authorized. Trades are completely unrestricted, however, aid sent outside the country may be subject to government approval.. The country of Euphoria believes that every inhabitant has the right to indulge in the use of mind altering substances. We recognize each city’s right to make individual decisions based on their own needs, provided it is in accordance with our philosophies.

Admission Policy

Applicants to the country of Euphoria must also register on our off site forums to be accepted into the country. Applicants to the country of Euphoria must not have any outstanding debts, nor be currently involved in any conflicts. Previous military engagements, where the applicants were the aggressive entity, must be documented prior to acceptance into the country. Exceptions to this rule are inactive city targets, and defensive engagements, (where the applicants were targeted for no good reason).


LEADER: This is the highest position with the ability to veto all decisions made by the following positions of authority. The Leader is in charge of overseeing these positions and is required to maintain the direction of the country.

MINISTER OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS, MoIA: This is the person that will lead the department handling all internal country matters. (They have internal legislative authority, provided there isn’t a conflict with the MoFA and the MoD.)

MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, MoFA: This person leads the department dealing with the external world around our country, ensuring we maintain a peaceful coexistence with everyone else. (They have internal legislative authority, provided there isn’t a conflict with the MoD and MoIA.)

MINISTER OF DEFENSE, MoD: This position holder is charged with the responsibility of maintaining our military department.

SECURITY COUNSEL, SC: In addition to the four aforementioned positions, there will be a fifth position of authority, the individual city mayors themselves, known as the Security Counsel. The SC is encouraged to make suggestions, and give opinions, in addition to voting on certain issues that may arise.

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