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This is intended to be a written account of the history of City Empires, some guidelines for it are being discussed on the talk page and they should be read before working on it in order to organize this and provide consistency. Forum thread discussion about this page.



The year was 2016 when modern civilization was destroyed. The war that was begun by politicians was finished by thousands of mushroom clouds. Governments persisted for a short while, protected by their underground bunkers. But the infrastructure that had sustained them was gone, and the last bastions of humanity collapsed upon themselves. What few survivors that remained were isolated and struggled to exist.

Untold years passed, and isolated peoples gathered into villages and then communities. There have been stories told of other villages who also struggle to survive. Some are friendly, while others are less than civilized.


On Jan 1, 2008, the first cities were founded in this new age.

On Jan 21-23, LUEshi was founded by mq3eleven. (Exact date debated)

On Jan 23, Pacifica was founded by Doitzstantinople

On Jan 25, New Sparta was founded by Solidus117

On Jan 28, Arcadia was founded by Mr Devo.

On Jan 29, Polaris was founded by Fupresti

On Jan 30, Finnish Federation was founded by JJ45 and Umbrella was founded by France.

On Jan 31, NAAC was founded by The Holyone.

On Jan 31, Random Insanity was founded by LloydSev.

On Jan 31, _LOSS_ was founded.


On Feb 1, East India Company was founded by Franklin and USSR was founded by Gradskya.

On Feb 2, GATO was founded by Griff.

On Feb 2, The_Order_Of_Light was founded.

On Feb 3, Nordland was founded by EuropaPrevails.
On Feb 3, FOKNL was founded by Caspervc.
On Feb 3, RnRers was founded by Dirk Diggler.

On Feb 4, BTA was founded.

On Feb 5, MASZ Kingdom was founded by Shovel.

On Feb 6, Big Biz was founded by Capelli King.

On Feb 7, Euphoria was founded by Victor Lima.
On Feb 7, Kcsargh was founded.

On Feb 12, TFDCE was founded by Wizzie

On Feb 12, Random_Insanity declares war on the Terran_Empire for attacking an RI city. RI declares victory the next day after all Terran Empire military have been wiped out, but no ceasefire can officially be negotiated so the conflict drags on for over month with RI and Farkistan sporadically attacking Terran Empire interests.

The Three Hour War began on Feb 12th. NAAC declared war on grounds that Kcsargh weren't controlling their members from attacking sovereign nations. Their protectorate at the time East India Company joined alongside NAAC soon followed by BTA. It ended three hours later with domino69, capital city of Kcsargh surrendering, apoligizing, and expelling Adelphous and MOOSEEMEIER from Kcsargh.

On Feb 13, The Mafia was founded by Wappas and Cato.

On Feb 14, Big Biz was founded by Capelli King.

On Feb 14, New Sparta declared war on Umbrella. New Sparta claimed the reason for war was that Umbrella was a threat to them. Umbrella's insisted it was due to their religion (Umbrella believes that the Generator created the universe). On the 15th, GOONS a young country, joined alongside Umbrella by attacking New Sparta. Only a few hours later the conflict with the three nation GOONS ended. The war would conclude on the 20th when Umbrella surrendered to New Sparta.

On Feb 20, Polaris declared war on MASZ Kingdom, citing MASZ failure to pay reparations for a raid, Pacifica joined alongside Polaris, just two hours later MASZ surrendered ending the war. Just 11 days later (Mar 2), MASZ would sign a protectorate agreement with Polaris.

On Feb 22, Farkland Islands was founded.

On Feb 23, New Horizon was founded.

On Feb 24, GATO declared war on Crimson Empire, citing claims of trolling by Crimson Empire leader Kevanovia; he denied such claims. New Sparta and Kcsargh would join in alongside GATO. Some NAAC members resigned from NAAC and joined Crimson Empire in order to support a counterattack. NAAC itself threatened to intervene and a ceasefire was called. War ended on Feb 26. Crimson Empire and GATO/Ksargh agreed to white peace. Crimson then sent reparations to New Sparta, and both GATO and crimson empire leadership apologized on the forums.


On March 4, Euphoria, (previously closed to new cities), announces that it has officially opened it's borders. (Though founded in early Feb, the country was not yet prepared to accept applicants until this day in history)

On March 17th, Random_Insanity officially ceases hostilities against the Terran_Empire.

Blocs and Treaties

Many treaties were signed in March. The first bloc emerged with the Kitten Bloc Party, a MDP between several countries. The second bloc emerged weeks later with the Coalition of Ordered Governments, a MDoAP.

The March of War

On Mar 22, Africa was founded.

On Mar 25, a user claiming membership in Africa announced that Africa was declaring war on the world, African leadership denied that the declaration was official. New Sparta, Olympus, GATO and East India Company declared war on Africa During that time the number of cities in Africa grew to over 250, a level which had never been reached by any other country up till that point. At the time of the subsequent declarations only one city was out of creation protection, and that was Zantopia whose city disappeared less than 24 hours later after several attacks.

On Mar 27, Pacifica, Polaris, NAAC, Crimson Empire, and Dominion all declared war on Big Biz, citing alleged attempts by Big Biz to form a bloc to destroy Pacifica, Polaris, and NAAC. Upon hearing that Finnish Federation left the Kitten Bloc Party treaty citing the behavior of Big Biz. The rest of the KBP later voted not to defend Big Biz in this conflict, claiming Big Biz had caused the war and Pacifica and allies had a valid reason for war.

On Mar 27, Endeavour left COG [1]. No reason given, though they had a MDoAP pact with Big Biz. Imperium Romanum issues a statement saying they will not join Endeavour in defense of Big Biz on the assumption that Endeavour would declare against Pacifica's side in the Big Biz War, citing terms in their protectorate agreement with Endeavour to allow them to stand aside.

On Mar 27, GOLD declares war on Big Biz stating "We are bandwagoners".

On Mar 28, Endeavour citing it's MDoAP with Big Biz declared war on GOLD. Beginning the GOLD War. Because the COG treaty requires a 48 hour delay before a nation may be removed Endeavour hadn't declared war previously against those opposing Big Biz. With Endeavour's declaration, and citing the 48 hour delay in the COG treaty, LUEshi, New Sparta, and GATO declare war on GOLD [2]. The members of the Kitten Bloc Party found that GOLD's reason of "We are bandwagoners" for declaring on Big Biz was unjustified and so Random Insanity, Farkland Islands, The Mafia, Umbrella and USSR declared war on GOLD. Polaris also stated that they were not in support of the actions of GOLD.


April started with the March of War still raging, and with much confusion and head-shaking as many April Fool's announcements were made on Planet Steve.

On April 5th Random_Insanity came to peace terms with GOLD, and the KBP as a whole came to peace terms with GOLD when it was agreed the cause of the war (unjustified war on Big Biz) was resolved.

On April 6, GATO and Crimson Empire merge into ICE. They canceled all existing treaties and agreed to a white-peace with Africa in the African War. COG also came to a white peace with GOLD on this same day.

On April 8th Greece was founded by JewC

On April 9th GOLD merged with GOONS, effectively ending both the existence of GOLD, and the GOLD War.

On April 12th COG declared war on Umbrella under allegations of spying, sparking The Second Umbrella War. This same day, the East India Company joined COG. By the end of the day, Umbrella has disbanded and dissolved, effectively ending the war just as it had begun. The KBP ruled that with Umbrella's dissolution that there was no sovereign nation/signatory left to defend, and thus took no action.

On April 15th several cities independently declared preemptive war on Adminville on the grounds of nuclear research being done and the threat of nuclear attack. After trading attacks back and forth (and the first ever nuclear warhead strike on Planet Steve) an unofficial white peace was called and surrender terms announced, though the War on Adminville officially remains unresolved. Also on April 15th, GOONS declares war on the Golden Sabres citing trolling and abusive messages, starting the Golden Sabres War.

On April 16th ICE joins COG. Elsewhere... GOONS, \m/, CDS and Dinner Naked form the Unspeakable Evil bloc.

On April 19th GOONS formally apologized to Golden Sabres, ending that conflict. Later that day COG delcared war on Endeavour under accusations of spying. Unspeakable Evil activated their bloc in response, and Africa officially joined the fray on the UE side, thus starting COG's: END War, which would later enlarge to become The First World War. Mushroom Kommune is founded by New Lowtaxico

On April 20th Imperium Romanum (an Endeavour protectorate) then joined the fray on their protectors' side, declaring war against COG.

On April 20th Euphoria, announces that 4/20 will be a national holiday for their country.

On April 23rd, LUEshi disbanded.

On April 24th, LUEnited Nation was founded.

On April 25th, New Persian Empire was founded.


On August 1st, The Barbarian Army was founded.

Second World War broke out. 18th-24th.

On August 20th, The Iudicium of Festivitas were signed.

On August 25th, The United States of Steve was founded by Esoteria.

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