The Federal Republic of Knososs

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The Flag


The Charter

Preamble We the People, Cities and Government of the Federal Republic of Knossoss, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Charter for the Federal Republic of Knossoss

Chapter I: The President of the Federal Republic of Knossoss will be elected every month consisting of thirty days. A president may not hold his/her office for more than 4 terms. The President has the authorization to send the nation to war with a vote by the entire nation

Chapter II: The Federal Council is the decision making body of the federal republic and may make laws regarding that area. The Federal Council is elected by the members of the nation and will serve a term consisting of thirty days, a member of the Federal Council may serve and unlimited number of terms

Chapter III: The Rights of a member are as follows; The right to have weapons for the defense of the Federal Republic and defense of the people of the Federal Republic. The right to have a trial and legal representation before an expulsion can be effected. The right to leave the nation at any time without repercussions. The right to run for an office of government regardless of rank, class or opinion. The right to express the opinion of the person at any time. The right to peaceful assembly. The right to request laws or procedures to be put in place. The right to have your opinion not infringed on by any member. The right to vote or not vote in elections and other bills. The right to appeal laws. The right to propose laws regardless of rank.

Chapter IV: The proceedings in a case of war shall be handled by the government of the nation, the president may declare a state of war and the nation will be at war for a maximum of three days, after which every member of the alliance may vote on whether the nation should stay at war, a majority vote is required for the war bill to pass or be denied. In the event of a non conclusive vote the bill shall go to the federal council

Chapter V: This Charter may be added to or rewritten only with a majority vote from the voting members.

The Federal Government

The government is officially a constitutional federal representative presidential secular republic. The government is elected by the members of the Federal Republic and is sworn to protect, preserve and defend Knossoss against all adversaries both internally and externally.


Knossoss is attacked by Bel Air and quikly calls a war vote, war is declared and the battles are crippling, however Knossoss has many allies and is beinning to win the war.


The Federal Republic is allied with many nations including the Secret Society, Peaceful Union and Ireland.


Currently Knossoss has three members however it is likely to expand when the new reruitment campaign is launhed. The members are; Splingii, Concord and Milotic.

Milotic: Milotic was founded by Kylan McAfee on 2009-01-15 22:53:51. It had a total population of 250 when it was founded. "Milotic is not a war city..we are very peaceful..but if you attack us we will fight back until you surrender" Mayor Kylan McAfee said. Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Knossoss. Mayor: Kylan McAfee

Concord: The City of Concord was founded for the purpose of defending democracy and peace around the world. Concord is not an aggressive city however if anyone attacks itself or an ally they will be attacked. President of the Federal Republic of Knossoss. Mayor: William L Dio

Splingii: A city of the Federal Republic of Knossoss. Mayor: Teddy Wedgeford

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