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  • 1) No member is allowed to attack anyone in a country, unless in war times, ever. It is strictly forbidden and will get you kicked out.
  • 2) No member is allowed to spy on an Alliance or that Alliances Alliance or pass any sensitive information to another Alliance or anyone else. That is up to the leader at that time to do if it is needed.
  • 3) No member is allowed to aid another city from another country unless it is approved by the leader at that time.
  • 4) No member is allowed to attacked another city, especially one in a country, and call a war. That is voted on by the leader and three AC's.
  • 5) No member is allowed to disrespect another city, country or leader by using foul language at any time. This means by messages, forums, or our own forums.
  • 6) No member is allowed to contact another leader or set up embassy's without the leaders permission or request. This is strictly left up to the leader and the three AC's unless delegated.
  • 7) No member is allowed to recruit members unless asked. Recruitment of members from another country or city with alliances to our sworn enemies can get you kicked out and possibly attacked.
  • 8) No member is allowed to disobey an order given by the leader at that time. It will be considered disloyal and will cause your city to be kicked out and blown up!
  • 9) No member may just up and leave the country because they choose. It has to be approved and your choice of new country cannot be with a country that was our sworn enemy. Leaving a country without permission can get you blown up or higher reps be asked of you. Reps may be asked of you if you decide to leave anyways.All citizens of HST will not lose HST citizen status unless they are released by the leader of HST before leaving.
  • 10) No member is allowed to break any treaty with another country that we may have at the time. Breaking of this treaty will automatically get you kicked out and handed over to the country that we had the treaty with in the first place and they will deal with you as they see fit. (Some time may be chosen to be given to you to comply, depending on the situation and what is being broken.)
  • 11)No member may is allowed not to join the forums. It is where we hold all elections and any updates that our cities need to know. Not joining the forum will get reps asked of you daily starting after January 1, 2009. So please join our forums. Any breaking of these rules can get you tossed out of the country. It is up to the leader and AC's as to what to do with you. In some cases Reps may be asked to be paid for your breaking of rules. Our country is a peaceful one that wishes to keep out of wars and so we have set these few simple rules up. We like our cities to grow and prosper. These rules have not been set up to make our cities regulated, but to keep a country safe. Breaking of these rules may cause our country to go to war and the leader and AC's will not hesitate to kick one city out to keep the rest safe.
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