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Second Umbrella War

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The Second Umbrella War
Start Date:April 12, 2008
End Date:April 14, 2008
Casus Belli: Alleged Umbrella spying on COG
Results:Umbrella Collapses, Disbands
Other Results:Umbrella Disbands
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities: 192
Population: 1,204,839
Strength: 1,816,536

Member Cities: 28
Population: 220,077
Strength: 249,173

Stats (End of War)




Coalition of Ordered Governments
New Sparta


Key Events

Wars End

Technically the nation of Umbrella not longer existed as of April 14th 2008 and although no official ending of the war was announced on this day, it is impossible for the nations of COG and Umbrella to continue to fight.

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