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The Mafia

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Note: This Country has disbanded.

Flag of The Mafia

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On 02/13/2008
Founded By Wappas and Cato
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #mafiace on Coldfront
Internal Structure
Leader Capo di Tutti Capi - Guido
The Donette - Cosmos
Government Sotto Capo of Interior - Blade
Sotto Capo of Exterior - nhbigman03
Sotto Capo of Finance - Mab92
International Relations
MoADP, ect.
Kitten Bloc Party
Mafia heads North for the Winter
League of Esteemed Governments for Order


Il Contratto Nero

The Mafia's Charter

Section I: Preamble

Here we exist as The Mafia, created on February the 11th, 2008. Il Contratto Nero exists to define the Mafia and the rights of all Cities within Her borders. Any City in violation of this Charter will be dealt with in accordance with the Family Justice and Law.

Section II: Government

The government consists of 5 people: 2 Consiglieres and 3 Sotto Capos

Subsection A: Consiglieres

The Consiglieres are appointed rulers who have complete executive power over the Mafia and the activities of the Sotto Capos and Capodecinas. Consiglieres are manifested at the start of the alliance's conception. The Consiglieres must sign of on all major documentation and have the final say in any country decision.

Article i: Resignation

If a Consigliere resigns it is the duty of the current Consigliere to appoint the second Consigliere. If both Consiglieres resign and no one is appointed, it falls on the Sotto Capos to appoint both new Consiglieres.

Article ii: Corruption

In the event that a Consigliere is believed to be corrupt or inefficient the Sotto Capos may move to coup him. If the Sotto Capos wish to do so they must have a unanimous decision within their group as well as either A) member majority and approval from the second Consigliere or B) 90% majority with or without the second Consigliere's approval.

Subsection B: Sotto Capos

The Sotto Capos are elected officials that attend to the three duties of government: Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Protection.

  • The Sotto Capo of Interior is in charge of moderating the forums, administering justice, and making sure all votes are fair.
  • The Sotto Capo of Exterior is in charge of all diplomats, foreign and domestic embassies, and is in charge of securing treaties for the Mafia.
  • The Sotto Capo of Protection is in charge of the day to day running of the Military and membership activities during wartime.
Article i: Elections

The Sotto Capos will be elected on a staggered scale and remain in office for three (3) months. The week in the first month of every season will be the election for the Sotto Capo of Interior. Likewise, the second and third months of each quarter will house the elections for Sotto Capo of Exterior and Sotto Capo of Protection respectively.

Article ii: Voting

Voting also occurs on a ranked voting scale. Members that are listed as "Men of Honor" have their votes weighted at 1.5 while regular members have their votes count as 1. Current Consiglieres and Sotto Capos votes weigh in at 2. Candidates cannot vote if they are running for the office.

Article iii: Exceptions

In the event of a tie, the candidate currently holding the seat retains it, if neither currently holds the seat, the candidate with longest time in country gets the seat.

Article iv: Capodecinas

Each Sotto Capo may appoint one Capodecina to assist them. The Capodecinas have government level access and may be appointed or removed at any time by their superior.

Section III: Membership

Members are free to speak their minds within The Mafia's Borders but are required to censor themselves in public viewing areas. Members who have proved their loyalty to The Mafia and their dedication to her success may be promoted to "Man/Woman of Honor".

Subsection A: Men/Women of Honor

Men/Women of Honor have the right to view government boards but not post. Men/Women of Honor also have their votes count more in matters where an election is called.

Section IV: Application

All cities are eligible to apply within the mafia. Applications must be filled on the forums in order to be considered. Applicants must follow procedural guidelines set forth. Cities may be rejected if found intending to harm The Mafia, a danger to The Mafia's prosperity, or a bad fit with the country's community.

Section V: Foreign Policy

The Mafia is open to creating and maintaining diplomatic relations with other Countries.

Section VI: Amendments

Amendments may be made to Il Contratto Nero with the approval of both Consiglieres and majority of the Sotto Capos.

Signed as of February, 13, 2008

  • Consigliere: Wappas
  • Consigliere: Cato the Younger

Active Treaties

Title Type of Treaty Contracting Country
Kitten Bloc Party MDP Bloc Random Insanity, The Mafia, and Minbar
League of Esteemed Governments for Order MDoAP Bloc Random Insanity, The Mafia, Farkland Islands, The STEEL PACT, WolfPack, BAPState, Short Bus Republic, Minbar & Imperial Coalition of the Elite

Defunct Treaties

Title Type of Treaty Contracting Country
Mafia heads North for the Winter Optional Defense and Aggression Pact NAAC
RI+Mafia cancel NAP Mutual Defense Pact Random Insanity
Mafia sleeps with Random Insanity Non-Aggression Pact Random Insanity
Mafia sees New Horizons Non-Aggression Pact New Horizon
All in the Family Pact Peace Aid Intel Treaty GATO

This page has been marked for deletion.

This page has been marked for deletion.

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