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Definition of Consortium:
1 : an agreement, combination, or group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member
2 : association, society


The Consortium


There comes a time in every country’s existence that they strive to be bigger, better, and greater than they currently are. They have visions of the future and they seem bright. Sometimes, there is a need for friendship with other countries. Oftentimes, those friendships grow into like minded ideals and dreams. From those dreams and ideals comes The Consortium.

Section I: Etiquette

All signatories of this bloc treaty shall remain respectful to each other in all public forums of media. This includes IRC, CE forums and, country forums.

Section II: Combined Economy

Any city of the signatory countries should look to other signatories first for trading before looking elsewhere. Trading within The Consortium is highly encouraged. Aiding fellow signatory countries for helping with a multitude of aid programs is also highly encouraged. Helping cities within any signatory country get out of debt is also very strongly encouraged.

Section III: Combined Intelligence

All intelligence of any importance obtained by any signatory should be shared immediately with all other signatories. This pertains to intelligence on every level.

Section IV: Mutual Defense

If any signatory is attacked by another country, then all other signatories must come to the aid of the defending country. All military, financial, and political aid must be sent upon request.

Section V: Mutual Aggression

If any signatory decides they want to declare war on another country, they must inform all other signatories first. Then a vote will take place, if unanimously supported, all military, financial, and political aid from all signatories shall be enacted towards the enemy. If the vote fails, it is strongly encouraged that no signatory start a conflict, or join one.

Section VI: Other Treaties

It is mandatory that signatory countries limit their treaties that extend outside The Consortium to ODoAP or lower. If such an incident, with a country outside The Consortium occurs; a vote shall take place to decide if The Consortium as a whole shall join the conflict. Upon an unanimous vote, action will be taken to aid said country.

Section VII: Admittance

If another country wishes to join The Consortium, they must come to one of the current member countries and make their intentions be known to a current leader of one of the member countries. Upon request a vote shall be held to determine if The Consortium shall grant the rank of applicant to the requesting country. If all agree in favor of the new country, then that country becomes an applicant to The Consortium. They are granted ODoAP status in the Bloc. After 20 days as an applicant, the current full members will vote once again to accept the applicant as a full MDAP member. This vote must be unanimous in favor for the applicant country.

Section VIII: Cancellation

Should any member of The Consortium wishes to leave and cancel the treaty, they must first make it be known to all other full members of The Consortium. Then 96 hours after that, they can make a public announcement on the forums that they have canceled their membership of The Consortium. During this 96 hour period, the leaving member country is downgraded to MDoAP status within the Bloc.

Section IX: Expulsion

If the members of the bloc feel they are being manipulated, used or otherwise improperly subjected to ideals outside the core set of general founding beliefs, we have a vote for removal of the signatory doing the manipulating or otherwise Un-Consortium behavior. The signatory being voted upon for removal does not get to vote. The vote must be unanimous for removal of said signatory.

Section X: Ratification

Once accepted by the four founding countries of The Consortium, this charter shall become law to members of The Consortium. Signed for the four founding countries:


President of Arcadia
Crunchy Death
Secretary of Foreign Affairs


President: JewC Jew
Vice President: Nordkapp
Minister of Security: CaptainsLS
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Wolfeh
Minister of the Interior: Rodger Waldie

Mall Crawlin:

StephenColbert : President
Jordan Armstrong : Minister of the Interior
Raptor : Minister of Foreign Affairs
Bobbo Socko : Minister of Defense

The Secret Society:

Dick the Scabby: Grandmaster
Bamrak: HC of Foreign Affairs

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