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Note: This Country has disbanded.

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Founded On 02/16/2008
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GOONS History

During the New Sparta - Umbrella War, Goons (a 3 city country) fought along side Umbrella against New Sparta. After a day of fighting against New Sparta, GOONS declared peace and the war was over. After a month passed by, 2 of the 3 cities of GOONS either got deleted or left to join another country. By late March, there was only 1 city left in GOONS, and their last activity was March 6. After almost a month of inactivity, "404Error" announced that GOONS would be returning to CE. A goonrush then occured along with a DoW by GOLD on GOONS. "404Error" then left the game and AppealDenied became the leader of GOONS. AppealDenied eventually left GOONS, leaving Scouser as El Presidente and Nathan Hale as Optimus Prime Minister. Weeks later, AppealDenied took power back from Scouser and reformed the government.

GOONS Vs The Terran Empire

Feb 11: A city within the Terran Empire attacked a member of Random Insanity Feb 13: Random Insanity declares war on the Terran Empire Feb 13: Farkland Islands and GOONS' cities both join Random Insanity in attacking the Terran Empire Feb 14: Random Insanity declares a military victory over the Terran Empire Feb 25: Farkland Islands issues a formal warning to the Terran Empire to reduce their military levels Feb 26: Farkland Islands declares war on the Terran Empire Mar 17: The Terran Empire issues a formal apology over the initial attack which caused the war

GOONS Vs New Sparta

The newly formed country of Goon Order of Neutral Shoving mandated New Sparta to declare white peace with Umbrella. The next day, February 15, a GOONS city attacked New Sparta, and soon New Sparta declared that they were at war with GOONS. The conflict ended several hours later, New Sparta was greatly stronger than the new 3-city GOONS country.

GOONS Vs Endeavour

GOONS began slowly growing, then they saw endeavour as a target. They DoW'd Endeavour and for about a day engaged in battles with them. After this war was over, GOONS gained 200k and Endeavour got to perma ZI a GOONS member, Vladimir Stukov. It also lead to the GOONS - Endeavour MDP.

GOONS Vs Golden Sabres

Around Mid-April, GOONS DoWs Golden Sabres for the CB of threatening PMs. AppealDenied, President of GOONS at the time then announced that the CB was fake and apologized to Golden Sabres, Golden Sabres then took a White Peace.

First World War

April 19th, New Sparta DoWs on Endeavour for honoring the GOONS/Endeavour MDP treaty which stated that Endeavour was allowed to give GOONS private logs if it was a danger to their security. (A new Sparta Government member gave King_Ameris information that someone would be attacking GOONS soon) Unspeakable Evil DoWed on New Sparta for the CB of Harboring a spy, and declaring war on one of GOONS' allies. After a few days of fighting, IR, VE, NAAC, Dominion, TSP, RnR, and TSB DoWed on COG. Surrender terms were accepted by COG, and COG disbanded shortly after.


On March 30th the Goon Order Of Notorious Supremacy declared war on UME as per an oDoAP with New Sparta. This conflict has ended along with the oDoAP with New Sparta


On Friday, the 16th of May, Polaris and its allies MASZ and Mushroom Kommune attacked GOONS over charges of conspiracy against Polaris and Pacifica, accepting a ZI-list member, and accepting information from a leak within the NAAC. GOONS was vastly outnumbered and Appeal Denied surrendered on the 18th of May, agreeing to the terms outlined in this url

Chunky Monkey was named El Presidente and was to give Viceroys admin access. On May 19th, Chunky Monkey was persuaded by Scouser a former GOONS leader to go down fighting and violate the terms. GOONS declared on Polaris, MUSE and New Sparta declared in response.

Polaris disbanded due to a disagreement with a change in the mechanics and the remaining parties gave GOONS peace.

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