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Game Manual


Activity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Immunity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Multiple accounts 9px-75%25.svg.png


Mayor rating 9px-75%25.svg.png
Infrastructure 9px-75%25.svg.png
Population 9px-50%25.svg.png
Tax rate 9px-50%25.svg.png
Money 9px-50%25.svg.png
Advisors 9px-25%25.svg.png
Environment 9px-00%25.svg.png
Resources 9px-75%25.svg.png
Credit Market 9px-00%25.svg.png


Power 9px-25%25.svg.png
Garbage 9px-25%25.svg.png
Water 9px-25%25.svg.png
Utility Market 9px-50%25.svg.png


Education 9px-25%25.svg.png
Fire 9px-25%25.svg.png
Health 9px-25%25.svg.png
Police 9px-25%25.svg.png
Recreation 9px-00%25.svg.png


Projects 9px-50%25.svg.png
Improvements 9px-25%25.svg.png
Technology 9px-00%25.svg.png
Special 9px-00%25.svg.png


Military 9px-00%25.svg.png
Spying 9px-00%25.svg.png
Battling 9px-00%25.svg.png


Aid 9px-00%25.svg.png
Private Messaging 9px-75%25.svg.png
Trading 9px-00%25.svg.png


Charter 9px-100%25.svg.png
Orders 9px-100%25.svg.png
Capital city 9px-100%25.svg.png
Assistant cities 9px-75%25.svg.png
Allies 9px-100%25.svg.png
Enemies 9px-25%25.svg.png

0.1 TONs/day needed every 100 population.

One (1) Acre of Landfill gives 1 TON, one tenth (1/10) of what is needed for 100 population. One (1) Acre of Landfill takes care of 1,000 population.

One (1) Acre of Landfill costs $1,000 initially with a maintenance of $100/day.

Five (5) Acres of Landfill gives 5 TONs, taking care of 5,000 population, is the equivalent of one (1) Incinerator. One (1) Incinerator produces the same negative environmental impact as five (5) Acres of Landfill but gives 4 TONs more. (See table below)

One (1) Incinerator costs $62500 initially with a maintenance of $1,250/day.

It is suggested that players buy a Recycling Center at 10,000 population.

A Recycling Center costs $75,000 initially with a maintenance of $1,500/day.

Garbage Installation Purchase Cost Garbage Capacity Daily Maintenance Environmental Impact
Acre of Landfill $1000 1 TONs $100 -2.5% per acre
Incinerator $62500 9 TONs $1250 -12.5% per incinerator
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