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Kcsargh was created in February 2008 by a group of people originally from, a Kansas City (USA) based forum which was originally devoted to street racing, but expanded into a 'social resource'. Originally it was to be named 'KCSR', however that did not meet the minimum character requirement, and so rather than add symbols to the name, the decision was made to just subsitute 'argh' for the letter 'R'.

Due to the fact that when it was created it was a relatively large amount of inexperienced people thrown together into a country, lack of organization and instruction caused chaos to reign in the country's first days of existance. This resulted in a two member cities unwittingly starting the Three Hour War.

Following a short war which could best be described as a demolition, kcsargh began a massive reorganization.

A defensive alliance was formed with _GATO_ shortly thereafter, giving Kcsargh its first true diplomatic alliance in the game. This alliance led to Kcsarghs involvement in what was originally GATO's fight in the Crimson War.

During its existance, (2/??/2008 - 3/13/2008) Kcsargh was firmly in the top 10 countries of the world; Kcsargh had around 60 member cities at its peak.

On 3/13/2008, Kcsargh merged with Big_Biz.

BDoty isn't a sell out, and currently has the largest city of the 20 or so people who are still on the Kcsargh, half of which probably have no idea why everyone else left.

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