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Second World War

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Second World War
Start Date:August 18, 2008
End Date:August 23, 2008
Also Known As:Prussian Olympic War
Expanded From:Expanded from the Prussian Olympic War
The Prussian Empire's Casus Belli: Olympus recruiting Prussians to join Olympus
Results:White Peace is declared between the Allied and Axis Powers, with the exception of the Iudicium of Festivitas.
Terms:Prussia issued an apology to Olympus and Axis Powers.
Other Results:War continues between the forces of Axis Powers and Iudicium of Festivitas.
Stats (Onset of War)

Strength: 16,492,712
Cities: 923
Avg Str: 17,868

Strength: 17,133,068
Cities: 588
Avg Str: 29,138

Stats (End of War)

***Strength: 7,571,647
Cities: 549

Strength: 12,790,142
Cities: 481


Allied Powers

Legendary Society
Golden Sabres

Imperial Coalition of the Elite
Farkland Islands
The Mafia
High Plains

Dinner Naked
Coalition of Dark States


Iudicium of Festivitas
Holy Sacred Truth
nflarge.gif The Barbarian Army
Hello Kitty Island
Duchy of Rathconey



The Secret Society
The Secret School
Mall Crawlin
East India Company
North of 49

Notes:*Both Iudicium of Festivitas, and the country David are listed as Independent as they have no direct ties to original conflict.

**LEGO nations joined individually and not as members of their Bloc.

***Stats do not count LEGO (Who withdrew from the war the day before).

The Second World War, or World War II, (often abbreviated WWII) was a global military conflict which involved a majority of the world's countries, including almost all of the great powers, organized into two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. The war involved the mobilization of over 1500 cities, making it the most widespread war in history.

The Second World War lasted five days, with both sides starting strong. However soon both sides realized that the spoils of continued war were far less then what could be gained from a peaceful resolution. With some countries, notably the LEGO Bloc, declaring peace up to a day earlier, most other countries also looked for a peaceful end to the war. A few countries held out for a 'war to end all wars' instead, but soon followed LEGO and declared peace. While a few maintain that the war was a failure in all respects, most people considered the war as having no winner as both sides came out of the war comparatively equal to the other, and comparatively equal to their prewar power.



After the end of the Polar and Pacific Orders, NAAC and it's allies remained the sole power Bloc on Planet Steve, dominating world affairs. Without any one capable of opposing NAAC, an era of extreme treaty making and peace, culminating in a world wide web of treaties. These treaties prevented any one Country from dominating another, but also had the disadvantage of ceasing almost all warfare. After remnants of Babylon 5 and The Kitten Bloc Party formed The LEGO Bloc, this lack of recent warfare lead to increasing tensions between most Countries in the game, but especially between LEGO and NAAC and her allies.

Meanwhile, Prussia, a member of neither the LEGO or NAAC Blocs, was suffering from internal strife. Olympus, one of the original three Countries (the other two being Imperium Romanum and New Sparta) that came together to create Prussia, had decided to reform into its own country once again. Since before the merger, the leader of Olympus had not voted on the merge with the citizenry of Olympus, but had merely ordered all cities to join, the former cities of Olympus felt that the merger was barely official. Calling there new country Olympus, they immediately drew the ire of Prussia, who accused them of attempting to recruit Prussian cities and causing a civil rebellion. To ensure the safety of their country, the leaders of Olympus signed a Protectorate agreement with NAAC. This agreement galvanized the Prussian citizenry and increased tensions between NAAC and Prussia.

Tensions rose to a new high when a Protectorate of LEGO, Hello Kitty Island made inflammatory remarks about a leader of The Silent Brotherhood. In response, a leader of The Secret Society threatened to launch a nuclear attack [1] on Madkitty, ruler of Hello Kitty Island. As LEGO prepared to defend Hello Kitty Island, Prussia was behind closed doors asking that Olympus stop recruiting its members.

Opening Shots

On August 18 at 11:50 pm, Kross, Triumvirate of the Prussian Empire announced that Prussia was declaring war on Olympus for continued recruiting of its members. In support of his claims, Kross posted an image of alleged recruiting by Olympus Government, Jimbo. [2] Despite Olympus claiming it was only questioning its old members about the possibility of re-joining, Prussia launched a large opening strike, quickly decimating the much smaller Olympian military. Political fallout from the attack was largely against Prussia, with The East India Company canceling its MDP with Prussia, and Aletauca declaring neutrality in the conflict, citing conflicting treaties. Meanwhile the beat down on Olympus continued, and sensing the odds of a military victory were slim to none, Olympus went to The Silent Brotherhood to ask for assistance.


Allied to NAAC, the protector of Olympus, The Silent Brotherhood came to the defense of Olympus on August 19 at 2:10 am. Despite not having any official treaties they claimed this action was done in lieu of the NAAC's own response to the civil war and because of an unofficial promise of support made at Olympus's founding. The Prussian response to this has been to claim that this invasion is illegal and that the attack is part of a war buildup unrelated to the civil war, which TSB and her allies used to begin a world war so they could crush their would be enemies and establish the Imperial Organization of Nations, a bloc whose main members would have included TSB, TSS, NAAC, RnR and Mall Crawlin. NAAC and her allies denied the accusations, but Legendary Society activated its treaty with Prussia anyway and declared war on Olympus and The Silent Brotherhood.


View Countries Screen at the beginning of day 2 of the war.

Things escalated very quickly after that, with The Secret Society and Mall Crawlin both declared war on Prussia and Legendary Society in response to Legendary Society's attack on The Silent Brotherhood. Hello Kitty Island and David, while not having any official ties with Prussia or Legendary Society, declared support for them and declare war on The Secret School, the training center of The Secret Society. Later in the night, NAAC recognized the state of war between Prussia and her allies for their attacks on Olympus, The Silent Brotherhood and The Secret Society.

The next morning, ICE declared war on TSS, Mall_Crawlin, and TSB, activating their Mutual Defense Pact in defense of Prussia, who had already taken heavy damage during the previous day. Heavy attacks on ICE followed, in an attempt at knocking them down early in the war. Later that day, Greece recognized an official state of war between it and Legendary Society, noting its treaties with TSS, TSB and NAAC. While attacks slowed down slightly during the day, as night came and new countries joined the fray, the frequency of attacks increased to even higher levels. The Farkland Islands entered late that night declaring war on TSS, TSB, Olympus and NAAC in defense of ICE. A few hours later, The Mafia also activated its treaty with ICE, declaring war on TSS, TSB, NAAC and Mall Crawlin.

Early the next morning, BAPState also declared war in defense of ICE. As attacks increased through out the day, Arcadia declared war on Prussia and its allies, with the exception of Farkland Islands due to an active MDP. Citing its MDoAP with The Mafia, The Steel Pact entered the war against TSS, TSB and NAAC. And finally, The East India Company, noting the serious disruption in the spice trade occurring, declared war on The Farkland Islands and The Mafia, while also declaring that it would hold a non-WMD policy so long as The Farkland Islands and The Mafia honored the same agreement.


By now, the war had drastically changed in scope and intentions. All but lost was the original conflict between Prussia and Olympus, and the war had already ceased to be called The Prussian Olympic War, instead taking on the Second World War moniker. The war soon turned into an even wider scaled war with the entrance of The SRS BSNS Bloc the next day. Although only GooNation and Dinner Naked signed the declaration of war, CDS would open fire over a day later, de facto recognizing the declaration. \m/, which contained only one city at this time, would launch no attacks in the war. Other latecomers to the war include the Golden Sabres, who declared war on TSS, NAAC and TSB after consulting with its membership, recognizing their treaty with Prussia. The Iudicium of Festivitas, a newly formed MDoAP Treaty Bloc between HVS, Gondwana, the Barbarian Army, Hello Kitty Island, and The Grand Duchy of Rathconey, activated its optional aggression clause in support of Hello Kitty Island, and declared war on the whole of the Axis Powers. In response to this Declaration of War against it's ally, The VOC, Sebilis activated its MDP and declared war on the Iudicium of Festivitas.

As the new declarations came to a close, the powers on either side came to be roughly evenly matched in strength. While the Axis Powers maintained a small strength advantage at this point in the war, The Allied Powers and their supporters maintained a significantly greater number of cities. Since the Axis Powers maintained a significant advantage in the number of large cities, they tended to gravitate towards the shock and awe strategy, hitting with superior firepower early to knock down the attacks. The Allied Power's meanwhile resorted to large scale hit and run attacks, taking advantage of their superior number of smaller sized cities.

Cease Fire

By August 21st, both sides had taken heavy losses, with each side sharply declining in military strength. Knowing that continued warfare was not in the best interest of either side, both sides came to the table to negotiate peace. In addition, the members of LEGO involved in the war took a ceasefire between them and the Axis powers while terms were discussed. Over the next few days, diplomats from both sides hammered out the details, and on early August 23rd, a broad agreement was reached. LEGO announced its acceptance of the white peace between it and the Axis Powers late that night, and the rest of the Allies, with the exception of David and Iudicium of Festivitas, accepted the ceasefire soon after.

Wars End

On August 23rd, LEGO agreed to a white peace with all the Axis countries involved in the war, under the condition that peace was to be offered to the rest of The Allied Powers, with the note that they were under no obligation to accept them. The next day, the rest of the Allied Powers followed LEGO and accepted peace deals. In the afternoon, David announced that it had secured peace with the Axis, and apologized for its actions against The Secret School. That night Legendary Society, Prussia and the Golden Sabres also accepted peace, agreeing to apologize in an attempt by Axis leadership to prove this war was a victory for the Axis. SRS BSNS unilaterally accepted peace soon after there allies, Legendary Society accepted peace. The coalition of countries that made up Axis continued the war against the nations of Iudicium of Festivitas, as no surrender terms were offered to them. This war would become The Holy War


Smoo, leader of David simply said, "War is an ugly machine. It consumes resources, and -worse- it consumes people. Like a fire, conflict has spread over planet Steve so quickly in this past week, that some of us were left wondering what it was that we were fighting for," noting the desire of some who desired the war to be a "war to end all wars." Others claimed that the war was a failure in all respects. All in all however, almost everyone considered the war to have had no winners. While some maintain that the war was a victory for one side of the other due to the fact that the Allies lost more strength (1.5 million strength every day of the war) than the Axis did, other people considered the war as having no winner as both sides came out of the comparatively equal to the other, and comparatively equal to their prewar power. The issuance of the apology by the allied side was meant to serve as proof that the axis won. However, battle statistics wise the war was roughly equal, with the Axis Powers losing more money, while the Allied Powers lost more infrastructure and more military units. The losses for each side can be seen below tallied up by unit type.

Overall Losses

Unit Losses Axis Allies
Soldiers 698,686 702,722
Tanks 64,810 66,646
Fighters 14,620 17,505
Bombers 3,333 4,208
AA 18,517 23,329
Spy Planes 6,311 5,969
Submarines 20,878 21,607
Carriers 630 1,055
Transports 3,127 2,817
Battleships 1,806 1,315
Cruisers 1,130 1,465
Apaches 7,228 7,198
Chinooks 4,736 12,548
Spies 492 437
$$$ 71,507,195 20,738,007
Infra 26,071 38,320

The war served to bring severeal treatied Countries closer together, despite them being on the opposite side of the conflict, notably High Plains and Mall Crawling, and The Farkland Islands and Arcadia. It also had the opposite effect as a catalyst dissolving signed treaties, including the The Arctic Islands Pact and The Oceans of Poseidon MDP. However the war also served as a force in forging new ties amongst countries, particularly amongst the Allied side, and a slew of treaties were signed immediately following the war.

The underlying cause of the war is generally considered to not have been due to orchestrating of anything by either side, but rather weeks of lack of communications, suspicion, and uncertainty combined with a whole lot of muscle flexing, posturing and pent up urge for warfare from both sides just running its course.


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