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Note: This Country has disbanded.

Olympus Flag

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On 3/22/08
Demonym Olympians
Founded By Mathias III, Jimbo181, Esmer, Errantus Venturis
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #CE-Olympus on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader Rob Klotz
Motto Οικία των Θεών


Current Status

The country of Olympus formally reforms on August 7th, 2008.

How Olympus Lives On

The Crimson Empire & The Legion ==> Crimson Legion ==> Olympus ==> The Prussian Empire ==> Olympus


The Nation of Olympus was founded shortly after The Legion and the Crimson Empire announced they would be merging together. Several members left the Crimson Empire, including government officials, to form a new country after arguments and misunderstandings surrounding the merge arose. Olympus was formed on the principles that everyone will have their voice heard, this was the main reason the founders of Olympus left tCE. Because of the circumstances in which Olympus was founded, the leader of the Crimson Empire, Kevanovia, became angry saying he had been "stabbed in the back" by the former tCE members. He at first issued several choices to the members that had left including that they return to tCE with Olympus being disbanded or to pay reparations. The Olympus Government stood strong through this tough time with the full backing of their allies and protectors in GATO. Olympus's protectorate status and friendship with GATO only succeeded to further the anger of Kevanovia due to the not so pleasant relationship between his country and Olympus's new protectors (The Crimson Empire fought GATO in the Crimson War). Despite the cauldron of fire in which Olympus was born the nation began to flourish and prosper, the membership has more than doubled since the country was founded and the tension between Olympus and the Crimson Empire has begun to subside.

Life After the Split

Following their departure from The Crimson Empire, Olympus grew quickly. They pursued diplomatic relations with many countries, including New Sparta, NAAC, and others. Olympus soon signed an MDP with New Sparta, and went on to join the Coalition of Ordered Governments bloc. Their membership in COG led to Olympus' involvement in the African War, and the Second Umbrella War. Following the disbandment of COG, Olympus signed MDPs with New Sparta, ICE, and VOC. Olympus also signed a protectorate treaty with NPE. Their MDP with ICE was cancelled during the short conflict known as Spartans on ICE. Following the conflict and the removal of Kevanovia, the MDP was reinstated.

Current Events

March 25: Olympus and New Sparta sign The Knocking Things Over Pact.
March 25: Olympus enters the African War, along with East India Company, and allies GATO, and New Sparta
April 5: Olympus signs the Coalition of Ordered Governments a bloc with New Sparta, GATO, and LUEshi
April 8: COG signs official peace terms with Africa, thus ending Olympus' involvement in the African War.
April 12: COG declares war on Umbrella, bringing Olympus into the Second Umbrella War.
April 19: COG declares war on Endeavour, Unspeakable Evil declares war on New Sparta, and Olympus counters their declaration. Thus starting COG's: END War.
April 24: COG disbands
Late April: Olympus signs MDPs with VOC, ICE, and a Protectorate with NPE
May 11: Olympus and five other nations form the Babylon 5 MDoAP bloc
May 31: Olympus officially disbands and merges into The Prussian Empire
August 7: Olympus reforms under new leadership, thus breaking off from Prussia
August 18: Prussia declares war on Olympus
August 23: Prussia publicly apologizes, thus ending The Second World War
October 15: Olympus members vote to amend charter. Klotz becomes monarch known as The King of Gods

The Holy Charter of Olympus

Article I: Foundation

Olympus is founded on the ideas of equality and democracy. We place our faith in these guiding virtues, and will uphold the ideas this charter is founded on. All members of Olympus will have a say and a voice in it’s affairs, and regardless of position we be listened to.

Article II: Government:

Olympus will be governed by the following positions:

Council of the Gods:

God of War: The God of War runs the army of Olympus, and sits on the Council of the Gods.

God of Diplomacy: The God of Diplomacy sits on the Council of the Gods. The God of Diplomacy runs the foreign affairs of Olympus, and ensures good relations with foreign bodies.

God of Internal Affairs: A seat holder on the Council of the Gods. The God of Internal Affairs oversees the internal functions of Olympus.

Assembly of Mortals:

The Assembly of Mortals is made up of the membership of Olympus. They are the governing body of Olympus, and vote on issues pertaining to the country.

Article III: Succesion of Gods

When a God resigns, or leaves Olympus, the replacement will be decided by the remaining Gods. The God leaving Olympus may Suggest a successor. The Successor of the God must be approved by the Assembly of the Mortals, with a Simple Majority.

Article IV: Legislation

Section I:Amendments to the Charter must be voted on by the Assembly, and they must pass by a 2/3 vote.

Section II: Treaties are decided upon by a vote of the Council of the Gods requiring a 2/3 vote to pass

Article V: Olympian Emergency

If Olympus ever enters a State of dire emergency, 2/3 of the Council of the Gods can enstate a State of Emergency, and immediately input marshall law into ruling Olympus.

Signed Jimbo181 - Poseidon, God of Diplomacy, God of the Seas Klotz - Hades, God of the Hearth, God of the Underworld AssasinTurtle - Ares, God of War

Ammendment I – Olympian Government Revamped

With the Passing of this Ammendment Olympus will return to it’s once former monarchy Status. The Olympian Government shall now consist of:

King of The Gods – Monarch of Olympus, the Supreme ruler and final say on all matters that were once decided by the Council of the gods

Immortals – Assistants to the King of the Gods, Immortals are responsible for whatever the King assigns to them, The King may Assign as many Immortals to assist him as he wishes, however the voting power of the Immortals is only that of an advisor, and has no official weight except for in the matters decided by the Assembly

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