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Second Elephant War

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Second Elephant War
Start Date:June 1, 2008
End Date:June 10, 2008
the_UME's Casus Belli: Unknown
Coalition's Casus Belli:UME Declaration of War on NAAC, Silent Brotherhood, and Prussia.
Results:UME disbands
Other Results:Some UME Ex-Pats form Legendary_Society.
Stats (Onset of War)

Military Strength:

Military Strength:

Stats (End of War)





Random Insanity
randomlarge.gif NAAC
naaclarge.gif The Prussian Empire
The Silent Brotherhood
0005large.gif Mafia
mafialarge.gif Greece
East India Company
eastlarge.gif Imperial Coalition of the Elite
_ice_large.gif Golden Sabres
nularge.gif The Steel Pact
0003large.gif Sebilis Sebilis.gif New Persian Empire

Notes:War ended because new /b/ country of Ouch Wittes formed.


Tensions between the UME and many other countries had existed for some time, since the UME was viewed by many as essentially the reincarnation of the controversial Africa. The prelude to the war took place on may 27th when a UME city attacked the small nation of Sebilis. After a brief intense war Sebilis surrendered, but the UME repeatedly changed the terms of surrender, and peace talks broke down. Another four days of war passed, and facing anihilation two Sebilis cities decided to launch operation Bogcifer. The counter offensive had a significant effect on the UME morale, whose major cities were subject to systematic destruction. On June 1st Governor General Franklin of the East India Company(VOC) announced the discovery of a UME spy within their ranks, and a claimed UME spy ring amongst much of Planet Steve. With this announcement VOC declared a state of war with UME, and within a matter of hours many other nations had declared war alongside VOC.


VOC declares war
Golden Sabres Declares war
Mafia declares war
Random Insanity declare war
ICE declares war
TSB declares war and asks for a global offensive against the UME
Greece declares war
NPE declares war
TSP declares war
the Prussian empire declare war
NAAC declares war


The UME responded by declaring war on, at the time, the top 3 countries on Planet Steve, then quickly disbanded and many of the top cities in the country deleted their cities. A series of screenshots began circulating showing all the member cities in UME at the time the declarations of war began, and many countries continued hunting down ex-UME cities and attacking them. Within a matter of days most of the former-UME cities had found new homes (a controversial practice given that many felt they'd simply operate as spies) or terminated their cities.

On June 10th the country of Ouch_Wittes sprang up with many of the former top UME officials and cities at its head, and countries began declaring war on Ouch_Wittes, beginning the Third Elephant War, and mostly ending this Second Elephant War as countries changed their focus.

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