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Stats Stats Rank
Founded On N/A
Demonym Helping Hander
Founded By Stonebreaker of stony_hole
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC None
Internal Structure
Leader Moriarty of Alexandros
Government Council led constitutional democracy
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
ODP with Ameristar

The Country of Helping_Hands (commonly referred to as Helping_Hands or HH) is a council led constitutional democracy. With 39 member cities, Helping_Hands is ranked 7th in member cities and ranked 22nd in military strength. Helping_Hands strives to be a country of peace and its ultimate goal of world peace. Member cities have the joyous benefit to help its members to enjoy CityEmpires and to improve each other's cities to perfection.


1st Era 'An Uncertain Beginning'

Helping Hands was founded by Stonebreaker of stony_hole after he had left East India Company (VOC), the initial plans were for Helping Hands to be a short lived affair but it's peaceful policy appealed to a lot of small cities and the lists swelled. Most notable of the new members was Defender of Green_Mountain later to be Capital City, Jelena of Ray_Harbow, Moneybaggs of STEELER NATION, DustyDubya of Carolina_Foothills, Moriarty of Alexandros. Stonebreaker left the country passing on control to Defender.

2nd Era 'The Age of Growth'

Defender oversaw further rapid expansion and the formation of Council, Moneybaggs assumed the Military Minister position, Stonebreaker returned and took the position of Foreign Minister. Jelena took the role of the Economic Minister over seeing the establishment of the country tax, and internal aid. DustyDubya took the position of Domestic Minister. The chair position remained vacant for the first month as each finalised their roles. Allogations of spy caused divide and conflict in the country, the council worked to overcome the issues. Little progress was originally made. The original accuser would not release all the details of the informant. The Accused open a counter claim of treason. For a time the issues settled but eventually events bubbled to a head and Moneybaggs chose to depart the country to start his own country Stryx1. After the vote for the Chair role of the council. Growth continued and the rest of the council now with Moriarty of Alexandros as Chair attempted to rebuild and restructure. Archie Henderson of PaRRaMilitary was voted in to the position of Military Minister replacing Moneybaggs. Due to obvious abuse of power, deleting threads and replies on the forum and offensive personal messaging shortly after his election Archie Henderson was removed from his position and removed from the country, he was found guilty of attacking another member of the country Exh0htion. The war between Archie Henderson and ChisM of Exh0hton which caused Archie Henderson's expulsion continued and expanded as a full sentence of destruction was passed by the council of Helping_Hands. Throughout it all negotiations were started with Ameristar to join in an Optional Defence Pact. At the beginning of December 08 Defender handed the reins of the country to DustyDubya.

3rd Era 'An age of Strife'

The Treaty between Helping Hands and Ameristar was signed on the 18th December 2008. At the same time the Spying/Espionage Saga came to ahead. DustyDubya took the decisive move to release to the country as a whole all the information held by the Capital to the country. Through the ensuing discussion, Jelena decided to leave the country to found her own Friendly_Nation, Defender chose to join her in the new country. This ended the Espionage saga for Helping_Hands but further contact between the two cities involved STEELER NATION the accused and Ray_Harbow the accuser resulted in war between them that slowly escalated. The Council of Helping Hands underwent reorganisation, for a short period marshal law was enacted but this quickly passed and a full council was appointed. With the close of December DustyDubya announced his decision to step down as Capital City due to factors outside the CE world. He passed on the Capital Role to Alexandros so starting the fourth era.

4th Era

The country sat in a quiet and fair stable arrangement at the end of December and the Beginning of January. Small reforms to open up the Council Chamber so that all members could view the workings of the government and a revision of the Charter were met with positivity. The peace however was not to last. The conflict between Jelena of Ray_Harbow and Moneybaggs of STEELER NATION that had arisen from the spy scandel grew, Jelena sought out support with TSS and then when that waivered entered the CE Forum looking for help. Solomon and InternetSuperheros chose to assist Ray_Harbow despite Farkland Islands decision to pass a destruction sentence on the city for imnplication in the original spy scandel. InternetSuperheros and Solomon attacked STEELER NATION. Despite an offer of financial support, the members of Helping_Hands felt they could not abandon Styx1 to attack, on the 18-01-2009 Helping_Hands attacked Solomon followed by a declaration of war.


Cities in Helping_Hands

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