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Teegeack War

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Teegeack War
Start Date:July 11, 2008
End Date:July 13, 2008
Also Known As:"The Teabag Affair" (RI)
Random Insanity's Casus Belli: Attacked by Teegeack
Teegeack's Casus Belli:Money
Results:Teegeack military reduced
Stats (Onset of War)

Military Strength: ~18,000,000

Military Strength: Unknown

Stats (End of War)




Random Insanity randomlarge.gif
Short Bus Republic 0010large.gif
The Foreign Division solarge.gif
Aletauca 0007large.gif
Farkland Islands faislarge.gif
The Steel Pact 0003large.gif
East India Company eastlarge.gif
The Secret Society 0008large.gif
Dinner Naked 0011large.gif
The Mafia
Silent Brotherhood
mall crawlin




In early July the city of Teegeack left Legendary_Society after amassing a huge military, and began a campaign of serious raids against a variety of cities with large warchests to help fund even larger raids and strikes. On July 9th, Teegeack began spying on cities of the Short Bus Republic and attacked the city of Zoetopia, resulting the the Short Bus Republic responding in kind and counter-attacking.

On July 10th Teegeack began to spy on and attack cities from Minbar, a member of the KBP, catching the attention of the other KBP members. Teegack's actions were also noted on the CE forums with a post from Cassidy of Dinner_Naked detailing Teegeack's forces and what he was doing. On the morning of July 11th Teegeack then began spying against Random Insanity holdings, and thereafter attacked the RI city of Xenocide. Random Insanity officially declared war in short order (source), and began officially returning attacks.

The War

The first attacks were sporadic and early reports met with about even losses on both sides (as Teegeack had an enormous military).

By Mid-afternoon of July 11th Teegeack was struck by a Nuclear Missile fired from Jtpizzalover -- the first nuclear strike ever fired by Random Insanity. It marked the escalation of the conflict into a true war, rather than just a series of disorganized attacks and counter-attacks amongst unrelated countries. By that evening, The Foreign Division ([1]) and Aletauca ([2]) both officially joined the fight on the side against Teegeack.

Greece joined the war 12th of July after a spy operation of Teegeack on Greece([3]). Within 24 hours most of Steve has banded against Teegeack -- some officially, and some unofficially. For several days the battle raged as Teegeack continued to find new sources of income, and also neuter any attacks directed at the city. Teegeack also reportedly managed to stop several WMD launches via espionage before they could occur, buying extra time.

In the end though it was not enough, and late on July 13th Dick_the_Scabby noted to the rest of Steve that Teegeack had finally had their military forces defeated and was no longer a threat.

Conflict continued on though, as some countries and cities were not willing to give quarter, and others not aware that hostilities were ceasing. Early on the morning of July 14th Teegeack attacked _NAAC_ with a nuclear-tipped missle, and was responded to in kind within minutes.


TSS [4]
Aletauca [5]
The Foreign Division [6]
Greece [7]
VOC [8]
Random Insanity [9]
Farkland Islands [10]
BAPState [11]
TSP [12]
Prussia [13]

TSS Declaration of Victory [14] Teegeack Final Statistic's and Response [15]


At about 3am on July 14th Teegeack posted his own tabulations of casualty results from the conflict against him ([16]). The numbers were startling for a combined force versus a single city.

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