Spartan's New Sabers

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Article I: Friendship

The creation and passage of this treaty acknowledges, that a strong bond of friendship exists between the Golden Sabres and New Sparta. The signatories pledge to do their utmost to maintain neighborly relations, and to avoid any and all conflict for the sake of these relations. Good relations entail, but are not limited to, a public show of mutual support in any given political situation.

Article II: Intelligence

Should either party be exposed, voluntarily or involuntary to information that may affect the military or political situation of the other, they are obliged to inform the other party. Both parties forswear undertaking any espionage or other covert actions against the other signatory.

Article III: Defense

Any act of aggression toward either party shall be considered an act of aggression toward both parties. Any and all attacks perpetrated upon one alliance, shall be considered an attack on the other, and a corresponding state of defensive war shall be declared.

Article IV: Aid

It shall be accepted that either party may choose to send aid (in the form of knowledge, verbal support, and/or financial aid) to the other. It is encouraged for both parties to send aid in the other's time of need; however, there shall be no requirement for such aid.

Article V: Cancellation

In the unfortunate event that this pact must be annulled or canceled, the initiating party must provide both three days(72 hours) notice before its cancellation, and a tangible reason for its cancellation.

Golden Sabers

  • RoseBlood Monarch
  • maxnmike Prime Minister


  • NateDawg – King
  • Niff – Arbiter
  • Shima – CoIA
  • Voodoo Nova - CoFA
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