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Federation Flag

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On March 23, 2008
Demonym Fed
Founded By Centurius
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #Federation on Coldfront
Important Links
Internal Structure
Leader Triumvirate of War
Triumvirate of the Interior
Triumvirate of the Bank
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
eastsmall.gif East India Company - MDoAP; Federation-VOC Joint Trade Investment
NAP, ect.
eastsmall.gif East India Company - Protectorate; The We All Like Ships Treaty
Wars Third Elephant War
Motto Order through Unity


Preamble The Federation, formed on the 23rd of March of the year 2008 is committed to bring the peace and Prosperity to the edges of the world. Any City that is in good standing within the game is allowed to enter the alliance

I. Membership All Cities in International good standing can join the Federation, to do so they have to complete the fllowing step for step plan. 1. Apply to the Country Federations Ingame.

2. Fill in and post the following form in the Applications subofrum.

  • City Name:
  • Mayor Name:
  • Previous Countries:
  • Previous Conflicts:
  • Resources:
  • Comments:

I [Mayor Name], Promise to protect the Sovereignity of the Federation and will follow anything stated in the Charter.

[Mayor Name] of [City Name]

II. Rights and duties of all Cities All member cities have the right on Protection, Aid and Service by the Alliance. If the President, Vice President or Head of Starfleet orders you too provide Military Support you are forced to do this. No Official can force you to aid another city unles you are part of the bank.

III. Membership structure The Government will consist of 2 levels a Triumvirate to decide on General Affairs and an assembly in which all members can vote

  • Section I:Triumvirate of War

The Triumvirate of War is responsible for the day-to-day Defense and Public Relations of the Federation. He is the Commander in Chief of Starfleet and can decide in times of need for the alliance to go to war without consulting first with the other Triumvirates. Without consulting the Triumvirate of War will face a formal investigation when declaring war. He can change the Defcon level at will and approve treaties.

  • Section II:Triumvirate of the Interior

The Triumvirate of the Interior is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Alliance he can expel any member at will. The Triumvirate of the Interior is also the Commander in Chief of the Justice Department.

  • Section III: Triumvirate of the Bank

The Triumvirate of the Bank is the head of the Federal Bank and is responsible for providing Aid to members and approving loans. He will also organise intra-/inter-alliance trading with allies if needed the Triumvirate of War can assist in international trading.

  • Section IV: Assembly

The Assembly will consist of all members who wish too. The Assembly will also vote on Charter Amends and Treaties. Since every member can join the Assembly it's judgement can be overruled by the President or Council.

  • Section IV: Council

The Council will consist of 5 elected members who serve a 3 month term. Any member can vote on them. The Council is responsible for the decision making within the Alliance they can decide on new treaties, Charter Amendments, Lower Cabinet and Offensive Wars. The Decision of the Council is considered sacred and no other official can overrule them.

V. Use of WMD's The Federation holds a no-First strike policy. Weapons of Mass Destruction may only be used as a defensive measure rather than an offensive one.

Only in special cases an exception can be made but that will be announced if that point in time is reached.

VI. Martial Law In case of a Defensive war or Rebellion against the Federation the President can declare a Martial law in which the Council Immediately gets disbanded for the duration Martial law stays active to hold some kind of Democracy the Cabinet will have the same rights as always.

VII. War&Spying No City is allowed to declare an offensive war unles given permission to do so by the Head of Starfleet or President. In defense the City may only attack the same amount of times as they have been attacked too. Unles reported to the Head of Starfleet you wont have support from the Federation

Spying on another alliance is everything that involves violating the protected areas of another alliance their forums or accepting information from a spy/member of the alliance. Spying will be punished by Expulsion, and you will be reported to the other alliance.

VIII. The Punishment of cities from the Federation In case of a violation of Section VII from the Charter or if any member considers something another member does is in violation with Country Procedures, a formal investigation will start if this investigation supports the accusations an Official Court Martial will be held. This Court Martial can decide the punishment of the city in question. The minimum punishment is a warning and in the worst case a city can be expelled from the Federation

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