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List of mayors

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See also the Mayors category.
Mayor City Country Position
Bear One Saigo North_of_49 PM
CaiusIuliusCaesar Roma Caput Mundi Imperium Romanum Imperator
Chris Greeneville United_States Citizen
Darth Moses Elmwood Park Greece Minister of the Interior
Griff Crash_Conglomerate GATO Consul
Lord Farquaad New_Dis East India Company Citizen
Mason San Andreas Arcadia Secretary of Education
Mr Devo Ripley Arcadia President
Philip Sand_and_Glass The_Barbarian_Army Emperor
Primis Priville Random_Insanity HoIA
Ruler4 Franklin East India Company Governor General
Sir Freak Geeky Mushroom Kommune Director of Economics
Victor Lima Cannabis Euphoria Leader
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