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The GOLD War
Start Date:March 28, 2008
End Date:April 7, 2008
Also Known As:Operation: Urgent Fury
Expanded From:Big Biz War
Casus Belli: GOLD's declaration of war on Big Biz
Results:GOLD signs White peace with COG and GOONS
Other Results:GOLD merges into GOONS
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 123
Population: 561,978
Strength: 574,451
Soldiers: 27,479
Tanks: 9,362
Fighters: 755
Bombers: 746
Anti-Air: 996
Navy: 440
Missiles: 370

Member Cities: 17
Population: 21,697
Strength: 12,000
Soldiers: 624
Tanks: 53
Fighters: 1
Bombers: 1
Anti-Air: 9
Navy: 0
Missiles: 0

Stats (End of War)





GOONS 200px-Goonsflaggx9.jpg

COG Countries:

New Sparta spalarge.gif

GATO gatolarge.gif

KBP Countries:
Random Insanity randomlarge.gif

Farkland Islands faislarge.gif

The Mafia mafialarge.gif


Big Biz uslarge.gif

USSR ussrlarge.gif


This war is part of a series of inter-connected conflicts titled The March of War.

Key Events


After declaring GOONS was on the return, GOLD declared war on GOONS who sat at six nations dragging them into the GOLD War. 404Error was quickly banned from the forums after trolling the DoW thread.

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