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Note: This Country has disbanded.

TFDCE flag

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On February 2008
Founded By PIRILAO
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #tfd on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader GearHead of Solervadesville
Government Vice Chairmen:
Celtrian IX
Roland Verne
Motto Security - Knowledge - Friendship




Internal Affairs


== == ===Charter=== == ==

Charter of TFDCE

I. Membership of The Foreign Division

II. Government Structure

III. Peace and War

I.) Membership of The Foreign Division

Membership in “The Foreign Division” is open to all members of City Empires. We don’t ask you where you were and what you did. Here with us only what you are and do now and in the future counts. This is your place to start over, leave the past behind and move on. We ask that applicants don't join under false pretenses and end any war(s) and diplomatic situations they may be involved in prior to seeking membership.

All members enjoy the right of free speech, security and identity protection. It is illegal for any government body to investigate the past of any member. This information may only be provided by the members themselves.

II.)Government Structure

II A. Chairman of the Cabinet

The Chairman is responsible for balance and order within the nation. The Cabinet helps the Chairman with these goals. The Chairman oversees all government work. He represents the Cabinet and the Country as a whole. The Chairman of the Cabinet is put up for election by the general membership every four months. II B. Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet

There are two Vice-Chairman. One Vice-Chairman handles internal affairs (Populace, Economic Affairs, Internal Affairs, Security), and the other handles external affairs (Foreign Affairs and some of Security). These Vice-Chairman are named, respectively, Vice-Chairman of the Interior, and Vice-Chairman of the Exterior. Both Vice-Chairman are put up for election by the council every four months. They obey orders from the Chairman of the Council only. II C. Cabinet

The Cabinet is a group of dedicated members who are appointed by the Chairman of the Cabinet. The Cabinet can vote to veto any decision of the Chairman according to the majority vote clause (II. b.) in the Constitution.

II D. Ministries

The Ministries organize the different features, discussions, and issues in TFD into their respective categories for members to find easily, and for solutions and business within to happen efficiently. II D. i. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the relations with other nations, embassies, diplomats, and is responsible for the public reputation of the Foreign Division. It may appoint diplomats and aides, found embassies, establish foreign relations and it has a mandate for brokering treaties, although those treaties have to pass the Senate.

II D. ii. Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Ministry of Economic Affairs devise and oversees programs to promote growth and stability of economics, both for member cities, and for nation as a whole. It is head of the Bank & Aid Center. It raises the money and oversees the distribution of said money to the young nations ie. Power Boost Program. It helps (coordination with) MoP to guide and to educate new members to grow economy. It may appoint aides.

II D. iii. Ministry of Populace

The Ministry of Populace is responsible for the growth of the Foreign Division and for recruiting and validating new members. It’s also responsible for helping and educating new members, and introducing the aid system. It can appoint aides. II D. iv. Ministry of Security

The Ministry of Security heads the Defense Group and the Intelligence Group. It coordinates both groups and appoints officers (Including the Generals). The internal management of both groups is his responsibility. It can order defense missions to help attacked members. It is also responsible for the proper appliance of the Constitution and for the internal security of the alliance.

III.) Peace and War

The only body of The Foreign Division that decides on Peace and War is the group of Chairman (the Chairman of the Cabinet, the Vice-Chairman of the Interior, and the Vice-Chairman of the Exterior) via majority vote. Unprovoked offensive wars with active cities (such as raiding, tech farming) are considered illegal. ‘Defensive wars’ or wars declared against nations that have attacked alliance members are legal. If a TFD member is caught spying on someone outside TFD, he/she will be reprimanded. Spying on an enemy city during a sanctioned war is allowed.

Foreign Affairs



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