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Imperial Soceity&st=0 The Imperial Soceity

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Founded On October 27, 2008
Founded By Ausland
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #TIS on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Government President

Congressmen of Finance
Congressmen of Education
Congressmen of Foreign Affairs

International Relations
MoADP, ect.
arcasmall.gif Arcadia - ODP

0023small.gif Perfect World - MDoAP

Wars N/A

Charter of the Imperial Society

[Article 1] Mission Statement: We are dedicated to helping our cities grow and learn to thrive. We are a group of cities that are working together towards a stronger nation.

[Article 2] Rules and Regulations: Two warnings are given to those who violate the following, then you receive the boot and are ZM'd. -Only cities over 1000 infra are allowed to raid. -You can only raid cities who have been 7 days in-active, by this time they are assumed to have given up, and wont fight back. -It is prefered that you only raid cities without Military. -No attacking cities that are in Countries. -No attacking cities that are applying to a country. -No Trolling or Flamming. -No sharing country info with with any third parties.

[Article 3] Membership: -To join The Imperial Society, all you do is make a simple Application on our forum. -All members are to save the TIS forum in their favorites. -Our forum should be visited daily. -If any city has to go away for a extended ammount of time, they must sign out on the forum. -All aid given between members is not expected to be paid back. -After receiving large ammounts of aid, you arent to leave without permission. You will have to pay reparations.

[Article 4] Government: -There are 5 Positions held in The Imperial Soceity: President, Vice-President, CoF, CoFA, CoE. -If, the President must leave for awhile, Vice President shall take over until his return. -If, the President cannot lead, the Vice-President shall become new President at full power. -All TIS government are to show respect to each other. -Each Congressman is not to leave the country without a formal resignation and approval, same goes for the Vice_President. -All Country Matters Government votes on, commences for 48 hours, then closed.

[Article 5] Acts of War: -The President and Vice-President have the final say in wether TIS goes to war or not. -We don't condome any acts of war agaisnt The Imperial Society. -Any sort of Spying on TIS is a declaration of war, and a official attack on us. -If, a member from another country attacks TIS, they have to pay reps in the ammount of 150% of the damage.

[Article 6]Amendments: Government may at any time change this charter with the approval of all the rest of the

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