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Founded On 7 April, 2008
Founded By JewC Jew
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #Greece on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader JewC Jew
Government * JewC Jew, President
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
MDAP Bloc The Consortium
NAP, ect.
sosmall.gif ODoAP with TFDCE.



Greece was founded on the 7th of April, 2008 by the mayors of Jewzville JewC Jew and Harstad Nordkapp. Greece slowly began to grow, along with our protectorate with NAAC, keeping it safe from the Big Biz Business. Greece grew pretty quickly from there on out. Greece finally adopeted a charter, voted on and approved by all of the government.

In late July, Nordland merged into Greece.


April 7th: Greece is formed.
April 20th: Greece reaches 25 members.
May 4th: Greece becomes a top ten nation
May 7th: Greece breaks 500,000 Country Military Strength
May 24th: Greece reaches 40 members.
July 26th: Nordland merges into Greece.
August 19th: Greece enters Prussian Olympic War on Olympic Side declaring war on Legendary Society

Greek Constitution


We the Mayors of the Cities of Greece, in order to form a more perfect state, establish peace, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the defense of our treaties, our protectorates, and for our own, to ensure prosperity for our own and, to secure freedom of our cities, ordain and establish this charter for the country of Greece.

Article I: Membership Application

Section I: Application

First the member needs to apply both in game and on the Greece Site in the Membership Application Forum. There you are required to make a topic with the following information:

Who recruited you? Old country: Did you register using the same name as your Mayor name?: Have Applied to the Greece Country in game?: Are you currently in a war?

Section II: Acceptance

Applications are accepted on case by case basis. We hold the right to deny application requests without explanation, however, most will be given an explanation if he or she asks for one.

Section III: Membership Rules

The rules are as follows: 1. No member may declare war on or attack any City in CityEmpires without the prior approval 2. No member is ever allowed to recruit members of a different Country 3. No member of may liaise with a government official or set up an embassy in another Country without prior approval 4. No member may spy on any country or pass classified intelligence to any country or 3rd Party, including the internal activities of Greece and its forums 5. No member is allowed to make negative comments about any other cities in the Greece forums and especially in the CityEmpire forums. 6. No member is allowed to use foul language in the forums or show disrespect to any of the other members. 7. No member may aid any city that is not a Greece member without prior approval. Aiding cities involved in international war is strictly prohibited. 8. If you want to leave Greece you should 1st complete your financial obligations and repay any aid you received in your cities development.

Article II: Government Structure

Section I: President

The President oversees everything in Greece, to ensure all is well. The President is also the foremost representative to other countries in the CE world. The President shall decide on punishment of offenders of any rules stated in this document, with the Vice President and the Minister of the Interior.

Section II: Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in overseeing all operations in Greece. In the absence of the President, the Vice President is the foremost representative for Greece of non-military issues. The Vice President keeps checks and balances over the lower government and the President. The Vice President shall decide on punishment of offenders of any rules stated in this document, with the President and the Minister of the Interior.

Section III: Ministries

There are three Ministries to oversee the day to day operations of Greece: Security, Internal Affairs and, Foreign Affairs.

Sub-Section A: Minister of Security The Minister of Security is responsible for the military organization of Greece, to keep the cities of Greece prepared incase of war, and knowledgeable of the CE war system. After the President, the MoS is the foremost speaker for Greece in military issues. Should any member violate the Rules of War (Article IV, Section I), the MoS shall report them to the President, as well as warn them of there conduct.

Sub-Section B: Minister of the Interior The Minister of the Interior is responsible for organizing trades and aid for the members of Greece. The MotI is responsible for watching over new member to ensure they understand the basics of CE, and to make sure they follow the rules of Greece. They shall report offenders to the President, as well as warn them of their conduct. The Minister of the Interior shall decide on punishment of offenders of any rules stated in this document, with the President and the Vice President.

Sub-Section C: Minister of Foreign Affairs The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for establishing embassies and contacts with other alliances. The MoFA shall keep listed established embassies and send out ambassadors if necessary to other countries. Ambassadors are to present treaty proposals to the MoFA, who presents them to the rest of the government to be voted on.

Section IV: Deputy Ministers

Any Minister can appoint a Deputy Minister to help in his or her duties in their specific field. The full Minister may dictate what authority they have in their field. However, Deputy Ministers don’t get to vote in any government votes, but they are allowed to voice their opinions in the government discussions of votes.

Article III: General Membership

Section I: Members

Members can receive and give aid to members of Greece, prior permission from a member of the Gov’t must be given to send aid out of the country. Note that loans are allowed to be sent out of the country without permission. Members can attack unaligned cities that they wish, following the Rules of War (Article IV, Section I). Members will always be helped out if attacked or otherwise need aid for their city.

Article IV: War

Section I: Rules of War

All members of Greece must get prior permission from the MoS, Vice President, or President before attacking any other city. Target cites are only allowed to be from unaligned cities, or from a country with 5 or fewer members. Prior permission is not needed if Greece is at a state or war, or the city is in a country on Greece’s declared enemy list. Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nukes and Chemical Weapons) are not to be used as a first strike weapon in open country warfare, but are allowed to be used during infra raids, with the approval of aforementioned government. If a war is not going well for you, know that you choose to attack that city, you may ask for help from other members, but they are not obligated to help you, but because Greece will always be full of nice people, you will most like get help.

Section II: Defensive Attacks

If a member of Greece gets attacked in anyway, they should report it to the MoS, AND NOT ATTACK BACK. The MoS will negotiate reps if the aggressor is from another country, if they are unaligned, the defending city shall be sent aid, and also assisted from other cities to attack the unaligned city. If the city is part of a country, but the MoS gives permission to attack, the defending member is allowed to attack, and the aggressive city shall be treated as unaligned with the above mentioned effects.

Section III: Official Greece Declaration of War

When an official declaration of war is given and presented on the CE forums by the government of Greece, all cities are to commence attacks on said country. The President, Vice President and two of the three Ministers must approve of the declaration of war.

Section IV: Defensive Wars

If Greece is attacked full out by another country, and they give a formal declaration of war on the CE forums, all members are to commence attacks on that country immediately; no government authorization would be required. However, please check the forums if this does happen, as wars can end fast.

Article V: Foreign Policy

Section I: Diplomatic Relations

Greece is open to diplomatic relations with everyone, and encourages all to come and set up an embassy. We do first like to get to know other countries before getting treaties.

Section II: Treaties

Greece will always be open to all treaties, whether they are standard treaties, or brand new inventive treaties.

Section III: Treaty Approval

Non-military treaties (i.e. NAP’s, MFAP’s, and PIATS) require a simple majority of all 5 members of the government. Lesser military treaties (i.e. ODP’s and ODoAP’s) require the approval of the President, Vice President, and one of the three Ministers. Stronger military treaties (i.e. MDP’s and MDoAP’s) require the approval of the President, Vice President, and two of the three Ministers.

Article VI: Elections

Section I: Elections

Greece Elections shall be held every four months. Anyone may run for any position, however they must have been in Greece for 45 days or more, before being able to run in elections. There will be a two day nomination period, followed by a two day period for stating your position, followed by a two days voting period. All members of Greece are allowed to vote. If a member wishes to vote, but is going to be away during the voting period, they may submit their votes to the current president. All elections shall be done simply; the one with the most votes will win. If a tie for a position comes up, the members that are tied shall go into a separate vote, lasting 1 day; all other candidates shall not be in the new election. After the voting ends, all new government members shall be masked and will start doing their jobs.

Section II: Impeachment

Incase of blatant misconduct, a member of the government can be impeached. Any member of Greece can bring up an impeachment to the government. To start an impeachment discussion amongst the government, please send a PM stating which member of the government you wish to be impeached, and for what reasons, to the President of Greece. If you wish the President impeached, please send the PM to the Vice President instead. These movements to impeach a member of the government will remain anonymous, unless the member wishes to let it be known that he or she was the one who moved for the impeachment. The government will discuss the reasoning behind the impeachment movement, and if two of the four members of the government (the fifth member of the government, which is up for impeachment, does not get to vote) see reasonable cause in the impeachment argument, an impeachment vote will be held for all of Greece. If over 80% vote to impeach said government member, then that person shall be impeached. A Member that have been impeached once, he or she may still run in elections, but if they get impeached again, then they are barred from future elections. An emergency election will be held, consisting of one day of nominations, one day of stating position, and one day of voting. The impeached member will not be allowed to be a candidate in these emergency elections.

Section III: Replacement

Incase of long term inactivity of a government member, without prior notice, the President of Greece may pick a new member to be moved up into that government position, with the approval of two other members of the government. If the President goes inactive, the Vice President is to take these actions.

Article VII: Amendments

Section I: Spelling or Grammatical Errors

Spelling or grammatical errors require no vote to amend, and are to be edited in immediately.

Section II: Amendments

Any member of Greece can bring an amendment idea to any member of the Government, and they will bring it to the rest of the government to vote upon. If it passes unanimously in the government vote, then it is to be put up for vote for the general membership of Greece, which a 80% passing vote is required for the amendment to pass.

Article VII: Ratification

Section I: Ratification

This constitution is ratified if it is unanimously agreed upon by the government, and is approved by 75% of the general membership of Greece.

Article IX: Signatures

Section I: Founding Father Signatures of Greece

President: JewC Jew
Vice President: Nordkapp
Minister of Security: CaptainsLS
Minister of the Interior: Wolfeh
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Darth Moses

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