Spartans and Mafia decide to share brooklyn

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The Mafia-This is Sparta Treaty was forged out of an everlasting friendship between The Mafia and New Sparta.

Article I:

Both countries will remain completely sovereign concerning in their internal and foreign affairs.

Article II:

Both Signatories agree to remain civil in the public eye and any differences will be resolved in private channels

Article III:

Should either Signatory come under the unprovoked attack of another Country it is agreed that mutual defense will take place.

Article IV:

Should Either Signatory initiate an offensive against another country it will be at the discretion of the leadership of the other Signatory to aid them financially or militarily. Both signatories reserve the right to remain neutral in any offensive.

Article V:

New Sparta agrees to come to our Abode every Sunday to eat pasta, drink wine and watch football. The Mafia agrees to attend regular anger management classes held at the New Sparta military training facilities.

Article VI:

Should either Signatory feel the necessity to cancel this treaty 48 hours notice must be given via private channels. The treaty will remain in effect during that 48 hour period. Once the 48 Hour period has passed the Treaty will be considered Defunct.

Signed 08 May 2008

For The Mafia

Guido Corleone- Consigliere

For NewSparta

  • NateDawg - King
  • Niff - Arbiter
  • VooDoo-Nova - Cofa
  • Shima - Coia
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