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Spartans on ICE

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Spartans on ICE
Start Date:May 3, 2008
End Date:May 3, 2008
Casus Belli: New Sparta claimed that Kevanovia was attempting to recruit New Spartan members, organizing a coup against their King and insulting the King of New Sparta to allies.
Results:Peace Declared
Terms:Kevanovia resigns from ICE
Stats (Onset of War)

Member Cities:

Member Cities:

Stats (End of War)

Member Cities: 56
Population: 480,687
Strength: 858,013

Member Cities: 29
Population: 163,303
Strength: 237,546


New Sparta

Imperial Coalition of the Elite

Spartans on ICE was a short lived conflict between New Sparta and ICE. War was declared by New Sparta's King Nate-Dawg at 4:22 am UTC in the early morning hours of May 03, 2008. His Casus Belli was "Trying to recruit NewSparta members, Trying to establish a coup of the NewSparta King, Bashing the NewSparta King to his allies". After the DoW was posted, Kevanovia responded by stating that ICE was officially closing New Sparta's embassy and cutting all diplomatic ties with New Sparta. Attacks quickly started on both sides, and several alliances stated their neutrality in the conflict, including NAAC, Endeavour and Olympus. Discussions between both sides continued however, and the war ended about two and a half hours after it started with Kevanovia resigning from ICE at 6:56 am UTC. Afterwards, at 8:15 am UTC, the MoFA for ICE announced that diplomatic relations were restored with New Sparta. Finally, Kevanovia applied to \m/.

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