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Olympus (Reformed)

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Note: This Country has disbanded.

The former seal of the Council of the Gods stands proud on the new Olympian flag.

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On 8/8/08
Demonym Olympians
Founded By Jimbo181, Klotz, AssasinTurtle
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #CE-Olympus on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader Council of the Gods
Government Jimbo - God of Foreign Affairs

Klotz - God of Internal Affairs AssasinTurtle - God of War

International Relations
MoADP, ect.
Protectorate with _NAAC_ naacsmall.gif

Unofficial Treaties

 TSB 0005small.gif
Motto Οικία των Θεών

Current Events

August 8: Olympus Reforms


Following the merge of Olympus, New Sparta, and Imperium Romanum, several members of The Prussian Empire wanted to revive their former country. Jimbo and Klotz approached Mathias III, founder of the former Olympus and Holy Council member of the _NAAC_. After the ratification of the Olympian charter, and the protectorate with _NAAC_, Olympus announced their reformation. Following the reformation, G0D the _NAAC_'s Minister of Internal Affairs publicly stated that the treaty was void due to Article VI of the _NAAC_ charter. Bob stated that Olympus was under unofficial protection. GOONation stated it's temporary protection, and coldie of The Silent Brotherhood offered TSB's full protection. Like the birth of it's predecessor, the birth of this reformed Olympus was filled with hostility.

The Olympian Charter

Article I: Foundation

Olympus is founded on the ideas of equality and democracy. We place our faith in these guiding virtues, and will uphold the ideas this charter is founded on. All members of Olympus will have a say and a voice in it’s affairs, and regardless of position we be listened to.

Article II: Government:

Olympus will be governed by the following positions:

Council of the Gods:

God of War: The God of War runs the army of Olympus, and sits on the Council of the Gods.

God of Diplomacy: The God of Diplomacy sits on the Council of the Gods. The God of Diplomacy runs the foreign affairs of Olympus, and ensures good relations with foreign bodies.

God of Internal Affairs: A seat holder on the Council of the Gods. The God of Internal Affairs oversees the internal functions of Olympus.

Assembly of Mortals:

The Assembly of Mortals is made up of the membership of Olympus. They are the governing body of Olympus, and vote on issues pertaining to the country.

Article III: Succesion of Gods

When a God resigns, or leaves Olympus, the replacement will be decided by the remaining Gods. The God leaving Olympus may Suggest a successor. The Successor of the God must be approved by the Assembly of the Mortals, with a Simple Majority.

Article IV: Legislation

Section I:Amendments to the Charter must be voted on by the Assembly, and they must pass by a 2/3 vote.

Section II: Treaties are decided upon by a vote of the Council of the Gods requiring a 2/3 vote to pass

Article V: Olympian Emergency

If Olympus ever enters a State of dire emergency, 2/3 of the Council of the Gods can enstate a State of Emergency, and immediately input marshall law into ruling Olympus.

Signed Jimbo181 - Poseidon, God of Diplomacy, God of the Seas Klotz - Hades, God of the Hearth, God of the Underworld AssasinTurtle - Ares, God of War

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