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GOONation Flag

Stats Stats Rank Members: 62

Strength: 236483

Founded On 02/16/2008
Founded By Unknown
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #cegoons on synirc
Internal Structure
Leader Chunky Monkey
Government Maiknel, Optimus Prime Minister

Colonel Schaeffer, Diplomacy Director

theclap, Foreign Minister

LadyDakota, Intelligence Director

ProstheticMind, Foreign Aid Director

Motto We're playing Something Awful.

GOONS is the acronym for the nation known currently as GOONation, formerly the Goon Order of Notorious Supremacy and before that the Goon Order of Neutral Shoving. A separate nation was called GOONS was formed at the end of July by AppealDenied and GOONation declared it a separate sovereign entity with no relation to them.


GOONS History

During the New Sparta - Umbrella War, Goons (a 3 city country) fought along side Umbrella against New Sparta. After a day of fighting against New Sparta, GOONS declared peace and the war was over. After a month passed by, 2 of the 3 cities of GOONS either got deleted or left to join another country. By late March, there was only 1 city left in GOONS, and their last activity was March 6. After almost a month of inactivity, "404Error" announced that GOONS would be returning to CE. A goonrush then occured along with a DoW by GOLD on GOONS. "404Error" then left the game and AppealDenied became the leader of GOONS. AppealDenied eventually left GOONS, leaving Scouser as El Presidente and Nathan Hale as Optimus Prime Minister. Weeks later, AppealDenied took power back from Scouser and reformed the government.

GOONS Vs The Terran Empire

Feb 11: A city within the Terran Empire attacked a member of Random Insanity Feb 13: Random Insanity declares war on the Terran Empire Feb 13: Farkland Islands and GOONS' cities both join Random Insanity in attacking the Terran Empire Feb 14: Random Insanity declares a military victory over the Terran Empire Feb 25: Farkland Islands issues a formal warning to the Terran Empire to reduce their military levels Feb 26: Farkland Islands declares war on the Terran Empire Mar 17: The Terran Empire issues a formal apology over the initial attack which caused the war

GOONS Vs New Sparta

The newly formed country of Goon Order of Neutral Shoving mandated New Sparta to declare white peace with Umbrella. The next day, February 15, a GOONS city attacked New Sparta, and soon New Sparta declared that they were at war with GOONS. The conflict ended several hours later, New Sparta was greatly stronger than the new 3-city GOONS country.

GOONS Vs Endeavour

GOONS began slowly growing, then they saw endeavour as a target. They DoW'd Endeavour and for about a day engaged in battles with them. After this war was over, GOONS gained 200k and Endeavour got to perma ZI a GOONS member, Vladimir Stukov. It also lead to the GOONS - Endeavour MDP.

GOONS Vs Golden Sabres

Around Mid-April, GOONS DoWs Golden Sabres for the CB of threatening PMs. AppealDenied, President of GOONS at the time then announced that the CB was fake and apologized to Golden Sabres, Golden Sabres then took a White Peace.

First World War

April 19th, New Sparta DoWs on Endeavour for honoring the GOONS/Endeavour MDP treaty which stated that Endeavour was allowed to give GOONS private logs if it was a danger to their security. (A new Sparta Government member gave King_Ameris information that someone would be attacking GOONS soon) Unspeakable Evil DoWed on New Sparta for the CB of Harboring a spy, and declaring war on one of GOONS' allies. After a few days of fighting, IR, VE, NAAC, Dominion, TSP, RnR, and TSB DoWed on COG. Surrender terms were accepted by COG, and COG disbanded shortly after.


On March 30th the Goon Order Of Notorious Supremacy declared war on UME as per an oDoAP with New Sparta. This conflict has ended along with the oDoAP with New Sparta


On Friday, the 16th of May, Polaris and its allies MASZ and Mushroom Kommune attacked GOONS over charges of conspiracy against Polaris and Pacifica, accepting a ZI-list member, and accepting information from a leak within the NAAC. GOONS was vastly outnumbered and Appeal Denied surrendered on the 18th of May, agreeing to the terms outlined in this url

Chunky Monkey was named El Presidente and was to give Viceroys admin access. On May 19th, Chunky Monkey was persuaded by Scouser a former GOONS leader to go down fighting and violate the terms. GOONS declared on Polaris, MUSE and New Sparta declared in response.

Polaris disbanded due to a disagreement with a change in the mechanics and the remaining parties gave GOONS peace.


Blasphemy I: Admission/Membership

Admission into GOONS is achieved in two steps. First, by laying down an offering of 10 "bux" to That Pig. Second, the city must embrace the evil path and become truly notorious.

Upon completion of both steps, the city shall recieve protection.

Only those who are unspeakably evil may be admitted into GOONS.

Applying cities must not be a part of any existing country.

Blasphemy II: Government & The Closet

Section 1

El Presidente, Lobster -- Oversees the Alliance to ensure that it is running smoothly and properly.

Head of Closets:

Optimus Prime Minister -- Is able to make decisions on legislation if El Presidente cannot be reached for approval, also ensures the closet is running smoothly

Foreign Closet: Foreign Affairs Cabinet -- The Foreign Affairs Cabinet is composed of 4-5 people who are in control of communication and diplomacy with other alliances. They will write and approve treaties, handle ambassadorial tasks, and ensure that the GOONS do not have bad relations with any alliance.

Foreign Minister -- The Foreign Minister is in charge of writing treaties for other alliances. All your NAPs are belong to him. Also must goonify them!

Diplomacy Director -- The Diplomacy Director will handle requests from other alliances. These requests include, but are not limited to: embassy requests, foreign diplomat greetings, etc.

Ambassadors -- The Ambassadors will be in charge of establishing relations with other alliances, and informing the Diplomacy Officer of when a treaty is needed. We will assign 1 for every 3 alliances

Intelligence Director -- The Intel Director will be responsible for gathering information about other alliances, treaties signed, recent elections, etc. Responsible for posting this information in the Intelligence Office forum.

War Cabinet The War Cabinet is composed of 2 people who control the aspects of war for the GOONS. They will lay out the ground work to determine when an offensive strike is appropriate, and give the OK for GOONS cities to retaliate for attacks against them.

Offensive War Director -- The Offensive War Officer will inform GOONS of when they may attack another cities if they have not been attacked by said city first.

Defensive War Director -- The Defensive War Officer will research cities who have attacked GOONS members, and give GOONS the green light to attack back if they are not affiliate with any alliance.

Domestic Affairs Cabinet The Domestic Affairs Cabinet contains 2-3 members who deal with all intra-alliance problems.

Game Director -- Informs new GOONS of how CE works, and answers any questions they may have.

Foreign Aid Director -- The Foreign Aid Director will be in charge of establishing Foreign Aid for GOONS members.

Section 2 League of Goons

- A: All GOONS members in good standing are admitted to the League of Goons, the legislative chamber of the GOONS.

- B: A GOONS member may at any time move to introduce new legislation or amend/remove existing legislation, and invite other members to second that motion.

- C: A motion to amend the Charter seconded by three Closet members is brought to plenary vote, and is implemented with a 2/3 majority of active members.

- D: Any other motion seconded by four GOONS members is brought to plenary vote, and becomes part of the GOONS Statutes with a simple majority of voters.

- E: The President chairs the League of Goons, and retains veto power for any legislative changes. If the President is unavailable, the Prime Minister may exercise veto power in his absence, requiring unanimous support of Closet members. This decision may be overruled by the President on his return.

Blasphemy III: Elections

- A: General Closet elections shall take place on every even month, according to the following schedule: 5 days open for nominations (beginning on the first Thursday of the month), Monday for nominations , 2 days for campaigning (Tuesday and Wednesday), and 2 days for voting (the second Thursday and Friday).

- B: During the nomination period, GOONS members may nominate themselves or others for up to two Offices.

- C: The President is responsible for ensuring the transparency of the elections. After the nomination period, he may appoint one or more non-nominated members to perform these duties for him.

- D: GOONS members may cast one vote for each Office.

- E: The most voted city for each Office is appointed. Should a city win the vote for two Offices, they are appointed to the Office of their choice, and their candidacy is removed from the other. This process is iterated until all positions are filled. In the event of a tie, the President will cast the tie-breaking vote.

- F: The President or his representatives shall certify and post election results as soon as possible. Election winners enter office immediately.

Blasphemy IV: Foreign Aid

Aid will be offered to any GOONS city that is in need, should doing so not put the aiding city in a similar position. Cities not in GOONS may also seek aid, however they must first win a Rock, Paper, Scissors match against the Lobster, best 2 out of 3. Military aid to unprotected cities will, for the most part, be declined.

Blasphemy V: War

GOONS can do whatever they want to non-countried cities. On a related note, all GOONS cities will be supplied with a care package containing the following:

10 water chips 10 GECKs. 20,000 blue jumpsuits

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