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We, the people of Planet Steve, welcome you to City Empires. This wiki is designed to give you an overview of the game. Some things you could do:

  • Check out the Starting Tutorial to get an idea of how to begin.
  • Visit the Manual which has information on all the various aspects of City Empires. For newbies, the best place to go is the Guide to 999 infra. This will give you a summary of how to begin. The other guides and pages go into more detail of each part of the game.
  • Become familiar with the history of CE, under the History tab. You can find all the recent happenings in the game going on there.
  • Under the Updates tab, you can view the new game updates.
  • In countries, you can find out about different countries on Planet Steve.
  • Finally, you could check out the Treaties page, which will give you information on the various types of treaties, and who has relations with whom.

We hope you enjoy this wiki and have fun with this game!

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