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List of Game Updates

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Jan 13/2010 - (Going Live on Feb 21/2010)

A new "Weather" section is visible in game. It is just eyecandy for now wiith no real effects but I'll output new weather adjusted power output numbers in ( ) soon for 2-3 weeks for players to adapt before changes go in live.

See this thread for more information:

Sep 5/2009

A max limit of 500 Tanks can be purchased at a time. Base cost of tanks is now dependent upon how many you currently have 1-999 base cost is $500. 1000-1999=$1000, 2000-2999=$1500 etc. (similar to how the purchase of soliders currently works) New Improvement: Heavy Weapon Factory -- 10% off the cost of tanks In about a week chinooks and naval transports will no longer count towards military strength nor towards minimum military and naval requirements to appease citizens.

Sep 1/2009

Amount of money stealable by chinooks durring battle has been randomized. Banks now have vaults that will protect 100k (Basically this means if you have 3 banks and 400k in money only 100k will be available to be stolen. No one will be able to steal the 300k)

Aug 22/2009

Players may only buy 1 incinerator per 250 infra they have. Players who currently do not meet that requirement will find that their incinerator facilities start to dissapear. There is a new requirement of 1k infra in order to buy Improvements, Some Projects, and all Special Buildings. Dropping below 1k infra will also take away the benefits of the buildings however, the maintenance costs will still remain.

Aug 16/2009

Players may only buy 1 incinerator per 250 infra they have. Players who currently do not meet that requirement will find that their incinerator facilities dissapearing.

May 2/2009

The amount of garbage that can be exported by a city has been reduced to 100 tons Attacking soldiers will no longer be sent to military hospitals. Only defensive soldiers will be sent to military hospitals

Mar 15/2009

Email system has been overhauled.

Mar 14/2009

You can now destroy Nuclear,Chemical and Biological warheads as well as spy units even if you do not have the nominal $100 decom fee. The fee will still be taken off your balance. You can now destroy Chemical, Biological and Atomic Research Projects even if you do not have the $100 decom fee. Note: all tech and warheads will also get decomed if you destroy these. You can now destroy Intelligence Agency Project even if you do not have the $100 decom fee however you must decom all your spies first. You can now destroy any power plant even if you do not have the $100 decom fee. The Fee will still be taken off your balance.

Mar 8/2009

New Wonder: Golden Gate Bridge

Mar 1/2009

You can now exceed 100 wind turbine without complaints from your citizens Power plant costs have been adjusted

Feb 28/2009

New Project: Biological Research -- Allows the research of Biological Technology. New Technology: Biological War Head Yield -- Allow construction Biological Warheads of X to Y% effectiveness in killing off civilian population New Military Unit: *drum roll* Biological War Head ... mounts on a cruisemissile. Works just like a chemical or nuclear warhead just with different results. Spys can destory bio warheads just like nuclear and chemical warheads. See spy attacks

Feb 21/2009

New Special Building: Office tower can buy 1 every 1k infra starting at 10k infra. Recreation purchase costs have been adjusted.

Feb 16/2009

The Cost and benefit of Recycling Centers have changed. The more you have the more they cost. Each Additional Recycling Center you have over the minimum amount needed will reduce the amount of trash sent to the landfill even more.

Feb 15/2009

The Cost of Water Pumps has changed. The more you have the more they cost. There is no longer a environment penalty for having >20 water pumps.

Feb 1/2009

New Improvement: Soldier Barracks -- 10% off the cost of soldiers

Jan 24/2009

Credit market changes have gone live (1) When you post a bid and someone sells you a credit. the credit will get instantly reedeemed for 25 infra/25k cash plus advisor time increased. (2)bid and offer limits will be removed Countries with less than 25 members can not purchase country improvements

Jan 17/2009

if your on your last day of your power, water or garbage contract you'll be given an option to renew for the same quantity your are currently trading at current prices for an addtional week on the utility market screen. Credit Market Changes: (1) all current bids and offers on the market have been timestamped with todays date. (2) All new bids and offers will be timestamped as they are posted. (3) Bids and Offer that are older than 2 weeks will automatically get deleted and not refunded. If you have a bid or offer that is comming close to the 14 day mark, it is highly suggested you clean it up youself if you care about it. upcomming credit market changes (probably next week 24th/25th): (1) When you post a bid and someone sells you a credit. the credit will get instantly reedeemed for 25 infra/25k cash plus advisor time increased. (2)bid and offer limits will be removed

Jan 10/2009

New reduced Pricing for Dept of Public Works as well as benefit. Cities who have already invested in it have had the their level number adjusted accordingly. spy flights may only be made over cities within your combat range. You may not do a spy flight until your city is >14 days old

Jan 4/2009

The 3rd Assistant City slot for countries has been Titled Minister of Foreign Affairs. They will have the ability to modify the country's allies and enemies list. The capital city as always wll still have that ability as well.

Dec 19/2008

Country Minister of Finance. They will have the ability to modify the country's tax rate and purchase country items. The capital city as always wll still have that ability as well. This is now live.

Dec 17/2008

New Wonder: Sydney Opera House

Nov 30/2008

  1. The first Assistant City of each country has been given the title of War Minister. The War minister has the ability to modify the country's defcon and orders. The capital city as always still has that ability as well.

Nov 29/2008

  1. Credit market changes described in Nov 26 updates have gone live.

Nov 26/2008

  1. New Technology & Upgade item: Dept of Public Works -- Available to cities that have a city hall and a min of 5000 infra. Decreases infra maint by 2% while above 5000 infra
  2. Changes to the credit market are coming this weekend. Details here

Nov 22/2008

  1. Leadership support function has been turned on.

Nov 16/2008

  1. All cities support has been re-set to support the current capital city. If the current Capital City transfers power to another city, all member cities will automatically support the new capital. New Cities that are accepted into a country will automatically support the capital. Impact on leadership will go live in a week pending no major bugs.

Nov 13/2008

  1. Cities of countries that have 25 members or more will notice on their view country screen [support] by the names of their country mates. Clicking on this link allows you to cast your support for the city you feel should lead your country. The results do not currently have any impact on the leadership of your country as we collect data and debug this new potential feature.

Nov 11/2008

  1. Buying infra is now similar to buying military in that you can type in a valid integer from 1-10 to purchase that amount of infra at a time.

Nov 4/2008

  1. Fruit resource has changed to 25% off the cost of soldiers, 10% off spy maintenance and 10% off chemical weapon maintenance
  2. Oil resource has changed to 25% off tank and naval unit maintenance as well as 25% off oil power maintenance.
  3. Wool resource has changed to 25% off soldier maintenance as well as 25% off gas power maintenance.

Nov 2/2008

  1. New Special Building: Military Hospital. Starting Capaciy is 250 Allows wounded soldiers from regular battle to be saved. If you attack or get attacked, your soldiers that would have died before will fill the Military Hospital first up to its capacity, the left over amount will die. To Get those soldiers out of the Hospital click the release link at the bottom of your purchase military screen in the new Military Hospital Section, where all the wounded will move back to active duty. On Your View city screen you will see a Military Hospital: x/y where x=current amount wounded y=capacity of hospital. You still pay maintenance for wounded soldiers. Military Hospitals have no effect on regular hospitals or vice versa (totally seperate systems)
  2. A max limit of 500 soldiers can be purchased at a time
  3. Base Cost of soldiers is now dependent upon how many soldiers you currently have. 1-999 base cost is $250. 1000-1999=$500, 2000-2999=$750 etc.
  4. New Technology/Upgrade: Military Hosptial Capacity. Increases the capacity of your military hostpital

Oct 27/2008

  1. People with 5 or more credits are no longer allowed to place bids on the credit market
  2. Rubber is now 25% off fighter, bomber, spyplane, apache, chinook maintenance.
  3. A Link offer is presented under the donation information Here

Oct 26/2008

  1. Aluminum now gives 50% off the cost of all aircraft (Fighters, Bombers, Spy Planes, Attack and Transport Helicopters).
  2. Iron now gives 50% off the price of tanks, cruisers, carriers and battleships.

Oct 25/2008

  1. The forwarding of game mail to email has been turned off
  2. New Wonder: Pyramids
  3. New Wonder: Tajmahal
  4. Credit market max price has been raised to from 500k to600k
  5. On your country screen there are 2 new sections that shows which countries have declared your country either an ally or enemy.
  6. On your view city screen you'll see a ribbons section. You automatically receives ribbons for obtaining certian 'levels' of acheivement. mcneebs started a thread on the Forums and designed the first set of ribbons.

Oct 20/2008

  1. There is now a 5 minute wait period between spy attempts.

Oct 18/2008

  1. New Technology: Fighter Bunker similar concept to soldier bunker described on Sept21 game update
  2. New Technology: Bomber Bunker similar concept to soldier bunker described on Sept21 game update

Oct 13/2008

  1. New Technology: Tank Bunker similar concept to soldier bunker described on Sept21 game update

Oct 11/2008

  1. New Special Building: TV Station. This building is available for cities that are 100k+ population and will increase Citizen Income +$3.00

Oct 10/2008

  1. The way you purchase military units is being reworked. It is about half way done. For the units that have already been done... enter a postive number to purchase that number of units or a negative (-) number to destroy those units. If you notice number values being off or are charged the incorrect amount, report it on the bug forum.

Oct 04/2008

  1. New Education Facility: Large Elementary School
  2. New Wonder: Panama Canal

Sep 23/2008

The Game has been rolled back to Sep 15th/2008 if you made a donation On or After Sept 15th..... I will need you to resend the details again so as to apply the credits to your city.

I will need:

an ingame mail sent to "Adminville" with:

-the Email address or paypal transaction #'s -the amounts -who gets the credits.

Sep 21/2008

New Project: Bunker Complex -- Will allow the construction of bunker modules New Technology: Soldier Bunker -- Will allow you to move up to (((soldierbunkertech*.25)+.25)*infra) soldiers into a bunker. While in a bunker the soldiers will not participate in battle (offense/defense), do not count towards military str, and do not count towards min military requirements. You still will be charged maintenance for the soldiers in a bunker. Currently there is no limit on how often you can move troops to/from a bunker (this mostly likely will change in the future). If you have a soldier bunker you will be able to transfer soldiers to/from your bunker on the military transaction screen and you will also notice on your viewcity screen your soldier count is x/y y=bunkered troops. Deleting a bunker complex will delete all bunker modules and items inside them.

Sep 20/2008

Destroying the Atomic or Chemical Research Facilities will also destroy any chemical/atomic weapons as well as destroy the technology learned.

Aug 17/2008

  1. When viewing all countires you can now display them sorted by Strength, Average Str, or Number of Members.

Aug 16/2008

  1. People with adivsors will notice a % Utilized for your fire,health,police,and recreational facilities.
  2. If you see a page without the new dark green table headers... report the page in the bug section on the fourms

Aug 10/2008

  1. New Project: Aqueduct -- Allows water trading
  2. New Utility Market: Water can import 10k - 2000k Gallons of water or Export 10k - 1000k Gallons of water
  3. New Water Structure environmental effects go live Aug 17th. Advisors currently will notify you in game if your city will be effected.

Aug 06/2008

  1. New Improvement: Church +2% mayor rating
  2. New Water Source: Desalination Plant -- uses power to make fresh clean water for drinking from seawater.
  3. This is just the first part of major water changes coming out over the next few days including a Water Market that will enable mayor to buy and sell water. Expect major changes to the current water system

Aug 02/2008

  1. Country Presidents(Capital City) can use the country treasury funds to buy the first country item added to the game: Federal Education System -- This item uses country funds to pay for all member cities education maintenance expenses for 30 days..
  2. New Country Item: Federal Health System -- This item uses country funds to pay for all member cities health maintenance expenses for 30 days.
  3. New Country Item: Parks and Recreation -- This item uses country funds to pay for all member cities recreation maintenance expenses for 30 days.
  4. New Country Item: Federal Fire System -- This item uses country funds to pay for all member cities fire maintenance expenses for 30 days.
  5. New Country Item: Federal Police System -- This item uses country funds to pay for all member cities police maintenance expenses for 30 days.

July 29/2008

  1. Country Presidents can tax their member cities 0-5% of their income. Funds get put into a "Country Treasury" Country Presidents will have the ability to buy things that benefit all the cities in the country (Not implemented yet)
  2. If a city leaves or is kicked out of a lets say 50 member country. 1/50 of the country treasury will go poof as well.
  3. The country tax will not get applied to cities that are running a deficit

July 27/2008

  1. New Tech: Incinerator Power -- Allows power generation from Incinerators
  2. New Tech: Carrier Capacity -- Increase the number of fighters a carrier can handle
  3. New Tech: Gas Power Efficency -- Increase the MW output of Gas Power Plants
  4. New Tech: Coal Power Efficency -- Increase the MW output of Coal Power Plants
  5. New Tech: Oil Power Efficency -- Increase the MW output of Oil Power Plants
  6. New Tech: Nuclear Power Efficency -- Increase the MW output of Nuclear Power Plants

July 23/2008

  1. 4 Naval Cruiser Technologies added

July 17/2008

  1. New Special Building: Radio Station

July 16/2008

  1. New Technology: Incinerator Scrubber. Reduces output of Incererator pollution.
  2. New Improvement: Strip Malls option becomes available to buy 1 for every 25,000 citizens.

July 14/2008

  1. The number of battleships and bombers effects the amount of damage done to enemy infra when attacking.

July 10/2008

  1. New Technology: Landfill Optimization. Increase landfill capactiy without suffering addtional environmental penalties.

July 6/2008

  1. A Couple of new Wonders/Monuments added.. see wonders under transactions. more to come.
  2. New Technology: Gas Carbon Scrubber. Gas power plants produce 10% less pollution.
  3. New Technology: Oil Carbon Scrubber. Oil power plants produce 10% less pollution.
  4. New Technology: Coal Carbon Scrubber. Coal power plants produce 10% less pollution.
  5. "Garbage is pilling up on the streets" will now also impact environment

July 1/2008

  1. 6 Month Celebration -- from July 1st to 7th Credits have had their valued doubled to 50 infra and 50k

June 28/2008

  1. New Requirement: Recreation... your citizens will demand recreational facilites. If after July 15th your citizens are not satisfied with adequate facilities they will show their disproval by not supporting the mayor.
  2. Cities that are very low in environmental rating will not be allowed to purchase items that will allow the environment to get worse. A Penatly will be applied to cities that allowed their enviroment to become a disaster starting July 15th.

June 25/2008

  1. Cities under 14 days old are unable to purchase Transmission Lines or Garbage Barges
  2. Incinerator price increased
  3. Recycling Center price Increased
  4. Bug Fix: Cities not collecting correct amount when importing garbage

June 20/2008

  1. New Improvement: Fast Food +$2 citizen income. 1 fast food franchise per 1000 infra. First available at 1000 infra.
  2. New Code implemented to fix the export garbage / recycler center bug

June 18/2008

  1. Your can enter exact amounts now to buy/sell power/garbage on the Utility Market

June 17/2008

  1. Bomber payload technology: Increase the minimum infra damage bombers do durring an attack

June 15/2008

  1. Events: Your city now has a chance to experience a random event. Effects of a random event last for 1 week

June 9/2008

  1. New Project: Garbage Barge ... allows garbage trading
  2. New Ultiliy market: Garbage Trading.... similiar to power trading.... you can pay to have people take your garbage or get paid to take other peoples garbage. All garbage functions may get tweaked in the future with little or no notice.

June 6/2008

  1. A City needs to be at least 14 days old before creating a country

June 4/2008

  1. New Improvement: Subway Line +5% environment
  2. Credit Market adjusted.... you can now enter the exact value you want to buy and sell a credit at. [min 100k - max 500k]

June 3/2008

  1. You can now send soldiers and tanks via chinooks and transports to other cities within your own country. Chinooks and transports have 20 slots each. 1 soldier = 1 slot, 1 tank = 10 slots. You can transport upto the max cargo slots available to you. You still can only send one aid package every 24 hours.
  2. Changes to Aid system: transports and chinooks are now used in sending aid. Without them the max you can send is 25k. With them each transport and chinook can carry 5k each + the 25k default. Thus say if you have 10 chinooks and 30 transports you would be able to send a max cash aid package in the amount of 50k + 150k + 25k = 225k

June 2/2008

  1. New Special Building: Prison, helps reduce the crime rate
  2. Aid system revamped... you can now type in the exact value you wich to send 1-500k max. Expect more changes to the Aid system in the next day or two

May 31/2008

  1. The Resource Ivory has been replaced with the resource Fruit.
  2. Fruit resource now gives 10% off the cost of soldiers, 10% off spy maintenance and 10% off chemical weapon maintenance
  3. Uranium resource benefits are now: +$5 citizen income, 25% off nuclear power maintenance and 10% off nuclear warhead maintenance.

May 30/2008

  1. New Spy Mission: Recruit Enemy Spy This mission sends your spies on a recruitment mission to try recruit rival agenets to come work for you.

May 29/2008

  1. New Spy Mission: Assassinate Enemy Spy This mission sends your spies on an assassinate mission to take out an ememy spy

May 27/2008

  1. New Spy Mission: Reveal WMDs find out how many nuclear and chemical warheads a city has
  2. New Special Building: Casino +$5 citizen income
  3. New Spy Mission: Sabotage WMDs... Sends in Spies to Sabatage a rivals city's WMDs. Combat rules apply meaning: Rival city must be in combat range 50-200% of infra .... you may only successfully destroy 1 WMD per 24 hours.

May 26/2008

  1. New Spy Mission: Poison Water Supply... Sends in Spies to poision a rival city's water supply. Combat rules apply meaning: Rival city must be in combat range 50-200% of infra .... you may only successfully poison 1 city per 24 hours.

May 24/2008

  1. New Transaction: Special Buildings .... these buildings do not have any maintenance fees associated with them
  2. New Special Building: Mayor's Mansion +4% Mayor Rating
  3. New Special Building: City Hall ... 10% off civic expenses (Education, Fire, Police & Health)

May 23/2008

  1. The Spy Flight Option has been moved under Espionage Which takes you to another screen to Execute the mission
  2. New Project: Intelligence Agency -- Allows the training of spies
  3. New Military Unit: Spies -- Allows you to perform spy missions
  4. New Spy Mission: Reveal Funds (located under Espionage on the viewothercity screen) Sends in spies to reveal how much money a city has
  5. Mayor rating will be is decreased by 4% due to lack of advisors for cities over 1k infra

May 22/2008

  1. you can not fire WMDs until 24 hours have passed after you have purchased a WMD. Example: say you bought 10 warheads a week ago and then bought another one 6 hours ago.... you would not be able to launch any for another 18 hours.

May 19/2008

  1. Vacation Mode Details Here
  2. Advertise your country or forums with an in game banner ad. Details here

May 18/2008

  1. Country Presidents can now change the defcon indicator for their country on the country screen. Country members will see this indicator in their #Country orders section on their view city screen. Clicking the number will give a definition of the Defense Condition Level.

May 17/2008

  1. Migrated the game to a new dedicated server.

May 11/2008

  1. You can not use a WMD on a city with less than 1000 infra.
  2. Wool resource now gives 25% off gas power maintenance
  3. Coal,Oil and Uranium each give an additional 5% off the cost of coal, oil, nuclear power maintenance bringing the discounts to 25% off.
  4. The Resource Dyes has been replaced with Cement... all hail Cement!

May 10/2008

  1. The Credit system has been changed... details
  2. Cities must now be 1000 infra or greater in size to purchase atomic/chemical research centers, buy and/or fire WMDs
  3. The doubling of the cost of infra for cities that lack military requirements has been negated for cities under 100 infra
  4. New cities start with 25k more cash than before... they now start with 75k

May 7/2008

  1. New Project: Chemical Research Facility... opens up the chemical weapons tech tree

May 6/2008

  1. Iron gives 10% discount on Cruiser Purchases
  2. Iron gives 10% discount on Carrier Purchases
  3. Iron gives 10% discount on Battleship Purchases
  4. rubber gives 10% discount on all aircraft maintenance (fighter,bomber,spyplane,apache,chinook)
  5. oil gives 10% discount on all naval maintenance (subs, transports , cruisers, battleships, carriers)

May 5/2008

  • Getting hit by a nuke just got a bit uglier.
  • Capital Cost for power was increased except for wind.

May 3/2008

  • Aluminum gives 10% discount on bomber purchases
  • Aluminum gives 10% discount on Spy Plane purchases
  • Aluminum gives 10% discount on Apache Attack Helicopter purchases
  • Aluminum gives 10% discount on Chinook Transport Helicopter purchases

May 2/2008

  • Option to forward game mail to your RL email on file. By Default it is OFF you can turn it on under Edit account

May 1/2008

  • New Improvement: Light Rapid Transit(LRT) Line: +5% Environment


  • credit market has started up. details Here


  • power requirements have changed.... if your transmission line gets torn down becasue of this change... they will be replaced in a few days.


  • This is an advance 24 hour warning... Hydro power (formerly fusion power) will take a small environmental hit and generate less power.... the value will drop from 50MW to 40MW... maintenance will remain at 5k/day. The change will take place at roughly 2008-04-22 21:00 EST


  • Fusion Power has been replaced with Hydro Electric Power
  • Microwave Power has been replaced with Geothermal Power
  • New Project: Transmission Lines -- Allows the import and export of power
  • Utility Market on the transaction menu ... this is where you go to buy and sell power.


  • New Project: Atomic Research Facility -- Allows the research of Nuclear Technology


  • Improvements now have a daily maintenance cost of $2500/day
  • Wonder: Mount rushmore added


  • First Wonder added to the game... Central Park. see the wonders link


  • There is now 50k fee to start a country.


  • Cost of Infra is double if your city lacks adequate military forces.
  • Cost of Infra is increased 1.5 times if your city lacks adequate naval forces.


  • New Technology: Increase AA Battery Accuracy
  • New Technology: Increase Spy Plane flight Max Altitude. makes enemy AA less effective.


  • 2 New Military units... Apache Attack Helicopters.... these specialize in killing AA batteries and Tanks. Chinooks allow the transportation of spoils of war.


  • added a strength indicator for countries. This will probably need tweaking... but it gives you an idea of military str.
  • General Comment: WOW massive war broke out late last night. Lotta action... record number of simulatenous online users reached.






  • Technology: you can increase your tank attack/defense accuracy/effectivness.
  • Technology: you can increase your fighter attack/defense accuracy/effectivness.


  • Technology: you can increase your soldiers attack/defense accuracy/effectivness.


  • I think everything is stable now.... somethings may have been missed...if so report them in the forums and I'll get on to fixing them.... In the meam time.... GAME ON!


  • The Game and the forums have moved to new server hardware and software.... while the game is up, there are still a few issues to be ironed out. Some susbsystems like mail/trading/Country functions may not work correctly. It may take another 24 hours to things back to normal. Any changes you make might durring this time may get reset. A new annoucment will be made when we think things are back to normal.


  • a total of 6 improvements have been added to the game... see improvements on the transaction menu.
  • attack and defense odds have changed slightly... see military under transaction menu... this is to facilitate technology that will allow you to buy stuff that will adjust these values in the near future.


  • City About -- mayors can write up a small burb about their city for everyone to see.
  • Improvements: Bank +5 Citizen Income ... Theater +2% Mayor Rating .... Parks +5% Environment.... more on the way



  • Charters -- country presidents can create a charter/constitution page for your country that allows them to detail the rule/regualtions or additional information about the country.


  • Project: Naval Base.... allows you to create naval units.
    • Military Units:
    • Subs --
    • Cruisers -- general all purpose naval unit.
    • Destroyers -- can bombard the land and destroy infra.
    • Aircraft Carrier -- can host up to 5 fighter aircraft each.
    • Transports -- will allow a city to transfer soldiers and tanks to another city.
      • Transport ability is not active yet
  • chat about it here



  • Development of Naval base and naval units is in progress... DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE them at this time. you will only waste your money if you do.


  • additional water option added to the game...Water Treament Plant
  • reply button added to mail.
  • Uranium resource is now +5$ citizen income.
  • infrastructure maintenance expense values have been adjusted.







  • City Search feature enabled.




  • All resource trades are being nullified and the ability to trade has been taken offline. expected return to service late sunday EST time.





  • Players may send aid to one another. A player may send one aid package every 24hours. Your city must be 14 days old before being able to send aid.


  • When you ally a country this ensures that your member cities can not attack cites of the allied country.
  • When you declare a enemy country.. your member cities will get a 5% attack bonus when attacking enemy cities
  • The price of projects has changed and so has their maintenance fees.. check the project page to see current numbers.
  • Work on an Aid system is in progress. Should be available in the next few days.


  • Country presidents can now assign 1-3 "assistant cities". These assistant cities can approve or reject applicants that apply to the country.
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