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Short Bus Republic

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Flag of Short Bus Republic

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On May 3rd 2008
Founded By Captain Drunken
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC None
Internal Structure
Leader Captain Drunken

Short Bus Republic

We are a diverse group that is serious about having online fun

We believe in quality over quantity, so admission is not guaranteed.

The Driver of our Short Bus is Captain Drunken: el Jefe', President for Life, The Head Cheese.

Governmental leaders of the Short Bus Republic:

Prime Minister (assigned seat number 1) Fred Sanford; Minister of Defense (Riding Shotgun) Chesty Puller; Minister of Foreign Affairs (With the French LT's wife) Reverend; Minister of Intelligence (He's intelligent thus not on the bus) Dave; Minister of Internal Affairs (Giving exams at da door) Paddy; Commander of Armed Forces (back of da bus, bat in Hand) Icepick;

We prefer to live peaceful lives and develop relationships with like minded cities and countries. We believe in direct communications when needed to resolve issues as they arise. We prefer and advocate diplomacy prior to any other action. Please don’t mistake this for weakness, it is far from it. We simply choose to use our minds first and then whatever is required for the situation.

Spy flights and similar activity against S.B.R. are treated as the common conventions of Planet Steve dictate; that it is a hostile act and will be responded to swiftly. An attack on our applicant cites will be treated as an attack on our capitol. That said, we will not permit trouble makers to come and hide under our flag. Any country believing this to be the case and can document the behavior is asked to bring it to the attention of our Foreign Affairs Minister immediately, so it can be investigated.

No city may fly our flag until accepted formally into our country. Unauthorized use/display of our flag shall be treated as an attack on our capitol and will be dealt with accordingly.

We are pleased to be a part of this empire and look forward to building many wonderful relationships.

Those interested are invited to our forums to establish your embassy.

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