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MASZ Kingdom

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Note: This Country has disbanded.

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Founded On 5th February 2008
Founded By Shovel
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #MASZ on Coldfront
Important Links
International Relations
NAP, ect.
rnrsmall.gif No Name PIAT -PIAT with RnRers

IRC Channel is #MASZ on Coldfront

Forum is


1.MASZ_Kingdom Charter


MASZ_Kingdom is a country set on the principles of integrity, community, accountability, and of course Honour. Every member is held in the same high regard and we will always be a beacon of civility and respect to the CE community.


All members must apply on the MASZ_Kingdom forums. They must be free of hit lists and not be in any active wars. All cities must pass a probation period that consists of an academy and other signs of loyalty and intelligence. Any member may bypass this system with 2/3 approval from the High Council. Once a member becomes a regular they will be able to participate in all of our various programs as well as our regular offsite areas.


Every member is expected to be active on the offsite as well as encouraged to participate on IRC. Any member can become a part of government. Every member is accountable for their actions and will all be held in the same regard. We are not to participate in offensive behaviour on any of the forums or IRC. Members are subject to punishment as seen fit by our government. All members must post a resignation in our offsite forum and complete any programs that they are in the process of or compensate for any aid if under certain circumstances decided by the High Council.


We believe in the protection of our members therefore will always be at a heightened military preparedness. 2/3 of the High Council must vote yes for the Secretary of War to declare any military actions. Nuclear Rogues will be kicked out without question. Any member can participate in raids as long as they pass our Raiding License process. Open cities to raids are unaligned cities as well as cities tied together in a loose manner without any government.


The government will consist of three permanent positions forming the High Council. A High Councillor can only be removed by resignation or impeachment from the remaining two Councillors. The High Council will be assisted by the following, directly elected, positions; Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Secretary of Internal Affairs, Secretary of War. All terms last two months. All secretarial elections must be approved by the High Council. Any secretary that resigns or is unable to perform their job will be replaced by a choice of the High Council. High Councillors may resign at anytime; upon resignation the remaining High Council will appoint their replacement. If voted to be impeached the remainder of government will select a replacement.

Foreign Affairs:

We believe in the sovereignty of all alliances and will not impede on that. We have an open embassy to all alliances and will seek diplomacy in all actions. A treaty must be signed by 2/3 of the High Council, based on the advice of the Secretaries, for it to be approved. Only Government officials and members that receive permission are allowed to establish and speak for the alliance on other off sites.


The Charter may be changed at anytime by the Government. All changes must be agreed upon by a 2/3 vote of the Government. Any Secretary may draft a change to the charter and bring it to rest of the Government for approval.


Shovel- High Council

atoastgirl- High Council

Jackson Smith- High Council

Current Government

Position in Country Name
High Council Shovel
High Council Jackson Smith
High Council Crowdog
High Council Czerwony
Minister of Interior N/A
Minister of Foreign Affairs N/A
Minister of War N/A


"MUSE" MASZ_Kingdom, Mushroom Kommune and Polaris Bloc

"No name PIAT" RnRers PIAT

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