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Note: This Country has disbanded.

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Stats Stats Rank Google Docs
Founded On Mid January 2008
Founded By mq3eleven
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #LUEN on Coldfront
Important Links
Internal Structure
Leader Teh Puck of Frozen Ice(NobodyFresh)
Government Monarchy
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
fffsmall.gif MADP with the Finnish Federation

COGtiny.png COG (MDoAP) Power Bloc

nordsmall.gif MDoAP with Nordland

naacsmall.gif ODP with NAAC

Wars African War, GOLD War, COG's: END War
Country Symbol marioyoshidt3.gif


The Last Government of LUEshi

Position in Country Name City
King of LUEshi NobodyFresh Frozen_Ice
Minister of Foreign Affairs John Death IV Deathtopia
Minister of Internal Affairs will_smith Bell_Air
Minister of Defense mrpedobear Loliland



Map of LUEshi in Late March 2008

Life, The Universe and Everything. LUEshi was founded in January 2008 by mq3eleven. LUEshi soon grew in size and become one of the top 5 nations on Planet Steve. On February 8, LUEshi had a government reshuffle, and Frozen_Ice became the capital city. In the following months, LUEshi signed treaties with several countries. Soon LUEshi signed the power bloc called The Coalition of Ordered Governments with GATO and New Sparta.

On March 27th, LUEshi declared war on Africa and GOLD honoring its treaties with the COG. This was the first military conflict LUEshi was involved in.

In April 4, 2008, LUEshi finally reached 100 members. Currently LUEshi is double of FI's strength and member amount which is a cool piece of info :D.

On April 12, LUEshi along with the rest of COG declared war on Umbrella for allegedly spying. Umbrella disbanded hours later after the declaration. The majority of the battles against Umbrella were fought by LUEshi.

On April 19, 2008, LUEshi and COG began fighting UE and Endeavour in the First World War. For the first three days, the war was being won by the COG allies, but then everything changed. NAAC, The STEEL Pact, and a host of other countries declared war on the Coalition of Ordered Governments and USSR (Who was fighting alongside COG). Other countries on the COG side were granted a ceasefire and eventually peace, while LUEshi was allegedly not allowed to the peace talks. Pacifica and Polaris then declared war on LUEshi. NobodyFresh, leader of LUEshi, saw that LUEshi would die with so many countries at a state of war against LUEshi, and LUEshi disbanded.

Disbandment and Legacy


A NAAC tank breaks into the capital building of LUEshi.

LUEshi disbanded on April 23, 2008, Four months and a half after being created. LUEshi was the third strongest country of City Empires in the first half of April, and still was until disbandment. Former LUEshican cities were left to be raided by the victors of the First World War. Many former cities surrendered to not be raided [1].

LUE Diaspora

Eight former LUEshican cities formed the country of LUEnited Nation one day after LUEshi disbanded. The victors of World War 1 gave the options of paying large amount of reps for the new country to exist, or be destroyed. Some of the members left, and others stayed to pay reparations. Other former LUEshi members went on to form the New Persian Empire.

Most members, however, moved on and joined a variety of countries.

On June 6, 2008, a country bearing resemblance to the name of LUEshi was formed, it was called LUEshica. Most of the members were former LUEshi members.

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