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New Sparta - Umbrella War

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The New Sparta - Umbrella War
Start Date:February 12, 2008
End Date:February 20, 2008
Casus Belli: Unclear: Umbrella was allegedly a threat to New Sparta; Umbrella's Religion.
Results:New Spartan Victory; Umbrella defeat.
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 53
Population: 75652
Soldiers: 3224
Tanks: 614
Fighters: 118
Bombers: 56

Member Cities: 31
Population: 18262
Soldiers: 942
Tanks: 5
Fighters: 0
Bombers: 0

Stats (End of War)




New Sparta



On Thursday Feb 14, 2008, New Sparta declared war on Umbrella, a country that had a policy of isolationism. New Sparta claimed the reason for war was that Umbrella was a threat to them. Many people, however, have suggested that the war was one against Umbrella's religion (Umbrella believes that the Generator created the universe). Several countries condemned New Sparta a few days after the war began, though some supported New Sparta in their choice to invade Umbrella.

The New Sparta - GOONS conflict

The newly formed country of Goon Order of Neutral Shoving mandated New Sparta to declare white peace with Umbrella. The next day, February 15, a GOONS city attacked New Sparta, and soon New Sparta declared that they were at war with GOONS. The conflict ended several hours later, New Sparta was greatly stronger than the new 3-city GOONS country.

Ceasefire and Surrender

On February 16, New Sparta and Umbrella agreed to a ceasefire, pausing the war. The next day, New Sparta declared that if any Umbrella member attacked New Sparta after 23:59 of that day, then Umbrella would be razed. New Sparta also issued several terms of surrender for cities who no longer wished to be in Umbrella. Six battles took place between the two countries after the ceasefire. Surrender

On February 20, Umbrella officially surrendered to New Sparta.


About 130 battles took place between New Sparta, Goons, and Umbrella. New Sparta was the overall victor, although some might argue that the war harmed New Sparta's public image. This war was the first war to last more than a few days (it lasted a week).

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