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First World War

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First World War
Start Date:April 19, 2008
End Date:April 24, 2008
Also Known As:COGUEND War

World War
Great War
Global Conflict
Epic War
The Only Semi-Evenly Matched War in the Entire History and Future of CE
Semi-World War

No Curbstomping Here War
Expanded From:COG's: END War
COG's Casus Belli: Endeavour giving private logs to GOONS, \m/ spying on LUEshi.
Unspeakable Evil's Casus Belli:COG declaring war on UE ally, alleged spying on GOONS by COG.
Results:Unspeakable Evil, Allies and Independent victory, COG and USSR Loss.
Terms:10 million in reparations to Endeavour, 5 million to UE, 2 million to VE, 1 million to IR. Separate apologies to Endeavour and GOONS.
Other Results:LUEshi disbands. King of Sparta Solidus steps down. COG Disbands.
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 289
Population: 2,085,032
Strength: 3,452,259

Member Cities: 690
Population: 3,317,447
Strength: 5,595,390

Stats (End of War)

Member Cities: 185
Population: 1,334,805
Strength: 2,247,089

Member Cities: 591
Population: 3,133,864
Strength: 4,729,222


Coalition of Ordered Governments
New Sparta
East India Company
Imperial Coalition of the Elite

USSR ussrlarge.gif


Unspeakable Evil
Dinner Naked

Imperium Romanum
Viridian Entente
The Steel Pact
The Silent Brotherhood

Notes:Independent includes those that are not obligated to defend Endeavour via treaty, or are the signatories of Unspeakable Evil.


Other War Names

What other countries are calling this war: The War to END All Wars (New Sparta), The END of the 80's (LUEshi), Unspeakable War (GOONS), Operation Cyclone (Endeavour), Unspeakable/Endeavour Campaign (ICE), The Evil War (VOC), The COG War (Africa), The War on Poverty (\m/), Operation 1337 Heat (RnR; in reference to ICE). Other names suggested for the war were COGUEND War, World War, Global Conflict, Epic War, and The Only Semi-Evenly Matched War in the Entire History and Future of CE, Semi-World War or the No Curbstomping Here War

The first person to consider this a "World War" was Trajan of NAAC.

"now tis the First World War"

DictatorPhilTaylor backed Trajan's words to make it official by posting TSP's entry.

D-Day v2

TSP enters war

And deems it D-Day for COG.

TSP is first nation to use nukes in warfare.

Important Events

The 2 sides during the war.
Blue = Anti-COG side
Red = COG side
Grey = Uninvolved

COG Declaration of War on Endeavour
\m/ posts information taken from a spy about LUEshi
Endeavour's Response to COG's DoW
Unspeakable Evil's DoW on COG
John Death posts a COG response
Olympus posts its response (A DoW on UE)
Africa announces its support for Endeavour and Unspeakable Evil
East India Company announces its support of COG and New Sparta by declaring war on Unspeakable Evil
Imperium Romanum joins the War against Olympus
ICE Declares on Imperium Romanum
LUEshi Recognizes war with Imperium Romanum via COG power bloc
COG and Endeavour agree to a 48 hour ceasefire
Endeavour denies the ceasefire offered by COG
The Viridian Entente declares war on New Sparta
USSR enters the conflict
TSP Joins war against COG on what is known as D-Day v. 2
NAAC joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
Polaris joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
Pacifica joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
RnR joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
Dominion joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
TSB joins the war on the UE side, officially entering the first World War
[1] VOC pulls out of COG but agrees to stay in for rep payments.

The War

On April 19th, 2008, COG declared war on Endeavour because of "Endeavour giving private logs to GOONS and \m/ spying on LUEshi." In response the alliance bloc Unspeakable Evil activated their MDP treaty with Endeavour and declared on COG, alleging spying on GOONS by COG.

In the first 3 days of the war, COG dominated the partnership of UE and Endeavour. On April 23, 2008, The Steel Pact activated their ODP with Endeavour and declared war on COG, thus pulling TSP's protector, NAAC into the war. Soon, countries allied with TSP and NAAC, including The Grand Empires of Polaris and Pacifica, RnR, The Dominion, and The Silent Brotherhood declared war on the COG side, finally bringing this war to the point of global war.

The tide of the war instantly turned as fresh troops from new allies marched to war. Hours later, a peace treaty was signed with every member of COG except for LUEshi. LUEshican cities were left to be raided by the victors of WW1, and subsequently causing LUEshi to disbanded. Former LUEshican cities were then offered surrender and many surrendered as the last shots were fired in the first epic war.

As a result of the war COG members slowly ended their memberships into the bloc until finally COG disbanded. And as the largest power bloc on the planet dissolved, the politics of the world were finally solidified if favor of the self-named "Coalition of the Victorious", the unofficial bloc of the Grand Empires of Pacifica and Polaris along with NAAC and Dominion. The Coalition remained in power and continued to hold the most powerful forces in all of the world.

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