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Game Manual


Activity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Immunity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Multiple accounts 9px-75%25.svg.png


Mayor rating 9px-75%25.svg.png
Infrastructure 9px-75%25.svg.png
Population 9px-50%25.svg.png
Tax rate 9px-50%25.svg.png
Money 9px-50%25.svg.png
Advisors 9px-25%25.svg.png
Environment 9px-00%25.svg.png
Resources 9px-75%25.svg.png
Credit Market 9px-00%25.svg.png


Power 9px-25%25.svg.png
Garbage 9px-25%25.svg.png
Water 9px-25%25.svg.png
Utility Market 9px-50%25.svg.png


Education 9px-25%25.svg.png
Fire 9px-25%25.svg.png
Health 9px-25%25.svg.png
Police 9px-25%25.svg.png
Recreation 9px-00%25.svg.png


Projects 9px-50%25.svg.png
Improvements 9px-25%25.svg.png
Technology 9px-00%25.svg.png
Special 9px-00%25.svg.png


Military 9px-00%25.svg.png
Spying 9px-00%25.svg.png
Battling 9px-00%25.svg.png


Aid 9px-00%25.svg.png
Private Messaging 9px-75%25.svg.png
Trading 9px-00%25.svg.png


Charter 9px-100%25.svg.png
Orders 9px-100%25.svg.png
Capital city 9px-100%25.svg.png
Assistant cities 9px-75%25.svg.png
Allies 9px-100%25.svg.png
Enemies 9px-25%25.svg.png

Money, the dollar amount shown at the bottom left of the city display, is the currently available budget for the city.

While Savings are comparatively stable, Potential Net is more subject to fluctuation, which causes Money to fluctuate correspondingly.

Money is spent on purchases via the Transaction Menu, is subject to City Expenses, and can be stolen by enemy attacks.

Potential Net

Potential Net shows the city funds that accumulate over time. It is reset to zero when an action "banks" the funds to Savings.

As per its label, Potential Net is a potential amount and is subject to change based on the factors that affect City Income and City Expenses. For example, a city may be attacked and lose enough of its military to affect its Mayor Rating, and as a result, its Potential Net would be reduced. Similarly, if the attacking city loses enough military to affect its own Mayor Rating, then its Potential Net would also be reduced.

Potential Net is not subject to theft by the enemy during attacks.


There is no separate display for Savings but it can be determined by subtracting Potential Net from Money. Savings only decreases due to spending on purchases & expenses or theft by the enemy during attacks.

Money that is in Savings is not subject to loss due to a change in the profitability of a city. For example, if a city loses enough military to affect its Mayor Rating, and thus reduce its Potential Net, money in Savings is not affected. However, if a city has a deficit (expenses greater than income) and banks the negative Potential Net, that will subtract from Savings.

Banking Potential Net

Most actions that affect city finances also bank the current value of Potential Net, transferring those dollars to Savings. This is apparent when Potential Net resets to zero after an action.

It may be advisable to bank Potential Net before taking actions that will impact it negatively. A common method is to increase the Tax Rate and then immediately decrease it.

Not all actions that affect Money will bank Potential Net:

Some Actions That Bank Potential Net

Some Actions That Do NOT Bank Potential Net

  • Purchase a Power Contract
  • Commence Land and Air Attack
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