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GATO has merged with The Crimson Empire to form ICE.

Note: This Country has disbanded.


Stats Stats Rank
Founded On 2nd February
Founded By Griff of Crash Conglomerate
Contact Info
Forum [N/A Forum]
IRC #cegato on
Internal Structure
Leader Griff
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
NAP, ect.
Wars Crimson War, African War, GOLD Campaign


How GATO Lives On

GATO ==> Imperial Coalition of the Elite

History of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization

Chapter 1: Birth

At the end of January 2008, Griff, then member of the GATO of Cybernations got wind of a new, similar game being made called Cityempires. He decided to start a GATO “colony” there, but with a vastly different government (autocratic in nature), to be made in his image.

Thus, on the first of February, Griff officially created his city and GATO soon after. Quickly expanding from its humble beginnings, GATO gradually grew to 10 cities strong, a mixture of CN GATOans and new members; they never left the first page of the country list.

Chapter 2: Trial and error

By half way through the month, GATO was celebrating the acceptance of its 15th member city (a big achievement back then). This prompted Griff to undertake a vast reorganization of their offsite forums, as well as taking their first big steps into the political scene.

Griff had gotten on very well with the NAAC since GATO made an embassy there, so he put forward the idea for a protectorate treaty with the NAAC. They accepted this and a friendship was born. This was not to last however.

GATO then witnessed in the world forums the Umbrella nation, preaching the existence of their god the “Generator”.

An atheist himself, Griff wasn’t liking what he saw; Umbrella was looking very arrogant and possibly even aggressive. Then the nation of New Sparta entered the fray, the GATO leader watched from the sidelines as NS and Umbrella exchange insults, with Griff eventually agreeing with the Spartans, as he could see the Generators followers pushing their “religion” towards the Spartans, and becoming more and more arrogant.

New Sparta finally snapped, declaring war on Umbrella, starting The New Sparta - Umbrella War. Griff seized the chance, offering “quiet” public and much more “pronounced” private support for King Solidius. A week later, NA had accepted the surrender of Umbrella, and peace prevailed. Appreciating their support, New Sparta offered a place in their “Gentlemen’s Agreement”, a NAP between NS and individual signatories, GATO accepted and they became a full signatory.

Chapter 3: Tasting Blood

Due to GATO’s support for NS in the Umbrella Conflict, NAAC-GATO relations had become increasingly strained. Things came to a head when GATO signed an ODP with Kcsargh, a 60-city strong nation, but their inexperience had cost them a war with the NAAC, BTA and VOC. Seeing the two parties getting nowhere, on the 20th of February, Griff announced that he was cancelling the Protectorate Treaty with NAAC, giving the four days needed as required by the treaty. NAAC members demanded that they discuss the reasons behind the move, but Griff stated that there was nothing to it, and that GATO needed to go its own way.

Soon after this, the leader of the soon-to-be infamous Crimson Empire, Kevanovia, began making little snide, derogatory comments in not only GATO’s threads (announcing new treaties and the like), but in several other ones too.

Griff warned him to back off the comments, but on the 24th, with one last comment, the leader of GATO snapped. Contacting Solidius117 of New Sparta (Who Griff had become good friends with), he told him that he’d had enough of Kev and was preparing for war.

Although he was confident of his ability to bring tCE to its knees, Griff wanted the war to be over as quickly as possible, to prevent war weariness and other countries joining in either side, so he asked NS for assistance. Sol agreed to help out, and so the “Allied Powers” was formed.

Declaring war soon after, GATO cities began striking tCE cities, and hours later, the New Spartans added their considerable firepower to the fight. The DoW was initially supported by Random Insanity and other GATO allies. One surprise move even to GATO was the nation of Kcsargh, declaring war on tCE soon after hostilities began. As the war dragged on, public opinion turned against GATO.

The leader of CE , Kevanovia, came out denying GATO's claims saying that his posts were not made for the intent to troll any alliance and that the declaration of war was uncalled for. They were soon joined by individuals from the NAAC and from other nations.

After peace talks initiated by Griff concluded, the combatants came out hours later saying nothing had been achieved. Kevanovia then posted parts of the logs to the forums, claiming that the Allies (GATO, New Sparta and Kcsargh) were being unreasonable. By this time, many members of other nations were supporting one side or the other: some members from New Horizon and Polaris supported the actions of the Allies, while NAAC and some of the members from Pacifica supported the Crimson_Empire.

Several members of NAAC resigned and joined the Crimson_Empire (City_of_Raccoonia, Phenix_City, Phoenix_Nest_City, and GDNation), provoking outrage from GATO. With these new, powerful members, the Crimson_Empire attempted to counter-attack later in the day with naval and ground attacks. When NAAC, a country with 230 member cities, threatened to intervene, both sides agreed to a ceasefire. This ceasefire was signed by the military command of the involved nations due to some of the leaders being away.

At 2008-02-26 01:22:10 EST, the war was declared over after a second round of negotiations. The combatants had agreed to stop fighting. While GATO and Kcsargh gained white peace, New Sparta received 2x $25,000 aid packages and the surrender of the Crimson Empire. Both GATO and the Crimson Empire leaders posted apologies on the forums.

Chapter 4: The New World

After the disastrous Crimson War (as it came to be called), Griff called for a meeting of government members. They agreed that while the CB was just, they believed that they should have taken the time to solve the situation diplomatically, but also should have taken more time to gear up for the war. New strategies and tactics were devised, and GATO moved on.

GATO’s situation changed for the better with two events. The first was the signing of an MDoAP with their allies New Sparta, and the appointment of laserwolf to Minister for Foreign Affairs. Laserwolf, a talented individual from the “mythical land”, he worked up good relations with the newly rising superpower of Big Biz, the USSR, Mafia and New Horizon (now Endeavour) - eventually signing NAP’s with the above nations (except for Mafia, who signed a PIAT).

Chapter 5: COGs, Kittens and dramas

During the best and longest period of peace so far, GATO grew to unbelievable heights. The supply of new cities had dried up by this time, but GATO managed to gain another third of its Crimson War strength- reaching its current level of 37 cities.

After a first failed attempt to make a power bloc, the nations of NS, LUEshi, GATO and NH voting on the final draft of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, when 5 nations suddenly announced The Kitten Party Bloc. Quickly calling a vote, the COG members passed and announced their bloc soon after. While some claimed that lines were being drawn, several COG members had treaties with the “other side” (LUEshi-FF MADP, and GATO-Mafia PIAT), Griff even later on engaged in a friendly kittens vs puppies “war”, with hilarious images used to “fight” the other.

Drama soon came to Planet Steve once again.

On the 22nd of March, Griff was informed that some members of the Crimson Empire were breaking off and forming another nation. He joined a private meeting with NateDawg and Mathias. After they finished explaining and discussing the situation, Griff offered immediate GATO military protection to Olympus, as it came to be called, until a protectorate treaty could be made up.

Somehow, Kevanovia found out, and then posted a list of demands, more or less threatening war if they didn’t comply. GATO responded by posting an official GATO-Olympus protectorate treaty, meaning that they would defend OL if kevan declared war.

In a twist, MLocke of NAAC stated that: “Any aggression against them will be met with massive funding of the Olympus war machine.” After this comment, Kevanovia issued a resignation and an apology, abruptly ending the crisis.

Chapter 6: Boiling Point

GATO had picked up on rumours that Big Biz was trying to join the Kitten Party Bloc, and to use it for it’s less than peaceful purposes. These turned out to be true when KBP announced that it had accepted BB and USSR into it’s ranks. In protest, GATO cancelled every treaty linking them to the entire KBP bloc, a sudden move that surprised many within CE.

GOLD had also threatened the superior Steel Pact with war, but didn’t follow through.

This was sidelined when /b/ arrived.

The nation of Africa had started small, but they had become one of the top 5 almost overnight. GATO saw a powerful new ally in the making...then reports started to come in that they were from the 4chan website

When it was discovered that they were /b/ and were the 3rd largest nation in the game, the nations of planet Steve rose in an uproar.

When the mess was cleared up, New Sparta quickly declared war on Africa, this was quickly followed by declarations by GATO, Olympus and East India Company. By this time, Africa had become the largest(but by no means the strongest) nation in CE.

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