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|name             = Country name
|cename           = Exact CE name
|flag             = Flag url
|flaginfo         = Caption under flag
|seal             = Seal url (optional)
|sealinfo         = Caption under seal (optional)
|otherstats       = Other stats links (optional)
|back1            = hex code for section background colors (default:B0C4DE)
|back2            = hex code for field background colors (default:DADEE4)
|demonym          = What its people are call (optional)
|foundeddate      = Date founded
|disbanded        = if filled in then country is disbanded (optional)
|founder          = Founder info
|ircchannel       = irc channel (without "#")
|server           = server name (ex: Coldfront)
|serverurl        = server url (ex: irc.coldfront.net)
|forum            = Forum url
|otherlinks       = Any other contact links (optional)
|leader           = Current leader
|government       = Government info
|militarytreaties = Military treaty info (MADP/MOADP/MDP)
|othertreaties    = Other treaty info (PIAT/ToA/NAP)
|wars             = Wars involved in
|symbol           = symbols (optional)
|motto            = motto (optional)

Example input

|flaginfo=Flag of Arcadia
|founder= [[Mr Devo]]
*[http://z15.invisionfree.com/Arcadia_CE/index.php?showforum=4 Membership Application]
|leader= [[Mr Devo]]
|militarytreaties = 
|othertreaties    = [[The Olympic Pact]] - PIAT with [[Imperium Romanum]] 
|wars             = 

Example output


Flag of Arcadia

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On
Demonym Arcadians
Founded By Mr Devo
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #Arcadia on Coldfront
Important Links
Internal Structure
Leader Mr Devo
International Relations
NAP, ect.
The Olympic Pact - PIAT with Imperium Romanum
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