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Note: This Country has disbanded.

New_Sparta Flag

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Founded On January 2008
Demonym Spartans
Founded By Solidus117
Contact Info
Forum [ Forum]
IRC #NewSparta on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader VoodooNova, King
Government Arbiter


  • nhbigman, Foreign Affairs
  • Molon, Military Affairs
  • TBA, Financial Affairs
  • TBA, Internal Affairs
Country Symbol Lamb-1.png
Motto "With it or on it."


Current Status

The country of New Sparta formally disbanded and merged into The Prussian Empire on May 31st, 2008.


The legislation that defines and governs the country of New Sparta. All members are required to uphold the charter and the King's word at all times.


The Constitution of New Sparta

The Spartan Ideals

New Sparta stands for Strength.
New Sparta stands for Honor.
New Sparta stands for Unity.
New Sparta stands for Duty.

The Spartan State
The sovereign state of New Sparta is declared as the both the government and membership who have formally declared their allegiance to this document. No mayor may assume the mantle of Spartan unless he or she swears service to the state. Any Spartan that does not uphold the ideals of New Sparta will no longer be in the service of the state, and as such will no longer be a Spartan.

The Spartan Government
This document declares that New Sparta conforms to a hierarchy of governance. Above all, the King of New Sparta retains the right to absolute power, regardless of situation and consequence.

The King of New Sparta has the ultimate authoritative, executive and legislative power to instate, dismiss or modify any document considered to be in the New Spartan legislature. He or she is defined as a Spartan who upholds the ideals set forth by this document without personal bias or subjective influence. Only he or she may pass on the title of King to another, with which all the executive, authoritative and legislative powers follow.

The King may appoint a Spartan to act in his stead, given the title of Arbiter. The Arbiter, when the King is absent, has the full executive and authoritative powers of the New Spartan government. This role does not include legislative powers, unless the King abdicates without nominating a successor or becomes incommunicado for an excessive period. The Arbiter is forever ineligible to the title of King, regardless of legislature. This Spartan is bound to the state into perpetuity.

Under the King and Arbiter lies the Councilors of New Sparta. These Spartans have shown duty to the state, and as such have been rewarded with the responsibility of running the state. Each Councilor is responsible for the facilitation of state activities. The following articles define the roles of each Councilor's area of governance.

Article 3.1 Councilor for Internal Affairs
This Spartan is responsible for the internal machinations of Spartan actives, and is required to maintain both the sanctioned electronic infrastructure of New Sparta and to handle the admittance of new mayors to the state. This Councilor also has the executive power to dismiss Spartans according to due legal process.

Article 3.2 Councilor for Foreign Affairs
This Spartan is responsible for handling relations between New Sparta and other officially recognized foreign states. He or she has the authoritative power to handle diplomatic incidents and to broker favorable treaties with foreign states. This councilor has the power to enlist other Spartans as diplomats to foreign entities, with the ultimate burden of responsibility upon his or herself.

Article 3.3 Councilor for Military Defense
This Spartan is the Commander-in-Chief of New Sparta's Military forces. He or she will endeavor to maintain and improve the state's armed forces so as to be prepared for any martial operation, whether offensive or defensive. He or she has the executive power to commit forces in defensive operations at any time. This councilor must pursue authorization from the King or the Arbiter of New Sparta when considering offensive operations.

Article 3.4 Councilor for Financial Affairs
This Spartan is responsible for maintaining and improving the economic growth of the state. He or she is required to observe and react to requests for intercity aid and initiate programs of state growth. This councilor has the authoritative power to command the dispersal of funds from any Mayor.

Article 3.5 Councilor for Public Affairs & Recruitment
This Spartan is responsible for maintaining and improving the global image of New Sparta, and recruiting new members to the state. He or she has the executive authority to disperse public statements intended to inform the greater community of developments in New Sparta. He or she also has the executive power to accept new recruits to the state, maintain a close relationship with the Councilor for Internal Affairs.

Article 3.6 Councilor for Intelligence & Strategic Planning
This Spartan has the responsibility for keeping the government informed of international developments during peacetime, and the role of strategic planner during wartime. This role augments the Councilors for Foreign Affairs and Military Affairs.

Article 3.7 Definitions of Power
Executive power is defined as the ability to legally order any Spartan to comply with a request.

Authoritative power is defined as the ability to inform non-members of the official position of New Sparta on any subject.

Legislative power is defined as the ability to enact any document into a legally-binding status with which all Spartans other than the Head of State must comply by.

Article 3.8 New Sparta Legislature
If the King is incapacitated or decrees it so, the body of Spartans defined as the Government of New Sparta may enact legislature at the approval of the Arbiter. A unanimous vote will be required to pass any document into the legislature.

The Spartan's Rights
Each Spartan has the following unequivocal rights, so long as they do not impinge on the rights of other Spartans. At any time, the King or the Arbiter may rescind one or many of the following rights.

Article 4.1 Right to Arms
Any Spartan flying the New Sparta banner has the right to protection from outside interdiction. Likewise, any Spartan may use martial force against unsanctioned countries and cities should they not cause a diplomatic incident.

Article 4.2 Right to Membership
Any Spartan that follows the ideals and laws contained in the legislature has the right to title themselves "Spartan", and all the freedoms the title affords.

Article 4.3 Right to Free Speech
Every Spartan has the right to communicate any subject to the membership via the internal electronic infrastructure. This right does not extend to public or open, unmoderated channels.

Article 4.4 Right to Fair Trial
Every Spartan has the right to a fair and unbiased trial. If the member in question has a dispute with any decision made about his or her treatment after disciplinary action, he or she may request an appeal chaired by the King or the Arbiter of New Sparta, if the King is unavailable. The complainant must provide an adequate defense regarding his or her reasoning for the disciplinary action, and likewise the member in question must provide a suitable case for his or her defense.

The Spartan's Obligations
Each Spartan has the following duties and obligations to the state of New Sparta. These requirements must be fulfilled on-demand to the satisfaction of the Government of New Sparta.

Article 5.1 Duty to the State
Each Spartan must commit it's cities resources to the state on-demand. These resources may include public shows of support, martial forces and intrastate fiscal funding.

Article 5.2 Duty to the King
Each Spartan must swear an oath to defend and serve the King of New Sparta with all his or her strength. He or she must obey any order given by the King, Arbiter or Councilor of New Sparta.

Article 5.3 Duty to Ideals
Each Spartan must uphold, abide by, and pronounce the ideals of the New Spartan State and Government in every word he or she makes in open channels.

The New Spartan Legislature
Any document ratified by the King of New Sparta and his or her Councilors is deemed to be in the New Sparta legislature. This library of documents is deemed to be law. Each Spartan must abide by the terms and conditions set forth by each document.

Any event that sets a precedent not covered by this document will be attended-to by the King or <name> of New Sparta.

Article 6 War
War will be declared by the king, if the king is not available then the appointed arbiter may take his place to make a decision. In the event New-Sparta comes under attacks, its cities are to defend their lands at all cost, until such time where the King makes a decision on appropriate path.

Article 6.1 Raiding
Infra raiding is permitted withing the realms of New-Sparta, as long as such actions follow the following rules/regulations.

Spartans may not attack any cities that belong to the following; Countries over five members, Countries under five members which are a protectorate of another country.

Spartans may attack any city not bearing a country at any time

If a spartan is to break these rules he will be subject to one if not all of the following; Pay reparation in the amount of 125% of damages, lowest being 25k. Under extreme circumstances and repeat offenders can and will result in an expulsion from NewSparta

New-Sparta does not condone the use of any Naval or Missile strikes on and cities during a infra raid.

If a city which is being raided wishes to retaliate, then the member who commenced the raid will not be given support by New-Sparta, if members wish to give support it is at their discretion but not mandatory.

Nukes will not be used as an first strike weapon by NewSparta, any city found to do so without the kings instructions will hereby be removed form NewSparta, and punished by his fellow peers.

Article 7.0 Aid
Any aid received during your time as a member of New-Sparta is property of New-Sparta. By accepting any aid not given for war (Includes, but is not limited to: Aid for building up military forces and war chests), you agree to not leave New Sparta within 15 days, or military action may follow. However, if you pay all money given to you within 15 days, then you will not be punished.

Any aid received for war is said to be forgiven, no War time aid is ever mandatory to pay back

This constitution is considered Spartan law, Any changes made to this charter must be done so by the king, and the king alone.

New Sparta History

January, New Sparta has been founded.

On Feb. 13, New Sparta declared war on Umbrella, for the reason of failing to reprimand a user threatening New Sparta while masquerading as an Umbrellan Member.
On Feb. 16, New Sparta and Umbrella agreed on a cease-fire, to halt the war until peace could be established.
On Feb. 20, Umbrella surrendered to New Sparta, so ending the New Sparta - Umbrella War.
On Feb. 24, New Sparta acknowledges a call for assistance by Consul Griff, thereby entering into the Crimson War with The Crimson Empire.
On Feb. 26, GATO declared peace with The Crimson Empire, so ending the Crimson War.

On Mar. 19, New Sparta Became a member of the Coalition of Ordered Governments power bloc.
On Mar. 25, New Sparta signed the The Knocking Things Over Pact, an MDP with Olympus.

On Apr. 19, New Sparta declares war on Endeavour igniting the First World War
On Apr. 24, New Sparta surrenders to the forces of NAAC, and exits the First World War. New Sparta also leaves the bloc, Coalition of Ordered Governments
On Apr. 28, New Sparta & GOONS sign GOONS Sails Away with New Sparta

On May 3rd/4th, New Sparta declares on ICE to remove Kevanovia from leadership.
On May 17th NewSparta declares war on VE and CN for the attacks on Golden Sabers
On May 31st NewSparta disbands and formally merges into The Prussian Empire

Foreign Agreements

Spartan's New Sabers MDoAP New Sparta & Golden Sabers 17th May 2008 Void
babylon 5 MDoAP B5 Block 10th May 2008 Void
Spartans_Catch_a_cold PIAT New Sparta & NpO 18th May 2008 Void
GOONS Sails Away with New Sparta Optional Defense Optional Aggression Pact New Sparta & GOONS 28th April 2008 Void
The Knocking Things Over Pact Mutual Defence Pact New Sparta & Olympus 25th March 2008 Suspended by Babylon5
Coalition of Ordered Governments Mutual Aggression & Defence Bloc New Sparta, LUEshi, GATO & New Horizon 19th March 2008 Void
Treaty of Panthera Tigris Mutual Defence & Optional Aggression Pact New Sparta & GATO 7th March 2008 Void (19-3-2008)
Super Spartan Bros - POWERUP! Mutual Defence Pact New Sparta & LUEshi 6th March 2008 Void (19-3-2008)
The Marble Pillars Concord Protectorate New Sparta & The Imperium 2nd March 2008 Void
Super Spartan Bros - A New Sparta and LUEshi Peace Pact Peace, Intelligence & Optional Aid Treaty New Sparta & LUEshi 3rd February 2008 Void


A Gentleman's Agreement Non-Aggression Pact New Sparta & USSR N/A Void


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