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Founded On
Founded By City_Empires
Contact Info
Forum [ Forum]
IRC None

Reformation of NAAC on City Empires

Due to lack of consent of a few stubborn members, NAAC was reformed less than one day after the official disband, happening on 17, January 2009, and reformed on 18, January 2009. Shortly there after, the city of City_Empires, the official founder, transfered over power to the city of Der_Eingang.

Current NAAC Government

Zachary Deerz of Der_Eingang

The Protector
The Imperial Society TIS

Minister of Defense
Blacky of Libnan

Deputy Minister of Defense

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sam Taylor of Alomran_City

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Interior
Hyper of City_Empires

Deputy Minister of Interior

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