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Note: This Country has disbanded.

Imperium_Romanum Flag

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On January 31st, 2008
Founded By CaiusIuliusCaesar
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #IR on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader CaiusIuliusCaesar
Government Imperial Tetrarchy with a Democratically Elected Senate
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
horismall.gif "The Protectorate That Endeavors for Empire" with New Horizons

The Dominion-Roman Accords – MDoAP with Dominionbr>

NAP, ect.
horismall.gif New Imperial Roman Horizons - PIAT with New Horizon

arcasmall.gif PIAT with Arcadia
Polar Imperium – ToA with Polaris


Current Government

Position in Country Name City
Imperator (President City) CaiusIuliusCaesar Roma Caput Mundi
Caesar Orientis (Assistant City) Flyingscotsman Garretia
Caesar Occidentis (Assistant City) Tiberius Novaroma
Caesar Septentrionis (Assistant City) Kross New Rome
Consul ad Internos (Internal Affairs) Tiberius Novaroma
Consul ad Exteros (Foreign Relationship) FlyingScotsman Garretia
Magister Militum (War) Kross New Rome
Censor Fori (Forum Administrator) Kross New Rome
Censor Comitiorum (Election) CaiusIuliusCaesar Roma Caput Mundi


Africa, Arcadia, Atlantican, East India Company, Endeavour, Euphoria, Farkland Islands, GOONS, Greece, Imperial Coalition of the Elite, Legion, NAAC, New Sparta, Olympus, Shadow Republic, USSR have embassies in Imperium Romanum.


29 January: Foundation of Roma Caput Mundi and of the Imperium Romanum.
30 January: Novaroma and another city join; Tiberius is made Caesar.
31 January: Formal establishment of the Empire; Flyingscotsman is made Caesar.
3 February: First Imperial Decree – official opening of the Imperial Forum.
5 February: the Imperium Romanum Charter is first issued, New Rome and Christiania join.
9 February: Verius joins.
16 February: Geeky joins.
18 February: A Gentleman's Agreement signed with New Sparta.
21 February: Second Imperial Decree – rules regarding elections; Kross is made Caesar.
24 February: the Imperium Romanum Charter is improved.
25 February: Incident involving MASZ's Putrajaya and New Rome, no war follows and reparations are made.
03 March: Swindonia joins. 06 March: Thera joins. Incident involving Pacifica's Nuclear Heaven andNovaroma, no war follows.
09 March: Thessalonike joins. 10 March: Imperium Romanum passes 20,000 Population; Forlorn Hope and Dadaflex join.
11 March: Third Imperial Decree – New Flag is designed and adopted; Fourth Imperial Decree on Decorations.
12 March: Olympic Pact signed with Arcadia.
14 March: New Imperial Roman Horizons signed with New Horizon.
16 March: Antopolis joins.
20 March: Protectorate Agreement (The Protectorate that Endeavors for Empire) with New Horizon
27 March: Imperium Romanum passes 50,000 Population and 15 Cities; it chooses not to enter Big Biz War along Endeavour.
8 April: Fifth Imperial Decree on standing military.
18 April: MDP Imperium Arcadia is signed with Arcadia.
20 April: At the outbreak of World War I, Imperium Romanum tries to mediate among the two sides. Later, it enters war declaring unto Olympus. New Sparta cancels A Gentleman's Agreement with Imperium Romanum. Imperial Coalition of the Elite and LUEshi declare onto Imperium Romanum.
21 April: VOC declares onto Imperium Romanum. Roman Imperial military forces are crushed. The war continues as a bloody guerrilla against the invaders.
24 April: World War I ends, leaving Imperium Romanum on the winning side. 1 million $ of repairation are gained. Other 3 millions $ will follow from generous helpers.
3 May: Imperium Romanum reaches 100,000 Population.
7 May: Senator Sir Freak resigns.
4 June: Imperium Romanum disbands.[1]

Involvement in the END War

With the Declaration of War by the Coalition of Ordered Governments on IR's protector Endeavour on Saturday, April 19th, the Imperium Romanum was faced with the crucial decision of whether they should enter the war or not. Though they were not treaty bound to help Endeavour King Ameris himself had requested the aid or IR in the conflict. After much debate within the Tetrarchy a unanimous decision was reached. War would be declared upon Olympus, even though this meant taking up arms against their freinds in New Sparta, ICE, and the VOC.

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